Missing YIFY Torrents? Here are the best 10 YIFY Alternatives!

Are you looking for the best Yify alternatives? If yes, we have made this article especially for you. Read till the end to find out sites like Yify…

Torrent sites don’t have it easy. They are regularly being hunted down by copyright owners for sharing their content for free. While torrent sites are always surrounded by controversies, some are loved by their users. And, one of the loved torrent sites is Yify torrents.

It doesn’t take someone to be a genius to see the relationship between torrent sites and copyrights. These copyright strikes are the main reason for the disappearance of many sites. If the copyright laws didn’t exist you’d find everything for free, including your work which you put everything into.

Coming back to the topic, Yify torrents is one of the biggest movie torrent sites on the internet. There’s only a handful of sites that have a library as big as Yify. But due to frequent copyright strikes the site always runs on mirror & proxy sites. Some people can’t find the original site and look for other Yify alternatives.

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Most people don’t know about working Yify site, some do know and are looking for better sites. No matter who you are, here are some of the best Yify alternatives…

Best YIFY Alternatives: Top 10 Websites

YIFY Alternatives


Known for its good quality content RARBG is an excellent option for downloading movies via torrent. It is a torrent indexing platform known all over the globe and has built its reputation by adhering to Global Torrenting rules. RARBG has a magnificent collection of movies, games, and tv series. Navigating in RarBg is very simple because of its instinctive arrangement. You should surely check this out.


One of the most popular torrent search engines available, Torrentz helps you to search anything over a large no of Torrent websites allowing you to choose the best alternative available. You just have to type the name of the movie you want and you will get plenty of options to download as per your requirement.


1337x.to is a good Yify alternative mainly because of the fast loading time and the huge collection of movies available. In addition to this, 1337x.to provides a lot of features that help us to easily find the latest movies and series.
1337x also features many different categories such as games and applications meaning that the available options can hook you up there for hours just going through the lists. This site does not have any annoying ads or pop-ups, so you don’t need to worry about this getting into the way or supplying you with some malware, which definitely may be a plus.


It is a BitTorrent website mainly focusing on East Asian Content and is considered Mecca for Anime lovers, Nyaa provides us a wide variety of Animes, Manga, Games, and movies. Most of the content is available in Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages but it also has a lot in English.


Torlock is a torrent website where you can get almost everything you want like animes, movies, Games, Softwares, Music videos, etc. You just have to visit the home page and search. If you need a website for multiple purposes, this one is for you.

ISO Hunt

It is the Grand Old Torrent website and you must have heard about it even if you do not use torrent much. Its library is one of the biggest and oldest where you can not only find latest but also age-old content like your favorite movies and video games. It is one of the top contenders to replace Yifi as it’s also on the DMCA hitlist.

The Soft Bay

The Soft Bay is another like for like replacement of Yify as it is focused on serving you with latest movies. It provides content on various sizes according to your needs. Like Yify, it’s website layout is very simple to use and it’s similar to the Yify platform. You can get your favorite movies free of charge and without any problems. You should surely check it out.

Lime Torrents

You may not have heard about this one as every day a new one appears but believe me it is a good one. It has some unique features which may help it to become a giant in the torrent market as it overcomes the limitations its opponents are facing. It has already made a soling reputation for itself among its users. With a user-friendly interface, it has great content as well. You can mark this one up as an upcoming giant.


CMoviesHD is a really nice substitute for Yifi as it offers a really wide variety of options along with very fast results. Other than this, it also has a lot of features to make surfing a really good experience as you can get information about the movies via IMDB and search for foreign movies using their real names. Its dark-colored theme makes it easier to browse at night and you can stream at a very fast speed. It’s surely worth your attention.


It is not surprising that Movie4K is a very famous torrenting website all over the world as it provides its services in different languages used all over the world. That is one of the main reasons why their selection of links is so dynamic and is continuously growing. It is really an excellent choice for lovers of European cinema, Hollywood comedies, and action movies. It also has a really good search engine, and it also provides metadata from IMDb. Even though Movie4k doesn’t have YiFi torrents, it can boast a multi-language environment and a huge variety of movies. It is definitely a strong Yify alternative.

Final Thoughts…

These were the best Yify Torrent alternatives that you can use for downloading movies. We have also listed some sites that you can use for online streaming. We don’t want you to be limited to just torrents. While they’re good, streaming isn’t bad either.

Yify is currently active, we have made another article listing the mirror & proxy sites. Make sure to check it out. There are many movie torrent sites but only a few like The Pirate Bay, RARBG, etc. can be in the same league as YIFY Torrents.

So, which one of these Yify alternatives do you find the best suited? Have you ever used Yify torrents before? Which one is your favorite torrent site? Let us know in the comments below…

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