10 Best Tasker Profiles For Automating Your Android!

Best Tasker Profiles

Tasker Profiles are incredible, with them you can automate almost anything on your android smartphone. Tasker Profiles are actually tasks that are processed (or automated) through the android app Tasker. The app is amazing, here you will learn briefly about the Tasker app and the tasker profiles which are magnificent. So, What’s Tasker? Tasker is … Read more

10 Best Android Torrent Apps & Torrent Clients!

Best Android Torrent Apps

At first, it may seem that torrenting is all bad, especially when you try to use torrent apps on Android. But once you get to know that you can have legitimate reasons to torrent like general file sharing, reaching more people, etc. it doesn’t seem so bad. And what most people don’t seem to know … Read more