Cloud Computing Vs Traditional Computing

We have heard a lot more times about cloud computing as well as traditional computing. They both have a lot of difference in their infrastructure, applications and functioning. Before discussing their differences, pros and cons we must know about computing in the IT sector. What is computing? Why is it so necessary? Let’s discuss computing … Read more

Cloud Computing Technologies – What You Should Know!

Cloud computing is the next generation technology providing multiple functions to the IT companies. It is the delivery of on demand computer services for accessing and storing the data over the Internet replacing your personal hard drives. It isĀ  a cost effective technology which works on pay as you go basis. In other words, we … Read more

Enterprise Cloud Storage – All You Should Know!

Enterprise Cloud Storage is the type of public cloud storage solution for any large organization, purchased from the cloud server providers. It provides a data storage solution in which the digital data is stored in the complex pool. This pool is formed by the network of different servers at a point and is known as … Read more