10 Best Discord Alternatives That You Must Use (2020)

Disord is one of the best voice and text chat apps for gamers and pros around the world. Most of the streamers only rely on discord to in-game chatting as it’s the best option. But there are people who don’t like discord, this article is especially for them. Here we will cover the best discord alternatives…

If you’re into online streaming, Discord needs no introduction. For those who have no idea about it – Discord is a VOIP app that you can run on almost every platform, it’s great for communication.  So, why do people look for Discord alternatives?

No matter how good something is, it’s not good for everyone. There are also a few issues with Discord like – some people don’t feel safe using it, some say it was used for propaganda, some users reported their accounts getting hacked, etc.

Whatever your reason is, here are some of the very best discord alternatives. Let’s begin…

Best Discord Alternatives

Best Discord Alternatives


Website: Slack

Unlike Discord, Slack focuses on people who want to get work done instead of gaming. Slack can help you increase productivity if you are working in a team. It helps its users with being collaborative while working on the same projects. This is possible due to the great integration support offered by Slack with various apps out there. You can use Slack with various other productivity tools like GitHub, Trello, Mail Chimp, and much more.

Slack users can access all of these tools while communicating with other users. You can either text chat, voice call or video call your team members using Slack. Not only that but you can use Slack to share files with other Slack users. This is possible as Slack uses HTTPS to securely transfer files from one user to the other. Apart from that, you can make various text and voice channels in Slack just like Discord. You can browse through these various channels using its great user interface with ease.


Website: Flock

Flock is another great collaboration tool for businesses and teams working on any project. Flock offers various useful features and options to its users which can be useful for online collaboration. These features and options make Flock perfect for the modern-day businessmen who get their work done online. As you would expect, you can use Flock for both group chats as well as private chats with other users.

And you can also send them files and documents other than simple text messages. This can be quite useful for IT professionals who have to share a lot of applications over the internet. Not only that but since you can also voice call and video call using the Flock program, it makes it a viable option for conference calls and meetings. The quality of both the voice calls as well as video calls is also quite good.

Hangouts Chat

Website: Hangouts Chat

Hangouts Chat is a very popular and useful alternative to Discord that is developed by Google. Since Hangouts Chat is developed by Google, it offers a great user interface to the user. Not only that but you can start using it right away by signing in using your Google Accounts. It also means that you can have the same Hangouts Chat data on all of your devices. This is possible as Google syncs all of your data via your Google Account.

Once you start using Hangouts Chat, it can be helpful for your business and work in various ways. It offers all of the features and options that you can expect from a Discord alternative by Google. Hangouts Chat is integrated with G Suite which can be great for businesses that are already using it in their workflow. One of the most unique features of Hangouts Chat is that supports multiple languages and messages get translated to your selected language.


Website: Mumble

Mumble is a completely free alternative to Discord which is also open source. But even though this program is free, it offers high-quality voice chat with very low latency. As a result, it is a great pick for games who want the best voice chat experience. Not only that but the low latency mode makes it perfect for fast-paced games. Apart from that, it offers many other features as well which makes it a great option for gamers.

Mumble offers an in-game overlay that you can use to check Mumble without minimizing your game. Not only that but Mumble users can even add various key binds. You can then control Mumble without even opening the program. The user interface of this program is also quite similar to that of Discord. If you have ever used Discord in the past, you will feel right at home since it is so easy to use while looking good at the same time.

Hey Space

Website: Hey Space

Hey Space is more of a management tool than an alternative to Discord. But it also offers various chatting features and options to the user. As a result, Hey Space is a very powerful tool for collaborating with your team on any given project. The whole user interface of Hey Space allows you to divide work between different team members. Not only that but other people in your team can also interact with the provided task.

As a result, you will know when someone is done with the given task. Due to this, you can save a lot of time by using Hey Space while working in a team. The whole design of this program is quite easy to use. You can easily see all of the properly managed which are tasked to different people. And thus, it is much easier to use Hey Space than any other Discord alternative which is also a management tool.

Microsoft Teams

Website: Microsoft Teams

Just like Google, Microsoft also makes a program for collaborative work. And this alternative to Discord by Microsoft is called Microsoft Teams. It is one of the best programs out there when it comes to collaborating on any project. You can use it to text other people as well as share files. Sharing files can be useful for a lot of Microsoft Teams users in various situations.

Not only that but Microsoft Teams allows you to voice calls, video calls, as well as conferences call to your work associates whenever needed. Since Microsoft Teams is a program made by Microsoft, it also gets access to Microsoft Office. As a result, different people in your team can also work on the same file together at the same time. This can be quite a time saver for a lot of Microsoft Teams users.


Website: Overtone

Overtone is another alternative to Discord which is made for gamers. You can either download the Overtone client on your computer or use the browser one. But no matter which one you go for, you will get a high-quality voice chat experience. Overtone is able to do this due to the fact that Overtone uses high bitrate for its voice calls. And even though the bitrate used by Overtone is quite high, there is no delay or lag while placing calls.

As a result, it is perfect for gamers where slight lag can cause a lot of issues. Overtone is a Discord alternative which was released quite recently. As a result, it offers a very modern and fresh design to its users. Apart from looking good, the user interface of Overtone also makes it quite easy to use. You can easily find all of the options and menus right on one screen. As a result, you will save a lot of time while using this app while gaming on your computer.

Raid Call

Website: Raid Call

Raid Call is the perfect alternative to Discord for users who want to make groups with a large number of users. Not only that but Raid Call users can also find various useful features that can be useful for a large number of users chatting at once. One such feature that Raid Call offers is the poll features. As you can imagine, this feature allows the users to vote in a poll for a given question.

Not only that but multiple people can text chat as well as voice chat with each other at once using Raid Call. And this software is a great option for both gamers as well as business owners who want to stay in touch with their teams. The user can access all of these useful features quite easily due to the user interface of Raid Call. Not only that but it also makes Raid Call look quite good when it comes to its design and layout.

Steam Chat

Website: Steam Chat

Steam Chat has been around for a long time for PC gamers. But the older versions of the Steam Client did not have any good features or options. Thankfully, with frequent updates, Steam has made Steam Chat much better than before. While you cannot video call people using Steam Chat, it still offers an experience comparable to that of Discord. You can create groups with your friends that you can talk to while gaming. Apart from sending text messages, you can either send recorded messages or call them. Not only that but Steam Chat users can also send images and other media files to other users. And you get all of this along with the great user interface of the Steam Client. But the best part about Steam Chat is that if you are a PC gamer, you must have Steam Chat already installed on your computer.


Website: Skype

Skype is the most popular app out there when it comes to video calling others. A large number of businessmen and professionals use it for video conferencing. One of the best things about Skype is that it is available on various platforms. You can use this app on your computers as well as smartphones. Not only that but the video calling experience across these various platforms is quite similar. The video call quality is pretty good no matter which device you are using. Apart from that, the user interface of Skype is also very similar to all of its versions.

It makes this app look quite good and modern when talking about its design. And Skype users can also find a lot of features and options which improve your experience while using Skype. Apart from video calling, you can also text chat as well as video call people on Skype. Users can also share files and documents with each other using Skype without any hassle. As a result, there are many reasons out there that make Skype a great alternative to Discord.

Final Thoughts…

These were the top Discord alternatives. Even though Discord is surrounded by a few allegations, it’s the best VoIP app. We use it all the time, for mobile as well as PC gaming.

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Each of the apps listed here has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. You should try each out to find the best one for yourself. Our top picks are – Slack, Overtone and Steam Chat.

So, which is your favorite discord alternatives? Which app do you use for communication the most? Did we miss any good apps? Let us know in the comments below…

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