Google Cloud Platform : What You Need To Know!

Google cloud platform is a suit of cloud computing hosted by google. It was developed in 2008 i.e. twelve years ago but it came in complete use in the year 2011 with an idea of bringing a huge twist in IT sectors. As cloud computing has become the choice of millions for their businesses. Firstly, what is cloud computing? Cloud computing can be defined as the storing & accessing of data without the use of hardwares but over the internet. This made  it easier for the businesses to store and manage their data without any loss. Google cloud computing is one such platform which provides Iaas(infrastructure as a service) and serverless environment. This is the first cloud computing environment from google. There are other computing platforms also which are available in the market such as AWS(Amazon web Services).

the google cloud platform

Key features of Google Cloud Platform(GCP)

Google cloud platform is a suite of Google’s public cloud computing, services and resources. It covers 23 regions and 73 zones across the world and in future it will increase its number surely due to its popularity. The term region is the collection of multiple zones and it is an independent area where the cloud resources are deployed by the users. A region may have 3 to 4 zones in it. The regions cover Asia, Australia, North America, South America and Europe continents with different zones in it. GCP allows Platform as a service to deploy Java, Python, C++, Net, Ruby etc. and it also supports Microsoft Windows and Linux virtual machines. GCP gives the object storage as well as cache storage to manage your data and provides block storage to reduce the used space. Its model is highly scalable and consistent which ensures the business continuity with ease. GCP provides cloud data loss prevention with a secure environment and you can easily backup your sensitive data with the fear of stealing data or data damage. It has two step verification in terms of security and provides a safer environment to share and access data with a high restoration process. Google cloud having a set of virtual machines,and some physical components like hard disk drives and computer systems.

●      Pricing of GCP (Google cloud platform)

Google Cloud platform provided the long term usage with maximise discounts in its services. It is one of the cheapest and an affordable computing platform whose budget fits in every IT infrastructure. While choosing any cloud computing solution for your business, pricing is the key point to compare with other solutions. In GCP there isn’t any need for an upfront investment to use its services. You only have to pay for the resources you have used, no extra charges will be detected and you can scale up as well as down flexibly without any loss in data. You don’t have to pay any termination cost, you can shut any time. The great inning of using Google cloud platforms is that it gives a free 12 months trial at $300 with all its cloud services to analyze. It provides a nice discount package of 30% off for workloads. Other than this, it also provides other beneficiary discounts. You can also reduce the costs in GCP by stopping resources when not in use.

●      Efficiency

GCP in terms of efficiency proved to be the best cloud computing platform with flexibility and collaboration tools. It is the most flexible solution designed to increase the scalability of any enterprise.

GCP allows you to access quickly with limitless capacity and provides a strong data analytics. GCP provides a serverless environment and a future proof infrastructure. It is very easy to use and can handle a complex network with ease. It isn’t  only about the cost reliability but also the smooth functioning of the system with accuracy.Google cloud platform increases the productivity ensuring the business continuity and longevity.

Advantages of using GCP(Google Cloud Platform)

GCP came into function in the year 2011 and launched in 2008 by Google. From that time it has become the choice of millions of enterprises and small businesses. There are a lot more cloud computing platforms in the market having beneficiary features and GCP is one of them. Here, we have some advantages of using GCP as a cloud computing platform.

  • It is the cost reliable solution which is cost friendly as well as user friendly. It is affordable even for small businesses.
  • GCP allows flexibility and a quick collaboration which means multiple users can access projects at the same time.
  • It ensures business continuity and provides high security to your accessed data including complete files and folders.
  • GCP increases scalability in your business and makes your business reach a peak level.
  • It reduces workload in your business and makes your business run smoothly, reduces data corruption.
  • Google Cloud Platform provides a flexible structure by which you can switch from one server to another easily
  • It is very easy to use and works with greater efficiency.
  • It stores data in blocks and data compression in GCP reduces the space usage, so that you can store your maximum data in it.

Limitations of Google cloud platform

Being a valuable cloud computing platform there are some limitations of using Google cloud platform.

  • GCP is a reliable solution for small businesses but it does not support large file transfers with ease. It takes a lot of time to transfer large files.
  • Sometimes you have to suffer from poor support and low rate of innovation.
  • It is all over the best choice to your start ups but it lacks customization or you may face some issues with data transfer and its performance.
  • There is a maximum storage limit of 5TB for the objects to be stored in the google cloud.

After knowing all the pros and cons about the Google cloud platform, we can conclude that GCP is the most reliable cloud computing platform with a very simple pricing structure. It is efficient as well and provides maximum features needed for your business.

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There are some limitations related to GCP but it cannot affect our servers badly. It can be easily managed and provides scalability and fits in your business needs.

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