Open Cloud Servers: All You Need To Know!

Open cloud servers are the type of cloud based solutions which are completely built using the open source softwares and technologies. It can be any cloud including private cloud, public cloud as well as hybrid cloud with slightly different infrastructure from their usual model. The open cloud servers are completely under the control of an open source technology and they have open API’s . They have a developer community which collaborates on developing the infrastructure of an open cloud.

Open cloud allows you to run your apps and data across multiple environments, which makes it a flexible platform. Being a flexible structure it supports the easy movement of data according to your choice i.e. you can manage or move your data wherever you want and it does not require any new hardwares. It does not require any IT administrator for management and hosting. Cloud providers can easily customize the open source cloud solutions upto a greater extent, which is generally eliminated in closed cloud solutions. So, it is quite beneficial for many enterprises especially for those who have Mastered in any open source projects. Open source cloud services embrace transparency, collaborative participation, open exchange, and community development.

What are the key features of open cloud servers?

The open cloud servers are completely based upon open source software and technologies which makes them a transparent structure. These servers are highly flexible and allow users to freely move from one system to another. They offer a compatibility between the working servers and make them to work smoothly and efficiently. Open cloud servers can easily be moved and set up into another system without doing a lot of hard work. By using the open cloud servers your business can utilize many service providers for hosting in a platform as a service provider.

Some of the best open cloud servers

There are many options for open cloud servers in the market. Here are some of the best open cloud servers which may help you in your business growth according to the requirement.

  • Cloud foundry

Cloud foundry is an innovative open cloud based solution developed by VMware but it is owned by Pivotal software nowadays. It is a very reliable solution which facilitates framework support and runtime through the use of buildpacks. It has a stand-alone software with complete transparency over your work which makes it an independent cloud server. It can be deployed on many cloud structures like azure, AWS, Helion. It is a highly scalable solution which is designed for the fast deployment and it offers fast application development with reduced workload. The buildpack helps in arranging your apps and make them ready to use in the system. It supports programming languages like java, python, C++ and ruby. Being a scalable solution it focuses on the increment of productivity.

  • OpenShift

Openshift is an enterprise ready open server based cloud solution . It is based upon Kubernetes and is a very flexible solution offering faster installer and API support. It allows the user to expand itself according to the needs. It provides a multi layered security to your data but being a quite complex infrastructure it is not a reliable solution for the small deployments until they become large ones. OpenShit cloud server takes a certain learning curve to master it being the use of Kubernetes. Its installation is supposed to be faster than others and it is easy to manage as well. But sometimes you have to face troubles in loading or failure in uploading files with OpenShift server.

  • Cloudify

Cloudify is an open source application having an orchestration framework. It allows large enterprises to connect, control and automate vast environments. It is an agile and a transparent framework with competitive benefits, education and growth. Cloudify helps businesses to boost their revenue and productivity using business automation and workflow. Its blueprint structure allows configuration of application with efficiency. Its metrics and logs are easy to understand and helps in making business decisions based on application KPIs. It supports Python as a programming language. Cloudify also supports collaboration and open source communities.  Being an open source solution it also allows contributions hence, it is always under active development.

  • Alibaba

Alibaba offers an integrated suits of cloud products and services. It is an open cloud based solution designed by a Chinese multinational cloud computing company. It provides a highly scalable computing platform to online businesses and e-commerce. It is the largest  cloud computing company in China with 21 regions and 63 availability zones. It is having a vast network due to its efficiency and fine infrastructure.  Its business is growing at a metric rate. Ut offers many free features including container services, Kubernetes, data accessing and auto scaling. It is a cost efficient service if you wanted to start your business without investing a lot.

  • WSO2

WSO2 is the most extensible open cloud source with the future proof infrastructure. The most exciting feature of WSO2 is that it offers speed application development with fastest integration runtime. It reduces outcome risk and streamline your business initiatives with rapid results. It also offers a secure channel for business processes and completely focuses on increment of productivity. WSO2 provides concession with the  leading requirements of your client. It has a very simple and accurate deployment and provides many options to control the APIs. It has an auto recovery feature which overcomes any disaster in no time with few clicks. Its highly advanced feature is its easy integration with WSO2  identity server which makes it a user friendly solution.

There were some of the best reviewed open cloud based servers in the market but they aren’t the only ones. We have just concluded some of the highly rated ones. You can choose other servers also if they better fit in your business requirements. But choice must be wise as you are choosing it for a future reference too. You have to take your business to the heights of success with smoothly functioning softwares and hardwares. You can compare different open cloud servers according to their features, efficiency, pricing, management tools and other factors. This article may help you anyways.

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