Best Phone Based Cloud Call Centre Systems

Cloud call centre system is a cloud based web accessible program to manage all your business related calls. Due to the advancements in the business world there comes another tough task to manage your customers, as they are the key to your growth. It becomes quite tough to handle the customer service manually, as you can not make or receive calls of multiple customers at a time. So, the cloud based call centre services helps you in managing the customer service very smoothly. The phone based services allow you to work even with the androids without having workload. Cloud call centres reduce the operational cost as they work within a cloud pool so you don’t have to set up your infrastructure. They also improve the scalability and flexibility to meet the modern changing business needs. It seems to be an innovative way to approach the pitfalls of your business. When we are discussing the phone system, this does not only represent the physical phone unit but it comprises diverse hardware, software and processes. They have numerous features to operate the interactions between the customer and the company and these also allow multilingual customer support so that you can easily connect with your different customers.

How to Choose the Best Cloud Based Call Centre ?

Now, there are multiple cloud based centres for your phone system in the market and you have to choose one for your business among them. So, firstly frame your business set up in mind and recall your business needs. This will help you to choose the best cloud based call centre application for your business. Here, we are providing a short list of such applications with public reviews, you can take help from here also. This will bring a huge benefit to your business.

●     Avaya

Avaya is a huge operational cloud call centre with over 1 million active customers being served around the world. It gives you the best experience of customer services effortlessly and requires zero knowledge and investment. It is very easy to use being user friendly. It has a great workforce management system with magnificent analytics. It perfectly suits the employees to work from home. It gives you a better interaction with enterprise grade voice, video, messaging, mails, conferencing and collaboration. Avaya helps you to connect all your remote users and customers from any geographical location to a single system. It is a cloud based contact centre as a service program with flexible deployment options. You can migrate to the cloud without any risk of disruption as it maintains complete availability and functionality at all times throughout your migration. It has an automated feature to manage the calls and allows remote access. It offers many contact services such as Avaya Aura and Avaya Aura call centre elite. It makes the use of SIP for better communication and connectivity. The Avaya Aura call centre elite is a world wide web application which suits any type of business regarding their size.

●     Mitel

It is an all in one cloud based call centre with enterprise upgrade performance. It perfectly works according to the customer’s requirement in today’s world. Mitel is an agile cloud solution with improved scalability and better user experiences. You can work from anywhere and anytime with the Mitel to manage the customer services. It provides numerous features with enterprise grade performance such as MiVoice business call service which is a multi – model interaction centre for the customers. It has an advanced functionality with increased efficiency and reduced costs. Other exciting features of Mitel are Mitel workforce optimization to boost your company’s performance, MiContact Centre business, MiCloud connect contact centre etc. It is a robust business communication platform with easy investments and returns. It also allows multi communication channels with best collaboration tools and mobile access. It fits the businesses of all sizes and works equally and efficiently.

●     Elastix

Elastix is a modern and unified communication solution. It will give you the best user experience as it identifies the users automatically and rooted it to the available agent. It also records the previous communication to better understand the user’s need or a query and gives you the real time insights. It provides the complete data of making calls, average time duration of calls, answered calls and waiting time. So, you can configure the productivity of your business. It also allows you to listen to any user’s call without notifying the caller. Being an open source unified communication software it is being used by millions of enterprises to manage and experience the best customer services. It is well known for its flexibility and smooth handling of customer calls.

●     Asterisk

Asterisk is an open source software implementation of PBX (Private Branch exchange). It was created by Mark Spencer of Digium. It allows voice mail, conferencing calls, video calling, mails, and messaging. It supports various voice over Internet protocols. Being a flexible solution it allows you to easily migrate the existing systems to new technologies. It is the world’s most widely used cloud based call centre service with enterprise grade advancements. Other than Linux, it also runs on other operating systems macOS and Solaris. It also provides the feature of automatic calling and call distribution between the available employees to avoid the workforce at a single server. It allows the open source users to create their own functionalities using Asterisk’s Extension language. Overall, it is a good option for any business type to provide the best customer service with least efforts.

●     Nextiva

Nextiva is another best cloud based call centre service founded by Tomas Gorny.

It brings the communication together with business applications, intelligence and automation. It provides many features beneficial for your enterprises such as NextOS, which is a tool for unifying the business and internal communication in a single platform. Nextiva cospace gives the best collaboration tools and improves the user experience with remote meetings. Its features include automatic call distribution, advanced calling, answering calls without waiting ,queuing, and call monitoring.

You can choose any of them according to the changing needs of your business and make it a future proof infrastructure with least or zero investments.

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