Keeper Password Manager : Cloud Security Vault

Nowadays, the time is changing very rapidly. Everything is growing very fast and turning to the digital world. Even the businesses have changed a lot from earlier times. It became easier to run and grow your business rapidly with the digitalisation. Earlier, you had to face a lot in setting your businesses but now you can manage it efficiently on a low budget also. This is all because of the modern computing environments like cloud, which has made your work little bit easy to run. But as the working system changes, it also increases a risk in your businesses. You have to work and handle everything carefully. The cyber crimes are also increasing with this rapid digitalization and there is a need to secure your data against breachers, so get rid of data loss or breaching. Keeper is an ultimate cybersecurity and productivity application that you must include in your business to protect your remote workforce. It protects your each employee and their data from devices against password related loss or  attacks. It is known to be one of the safest password managers available in the market. It has the latest encryption features similar to those methods which are mainly used by higher enterprises like banks or any governmental organization. It uses 256 bit AES encryption, which gives you the assurity to use it for securing your business without any doubt.

Features of Keeper Password Manager

Keeper Password manager is known to be the best cloud security vault with advanced features of added encryption by Keeper Security. It can save all your website passwords and sensitive information using 256 bit AES encryption which is really an advanced and unique feature for any such application. This allows the passwords to sync and backup in the cloud with highly provided encryption and provides the unique encryption for every stored information. This gives you the double security for keeping all your passwords at the same place without any fear of losing them. It also allows the password sharing between the Keeper users by using 2048-bit RSA encryption. It has many added features for making it a more secure platform as it also has multiple factor authentication in which the user can verify his identity by linking any other device with it like any smartwatch so that it will autofill the username and password but only after the verification of its user. Keeper  also has the Keeperchat, which is a newly added feature providing the platform for secure messaging by having encryption, self destructing messaging and two factor authentication. Clearing the myth, Keeper is a free service for storing passwords on a single device reducing the cyber attacks related to passwords. It supports various Windows versions and it is also available for Androids and Microsoft edge.

Why only Keeper?

Now, you may ask that there are multiple password security managers available in the market but we are pointing only at the Keeper security vault. This is because it is the most reviewed cloud security vault for the passwords with highly advanced, completely unique and reliable features which are trusted by millions of businesses. Not only us but each user of Keeper Password Manager will suggest you the same. As it provides the 256 bit AES encryption to securely store your passwords and 2048 bit RSA encryption for sharing passwords between the Keeper employees. It creates a highly secure environment even for storing your sensitive information with the unique encryption for each of your data. Its features include file sharing, auditing, reporting, storing passwords, and user provisioning. It completely reduces the chances of cyber attack or account take over attacks and public breaching. Keeper has more than nine million registered users and it works with more than 3,000 companies. Its application is available for Android, ios, Windows, Linux, Mac, Nook and even for Microsoft edge.

Advantages of using Keeper password manager

  • Keeper’s password manager generates, stores and autofills the strong passwords for your multiple applications with added encryption. It is the safest platform for storing all your passwords and important documents with unique encryption.
  • It allows the secure sharing of passwords among the Keeper users. So, you can safely share your passwords if you want to share them with any of your trusted Person.
  • It reduces the mess by providing a unique encryption for every stored information in Keeper. It will help you even in generating strong passwords for your accounts and allows sync and backup in a cloud which makes it a more reliable password manager.
  • It provides the feature of adding any 5 nominees who can access your account in any emergency if you are unable to do so. But the added persons have to go through some verification steps to avoid the security failures.
  • It allows you to store unlimited passwords in it without any risk and it is free of cost. You just have to install the application in your system and it will work without any efforts.
  • It mitigates the risk of data breaches by creating random and high strength passwords and secure vaults in any user’s device by storing them. Keeper saves a lot of time and skips complications in managing the passwords for multiple websites and you can utilize that time for increasing the productivity of your businesses.
  • It is a very simple and easy to use application with zero knowledge security and provides you the best security platform.
  • It provides the best usage auditing and event reporting compliance with ultimate flexibility. Keeper scales for businesses of all sizes. Even a small business can easily use Keeper for storing and managing its passwords and any confidential information.

Now, we can easily conclude that the Keeper is really beneficial for our business. As, one weak password can ruin your whole carrier. To avoid such business failures you must choose a safe and secure password manager. As this is quite impossible to remember many passwords in your head. So, you can ease your work with Keeper without any risk of cyber attacks and avoid public breaching.

Best Phone Based Cloud Call Centre Systems

Cloud call centre system is a cloud based web accessible program to manage all your business related calls. Due to the advancements in the business world there comes another tough task to manage your customers, as they are the key to your growth. It becomes quite tough to handle the customer service manually, as you can not make or receive calls of multiple customers at a time. So, the cloud based call centre services helps you in managing the customer service very smoothly. The phone based services allow you to work even with the androids without having workload. Cloud call centres reduce the operational cost as they work within a cloud pool so you don’t have to set up your infrastructure. They also improve the scalability and flexibility to meet the modern changing business needs. It seems to be an innovative way to approach the pitfalls of your business. When we are discussing the phone system, this does not only represent the physical phone unit but it comprises diverse hardware, software and processes. They have numerous features to operate the interactions between the customer and the company and these also allow multilingual customer support so that you can easily connect with your different customers.

How to Choose the Best Cloud Based Call Centre ?

Now, there are multiple cloud based centres for your phone system in the market and you have to choose one for your business among them. So, firstly frame your business set up in mind and recall your business needs. This will help you to choose the best cloud based call centre application for your business. Here, we are providing a short list of such applications with public reviews, you can take help from here also. This will bring a huge benefit to your business.

●     Avaya

Avaya is a huge operational cloud call centre with over 1 million active customers being served around the world. It gives you the best experience of customer services effortlessly and requires zero knowledge and investment. It is very easy to use being user friendly. It has a great workforce management system with magnificent analytics. It perfectly suits the employees to work from home. It gives you a better interaction with enterprise grade voice, video, messaging, mails, conferencing and collaboration. Avaya helps you to connect all your remote users and customers from any geographical location to a single system. It is a cloud based contact centre as a service program with flexible deployment options. You can migrate to the cloud without any risk of disruption as it maintains complete availability and functionality at all times throughout your migration. It has an automated feature to manage the calls and allows remote access. It offers many contact services such as Avaya Aura and Avaya Aura call centre elite. It makes the use of SIP for better communication and connectivity. The Avaya Aura call centre elite is a world wide web application which suits any type of business regarding their size.

●     Mitel

It is an all in one cloud based call centre with enterprise upgrade performance. It perfectly works according to the customer’s requirement in today’s world. Mitel is an agile cloud solution with improved scalability and better user experiences. You can work from anywhere and anytime with the Mitel to manage the customer services. It provides numerous features with enterprise grade performance such as MiVoice business call service which is a multi – model interaction centre for the customers. It has an advanced functionality with increased efficiency and reduced costs. Other exciting features of Mitel are Mitel workforce optimization to boost your company’s performance, MiContact Centre business, MiCloud connect contact centre etc. It is a robust business communication platform with easy investments and returns. It also allows multi communication channels with best collaboration tools and mobile access. It fits the businesses of all sizes and works equally and efficiently.

●     Elastix

Elastix is a modern and unified communication solution. It will give you the best user experience as it identifies the users automatically and rooted it to the available agent. It also records the previous communication to better understand the user’s need or a query and gives you the real time insights. It provides the complete data of making calls, average time duration of calls, answered calls and waiting time. So, you can configure the productivity of your business. It also allows you to listen to any user’s call without notifying the caller. Being an open source unified communication software it is being used by millions of enterprises to manage and experience the best customer services. It is well known for its flexibility and smooth handling of customer calls.

●     Asterisk

Asterisk is an open source software implementation of PBX (Private Branch exchange). It was created by Mark Spencer of Digium. It allows voice mail, conferencing calls, video calling, mails, and messaging. It supports various voice over Internet protocols. Being a flexible solution it allows you to easily migrate the existing systems to new technologies. It is the world’s most widely used cloud based call centre service with enterprise grade advancements. Other than Linux, it also runs on other operating systems macOS and Solaris. It also provides the feature of automatic calling and call distribution between the available employees to avoid the workforce at a single server. It allows the open source users to create their own functionalities using Asterisk’s Extension language. Overall, it is a good option for any business type to provide the best customer service with least efforts.

●     Nextiva

Nextiva is another best cloud based call centre service founded by Tomas Gorny.

It brings the communication together with business applications, intelligence and automation. It provides many features beneficial for your enterprises such as NextOS, which is a tool for unifying the business and internal communication in a single platform. Nextiva cospace gives the best collaboration tools and improves the user experience with remote meetings. Its features include automatic call distribution, advanced calling, answering calls without waiting ,queuing, and call monitoring.

You can choose any of them according to the changing needs of your business and make it a future proof infrastructure with least or zero investments.

What is Virtual Cloud Network??

Earlier the traditional data centres have the vast use in data hosting and management in which you have to own your particular physical data centres. This waa a very complex and costly solution that everyone cannot afford and the flow of information was in one way with that static infrastructure. This does not suit the advanced technology where the infrastructure must have ability to flow information ubiquitously and have the ability to scale and agile. Traditional data centres can’t compete with the modern business needs. So, here comes a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) with a completely flexible and advanced technology which is perfectly suitable for even post digital transformations. It skips the hardware setup and data centre management by own that is why VCN is becoming a table stake for organizations which are looking to move at speed. The Virtual cloud network is a software layer across the infrastructure, data centres, public cloud, private cloud and edge. This brings a complete transformation in regular business schedules. VCN provides agility, flexibility, scalability, and automation skipping the manuality. This is very easy to use and affordable for all types of businesses.

Key features of a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)

A Virtual cloud network is an on demand data hosting solution with a configurable pool of shared resources within a public cloud environment. It provides a certain level of isolation between its users by encryption chats or by constructing VLAN (virtual local area network) for virtual communication between the organizations. VCN is a wireless server pool which helps you in hosting data and manages the data centres. You don’t have to set up your infrastructure, you just have to file a request to any virtual cloud provider to run your business globally. This is a very cost efficient and user friendly solution with minimized efforts. There are a lot of VCN providers in the market with their cloud networks and each having some unique added features with different pricing structures. You can easily choose one according to your business needs. The VCN enables the business to connect,  better secure and optimize the delivery of applications smoothly in a changing business era and maximed workload. It easily manages the workload, so that your server can easily upgrade the working. VCN is the only computing network which offers a complete computing vision from data centres to the cloud focusing on each detail.

What  are the Benefits of using a Virtual cloud network ?

Virtual cloud network (VCN) is a complete package of benefits for your business. It replaces the traditional computing methodologies of hardware setup which was a very complex and costly solution. Now, you don’t have to set up your own infrastructure by investing a lot of money and time.

  • It increases the security by embedding it into the infrastructure and data encryption. It also includes micro segmentation and automatic error detection which makes it a more reliable business solution with multi layered security.
  • VCN improves the connectivity and increases the performance rate by providing the software layer connectivity. It also gives you the faster restoration in a very few minutes.
  • VCN is a reliable solution for your business with the automation feature and it provides scalability and increases agility by which the server itself shrinks or expands according to the workload of your business. It also increases the deployment of data by providing the real time insights.
  • It ensures the business continuity and equally manages the workload between different servers and failure of a resource will not badly affect the functioning as in traditional computing. It can easily be replaceable and it saves a lot of time and money which helps the companies to invest in maximizing the productivity.
  • It gives a better and faster response to your business related problems and recovers the company in a few time. It is an efficient computing solution with faster and safe deployment.

Components of a Virtual Cloud Network

A virtual cloud network is made up of many components combined together, which makes it a complete and business ready solution. Virtual cloud even works  with zero knowledge of it. As it is very easy to use and made with a complete set of features with auto functioning. The components are:

  • Service Gateways
  • Internet Gateways
  • DHCP options
  • Subnets
  • Route Tables
  • Local peering Gateways
  • Resources
  • Security

These are the key components of any virtual cloud network which makes it a business ready solution with liability.

What is the need to use Virtual Cloud Network in your businesses ?

Virtual cloud network is an updated and modern framework for data hosting and other computing platforms. It is an improved solution which meets the cloud networking offering and a unique business strategy to grow your business rapidly. Application developers need to quickly deploy and test their applications and data hosting globally. Other than this, there is a need to manage, host and store your data securely and if you are choosing  traditional solutions, it will cost you a lot. As traditional methods include the owning of complete infrastructure with personal hardwares and data centres and you have to manage it manually which has a lot of effort, time and money. That is why businesses are running towards the Virtual cloud network which gives you a lot of benefits in affordable price. VCN allows efficient data hosting and you don’t have to manage the personal data centres. As the time is running with a speed and competition is also increasing as per time in the market, so you need an strong, powerful and efficient solution which even fits in your budget. You don’t have to maintain its regularity by yourself. It will be managed, and maintained by the cloud providers which you are using for your business. It is even a very secure platform, which secures your data and reduces public breaching.

Now, you can easily choose any of the virtual cloud Network from the market by requesting a server from any cloud service provider. This is a reliable solution for your business and perfectly fits the needs of fast growing enterprises.

What is Cloud 9? Learn all about it here!

Cloud 9 is an Integrated development environment (IDE) with multiple unified features and rich code editing features. It is operated in a cloud and allows multiple functions like writing, debugging and running any code using the web browser. Earlier, it had its separate company but in 2016 cloud 9 was acquired by Amazon and it has now become a part of Amazon web services. Now, if any new user wants to use cloud 9 services, he has to login with Amazon web services with your account and it is very easy to do so. Cloud9 is a cloud based software which allows you to work on python from any geographical location through the Internet connection. It gives you a lot more features and a better work experience with the variety of languages which can also be used in the development, like databases, Python, and Node.

Steps to use cloud9

Cloud9 is very easy and a user friendly software for your business. Being owned by Amazon Web Services since 2016, it became a part of Amazon services and you must have an AWS account for adding it in your system. You can start working on cloud9 with a few clicks.

  • Step 1

 If you are a regular user of AWS, sign in to your existing account and if you are exploring it for the first time then create a user account on Amazon platform to have a cloud9 server.

  • Step 2

After having an account on AWS platform, you have to choose the usage pattern of Cloud9 which fits on you and set it in your system.

  • Step 3

Then create your first environment in Cloud9 so that you can easily start coding. This step will create an EC2 environment and connect it to a new Amazon Ec2 instance.

  • Step 4

Now you have completed the sign in process with your Amazon web services account. Start exploring Cloud9 in your system with its exciting features and make your applications more fine and efficient.

These simple steps will help you to work with Cloud9 and still you are getting some troubles in signing in or creating an environment, you must try any simple tutorial with basic steps. This will help you a lot in working with Cloud9.

Benefits of using AWS Cloud9

Cloud9 is an Integrated development environment based on cloud technology with extensive features. With the help of cloud9 you can easily read, write and debug easily with the browser. It can provide essential tools for popular programming languages like javascript, python, C++ and many more. Being a cloud based program, it gives a lot more in less budget. You don’t have to own a whole infrastructure for using and managing Cloud9. It will easily be available through a rent request and saves a lot of money as well.

  • Coding in Real time

AWS Cloud9 gives you some advanced features to make easy collaboration which helps you and your team to easily share the information by pairing up in no time and zero efforts. It gives a benefit of showing the real time insights during the collaboration and even you can chat with your team members at the same time. This is really an appreciating feature for fast growing companies.

  • Flexibility

Cloud 9 allows multiple functions like reading, debugging and writing any of the code using a web browser and you don’t have to install or manage your personal application. This makes Cloud9 a cost efficient solution with a very low budget.  It is a very flexible solution to run your development environment in any Linux server or Amazon EC2 instances. It has very helpful and time saving features that will be proved a good choice for any enterprise.

  • Building Serverless Applications

Cloud9 provides an efficient platform for reading, writing and debugging in any serverless application. It pre configures the assets required for building a serverless application. It allows you to work with lambda functions which saves your time and efforts at the same time. Cloud9 also allows the direct terminal access to AWS services to run commands very quickly and accurately.

  • Easy Startup

Cloud 9 is a user friendly solution and you can start it very easily by creating an AWS account and signing in. It also provides an adaptive environment for starting any new application easily and very quickly. It supports more than 40 programming languages including javascript, Node, Python, Ruby, C++ and Go. This will help you a lot in coding any application eliminating the need to install any file or SDK. You can manage server workplaces through a single server reducing the time and complexity.

Main features of Cloud9

Cloud9 or AWS Cloud9 is mainly designed for collaboration purposes. It has numerous features and advanced technology for designing any serverless application too. It is owned by Amazon Web Services in 2016 and now it is AWS Cloud9. It runs on managed EC2 instances with a fully customizable designing scheme. This platform provides tool 40 programming languages for coding your applications which makes it a very reliable solution providing the flexible environment. Cloud9 gives you real time collaboration, so that you can circulate any information to your whole team in seconds. This can be supported in any Linux server as it has its SSH connectivity. It gives you a lot more features on collaboration like, you can chat with your teammates at the same time without any interruption in pairing devices. It is an on demand cloud based technology with efficiency and accuracy which saves a lot of money and time. It is a scalable solution as well with high availability and an unbelievable performance. Its key feature is that it provides facility to test serverless codes like lambda functions.

Disadvantages of Cloud9

It has many advanced functions at the same time you may face some troubles while working with AWS Cloud9 as it does not sync with some of the services like Google Drive, Dropbox etc. If you are working in bulk, this may hang your system due to heavy workload and presents slowness while executing some of the projects.