Databases on Google Cloud – BigQuery and No Code SQL-only ML

Movies are my passion. There is no language, culture or geography that can limit my love for movies. I love to watch movies and learn about the qualities and nuances that make a movie successful. You may have seen me wonder if I could alter some aspects to make a difference in the movie’s success rating. This would include … Read more

Google Cloud-integrated services are used to build a secure CI/CD pipe

DevOps allows software developers to release software in an automated, stable way. DevOps is more than one thing. It’s a mix of technology and culture that makes DevOps work. This blog will focus on DevOps’ technology and tools. The core concept of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery is the basis of DevOps’ technical side. The idea behind CI/CD … Read more

Bigtable: How Google scales ad personalization

Cloud Bigtable, a widely-used key-value database on Google Cloud, is popular. This service offers scale elasticity, cost efficiency and excellent performance characteristics. It also provides 99.999% availability guaranteed. This has resulted in a huge adoption, with thousands of customers trusting Bigtable for a variety their mission-critical workloads. Bigtable is in continuous production usage at Google since more … Read more

Cloud Wisdom Weekly: 6 Tips to Optimize Data Management and Analytics

Cloud Wisdom Weekly: For tech companies and startups” This blog series is new and will answer the most common questions that tech and startup customers have about building apps faster, smarter and more affordable. Julianne Cuneo, Google Cloud Big Data & Analytics consultant, discusses how to use BigQuery effectively. Large amounts of data, such as those … Read more