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_WiFi Connected But No Internet__

“WiFi Connected But No Internet” – How To Fix? [Solved]

“WiFi connected but no Internet” error is one of the most irritating errors that many Windows users face. You open your PC, connect it into WiFi supposing you will...
[Fixed] Windows Brightness Not Working!

How To Fix Windows 10 Brightness Not Working

Are you facing the Windows 10 Brightness not working error? If yes, you're not alone. Many of our users have been facing this issue. Therefore, we have decided to...
Best uTorrent Alternatives

9 Best uTorrent Alternatives [Updated List]

Not so long ago, uTorrent was at the top of the torrent downloaders list. However, after it was brought by BitTorrent it was never the same. What was an...
best windows password recovery tools

8 Best Windows Password Recovery Tools

Windows Password Recovery Tools seems like a god's gift whenever you've lost or forgotten your Windows password. The pain that comes with forgetting a password is unbearable. Only those...