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Best Free Video Editing Softwares

8 Best Free Video Editing Software Programs

Video Editing has a huge demand. Whether you want to do it for others if you're a professional or want to learn it you will need video editing softwares....
Spotify Best Alternatives

10 Best Spotify Alternatives For Music Streaming

When anyone says about online music streaming the first app that comes to mind is "Spotify". It's the most popular music streaming app with a huge library. Spotify is...
Best Speech To Text Apps

12 Best Speech To Text Apps [For PC & Smartphones]

Voice To Text apps have been available for for a long time. No matter what OS you use, be it smartphones or PC, the speech to text apps are...
Best uTorrent Alternatives

9 Best uTorrent Alternatives [Updated List]

Not so long ago, uTorrent was at the top of the torrent downloaders list. However, after it was brought by BitTorrent it was never the same. What was an...