Databases on Google Cloud – BigQuery and No Code SQL-only ML

Movies are my passion. There is no language, culture or geography that can limit my love for movies. I love to watch movies and learn about the qualities and nuances that make a movie successful. You may have seen me wonder if I could alter some aspects to make a difference in the movie’s success rating. This would include … Read more

Bigtable: How Google scales ad personalization

Cloud Bigtable, a widely-used key-value database on Google Cloud, is popular. This service offers scale elasticity, cost efficiency and excellent performance characteristics. It also provides 99.999% availability guaranteed. This has resulted in a huge adoption, with thousands of customers trusting Bigtable for a variety their mission-critical workloads. Bigtable is in continuous production usage at Google since more … Read more

Keeper Password Manager : Cloud Security Vault

Nowadays, the time is changing very rapidly. Everything is growing very fast and turning to the digital world. Even the businesses have changed a lot from earlier times. It became easier to run and grow your business rapidly with the digitalisation. Earlier, you had to face a lot in setting your businesses but now you … Read more