Best Phone Based Cloud Call Centre Systems

Cloud call centre system is a cloud based web accessible program to manage all your business related calls. Due to the advancements in the business world there comes another tough task to manage your customers, as they are the key to your growth. It becomes quite tough to handle the customer service manually, as you … Read more

What is Virtual Cloud Network??

Earlier the traditional data centres have the vast use in data hosting and management in which you have to own your particular physical data centres. This waa a very complex and costly solution that everyone cannot afford and the flow of information was in one way with that static infrastructure. This does not suit the … Read more

What is Cloud 9? Learn all about it here!

Cloud 9 is an Integrated development environment (IDE) with multiple unified features and rich code editing features. It is operated in a cloud and allows multiple functions like writing, debugging and running any code using the web browser. Earlier, it had its separate company but in 2016 cloud 9 was acquired by Amazon and it … Read more