3 Best Web Hosting Companies (Compared)

Are you looking for the best web hosting which doesn’t suck? Great!

You are at the right place, we (our team at Techixty) have made a list of some of the best web hosting companies which you can use & trust for your next project. No matter how big your project is going to be we have covered all the web hosts.

At the time of writing this article, we have used and tested more than 25 web hosting services. Some of those web hosts were good but many of them didn’t live up to their reputation.

After doing a series of tests and comparing these web hosting companies, we found the top web hosting services. These comparisons are made over a period of a year of using these services.

Here are the steps we follow to find out and rank these web hosts:

  1. We sign up with these web hosting companies.
  2. We create the test site with a dummy content.
  3. Then we start monitoring these sites. The important metrics we monitor are – uptime, speed, and support.
  4. We write our reviews about them, we just don’t promote a web host because it provides more commission.

Some of the most popular web hosts we have tracked are – SiteGround, BlueHost, Kinsta, etc. So, without further ado, let’s begin our list…

3 Best Web Hosting Companies Of 2020 (Ranked)

best web hosting ranked

Here’s our list of the best web hosting companies. These results are based on speed, uptime & price. Let’s go…

#1 SiteGround: The Best All-Round WEB Host (3.95$/month)

Here are the things we like about SiteGround –

  • Uptime: 100%
  • Loading Speed: .87ms
  • Support: The best support team, Fast support ticket fixed i.e, under 20 minutes
  • Cost: 3.95$/month

Summary –

SiteGround, founded in 2004, is now one of the best, if not the best (host for beginner) and most reputable web host in this list. Many people started their online journey with SiteGround, it’s rare for someone to mess up with this host. We too started out with SiteGround.

If you’re also just starting out and are a total beginner you should go with SiteGround. Not only that it’s also good for established site owners. It’s one of the reputable web hosts. You will find it very hard to find negative reviews about SiteGround.

Make sure to check out our SiteGround review to know why we rate them so high for beginners. It’s the most beginner friendly site, you also won’t have to spend a lot to host your site with SiteGround. It’s far better than BlueHost, HostGator, etc.


  • Beginner Friendly Web Hosting.
  • Great Support Team.
  • Affordable Pricing.
  • Lots of features.
  • Fast Loading Time i.e, .87ms
  • Excellent Uptime – 100%.
  • Best Well-Rounded Web Host.


  • High Renewal Price.
  • No free domain names.
  • CPU Resource Usage Fixed.

Click here to visit SiteGround

#2 Kinsta: Best Managed WordPress Hosting (30$/month)

Here are the things we like about Kinsta –

  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • Loading Speed: .76ms
  • Support: Knowledgeable WordPress Experts will fix any WordPress problems. They’re good.

Summary –

There are far too many hosts which claim to be the best-managed WordPress host but in reality, they aren’t. Why? It’s because when it comes to managed WordPress hosting the top spot belongs to Kinsta.

The only thing you will need to get started with Kinsta is a decent budget as its one of the premium Managed WordPress hosts. It’s for blogs and sites which receive too much traffic. We won’t recommend it for small sites, small blogs and beginners.

Make sure to check our review to know why we consider it the best managed WordPress web host. If you have a big budget and want to invest in top-notch web hosting it’s the best (for WordPress sites).


  • Good and knowledgable support staff.
  • Blazing fast web hosting, quick loading times.
  • Good Uptime i.e, 99.99%


  • Expensive for beginners & some experts. (Quality comes at a price though.)
  • No free domain names.
  • Suitable for only a limited number of page views on a plan.

Click here to visit Kinsta

#3 WPX Hosting: One Of The Best WordPress Host (20.83$/month)

Here are the things we like about WPX Hosting –

  • Loading Speed: .65ms
  • Support: One of the most knowledgeable support team out there, they are also very friendly.
  • Uptime: 100% Uptime, can’t ask for more than this.

Summary –

WPX Hosting (formerly known as Traffic Planet) is one of our favorite web hosts. When compared to other hosts on this list it’s quite new however the services they provide are at the top of the industry.

It is one of the well managed WordPress web hosts i.e, the hosts which are specifically made for hosting WordPress websites. WPX Hosting is best for bloggers and site owners which get high traffic.

WPX Hosting competes with Kinsta for the top Managed WordPress hosts. These two are the very best in this department. Also, check our WPX Hosting review to know why we rank it at no. 3 on our list.


  • Built for speed, one of the fastest managed WordPress host.
  • One of the best support team I’ve asked help from.
  • No bluffing, they just get the work done.
  • Feature-packed web hosting.


  • Might be expensive for newbies.
  • No free domain names.

Click here to visit WPX Hosting

What is web hosting?

In simple words – Web Hosting is a service which lets you (or your company) start a website on the internet. If you want to start an online business or a site for fun you will have to host it somewhere. You will need to host websites and this is where web hosting companies which are also known as web hosts come in.

A web hosting provider (or simply, a web host) is a business which provides all the infrastructure, services and tech which is needed by people to host their sites on the internet. For using these services you only have to pay a small fee which can be monthly or yearly, it depends on your budget.

Websites are located on servers, it’s the place where your website is stored. If you want to visit any site you will have to just enter the domain name and hit the enter key. Your computer then will be connected to the servers and the webpage (or website) will be seen on your browser.

There are thousands of web hosts but only some of them are worth trusting. To start a website, blog or e-commerce store, etc. you will first need a domain name, some web hosting companies also provide a domain name for free.

Some of the best web hosts which provide a free domain name are – SiteGround (our top recommendation), FastComet, etc. You should check them out…

Types of Web Hosting – Shared, Managed, VPS, Cloud & Dedicated

When you’re just starting out terms like web hosts, shared hosts, cloud hosts, etc. may go over your head. Don’t worry you’re not alone it happens with everyone as there are many kinds of web hosts.

Making a website can be very easy or very difficult for you as it depends on how much you know about web hosting. For newbies, it seems like magic but for experts, it’s just a simple task.

Like humans, web hosting also comes in various types. (Still way less when compared to humans though.) And now, you will learn about them in a small introduction. We will make a separate article explaining them in full details.

These are the most common 5 types of web hosting that you will come across –

  1. Shared Web Hosting
  2. Managed Web Hosting
  3. Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  4. Cloud Hosting
  5. Dedicated Servers

Below we will cover each one of these web hosting services in brief. Let’s begin…

Shared Web Hosting 

Shared web hosting services are great for people who are just starting out on their online journey. In simple words, it means that your website will be on the same server as many other websites.

It has both pros and cons. The benefit is that you cost will be low but you will have the same resources as everyone else. Your site may also go down if someone on the server uses too many resources.

Managed Web Hosting 

Managed web hosts provide you all the services like software setup, maintenance, tech support, updates, etc. Most of the hosts nowadays are managed ones. After shared hosts, these are the most commonly used hosting services.

The most popular service in this category is Managed WordPress hosting. WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular and best CMS that you can use. Most Web Hosts now specialize in providing this service.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) 

For those users who want to have the power of Dedicated Server but don’t have the technical knowledge and expertise using a VPS is the best choice. It’s for people who want more control over their server.

A VPS is just like a dedicated server but the main difference is that it is within a shared environment. It means that your website will be on your virtual server but will share the physical server with other users.

Cloud Hosting

If you’ve been looking for a suitable web host for some time it’s impossible that you wouldn’t have come across the word “Cloud Hosting” many times. After all, it’s the buzzword of the industry nowadays.

In simple words –  unlike physical web servers, cloud hosting is running in a virtual environment which is managed by the web host. It’s great for those who want to scale their services. You only pay for the resources you use.

Dedicated Servers

Power comes at a price. This is a sentence that can define Dedicated servers easily. With Dedicated servers, you will have 100% control over the server which is running your site.

You should only use dedicated servers when you have sites with very high traffic. Else you’d just be wasting your money on it. It’s costly! You also need to have the technical knowledge to install and manage it.

What are the differences between web crawling and scraping?

Data mining practices have become the norm as businesses seek to obtain data that can help them understand the market and improve their services. Most businesses today have some level of digital presence. Therefore, people are continuously looking for data online. You can always read more on this topic, if you would like to dig in deeper!

As data mining becomes more prevalent, its vocabulary is also finding its way into everyday conversations. In most of these conversations, you’re likely to hear the terms web crawling and web scraping. Many users use the two interchangeably, and it would be forgivable if you think they are synonyms.

They are not.

Web crawling and scraping refer to two different data mining processes. Even the end-product data you get at the end of each method and their usage are technically different. Sometimes you might employ both processes depending on the type of data you want.

Due to the similarities between the two, a web crawling vs web scraping comparison would not be enough for you to understand the processes. The differences become more pronounced when you first have a good grasp of each of them individually.

Web Crawling vs Scraping

How search engines do web crawling

Search engines offer the best model that you can use to learn about web crawling.

The results you get when you search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other search engines are catalogs of information available on websites. To create these catalogs, search engines are continuously sending web crawlers to websites.

Web crawlers go by various names like web spiders, crawler bots, web bots, etc.

They are sent into an initial list of websites and explore all the data on those websites. The web bots then categorize or index this information and put it in a database. Your online search results are sets of information retrieved from the database created in this process.

These first set of websites that the crawlers mine data from are commonly known as starting or seed URLs.

In the seed URL websites, the spiders will identify links and hyperlinks. They follow these to other sites and continue with the same process of obtaining, indexing, and storing information in the database.

They add new data to the original indexes. The bots identify links in the latest websites and follow them to new sites. For search engines, this process is virtually perpetual to keep the search results fresh and updated.

Crawling data for your business

You can replicate this web crawling process to obtain data from various websites for your business.

All you need is a set of crawling tools to identify, obtain, and index sets of data websites for easy retrieval. Most bots, like those used by search engines, collect as much information as possible from the site.

For your business, however, you can have them configured to collect the specific sets of data that you need. You can program the spiders to mine data from a particular website. Or to follow the links to the end.

How is scraping different?

Web scraping is also a data mining process, but it is usually more focused or targeted. Data scrapers get the data you need from a raw set of data and put it in a format that’s easier to process or analyze.

For instance, you can have a scraper programmed to get you the stock prices from a given website. To this extent, the scraping tool will do some level of web crawling on the site as it seeks the targeted data. It doesn’t retrieve any other data from the site.

The scraper will then retrieve and present the data in the format you prefer, such as MS Excel.

Scraping is not limited to websites and other online sources. You can scrape data from an offline database, an excel sheet, or other data storage formats. This is generally known as data scraping.

Web crawling vs web scraping

From the above descriptions, we can make the following web crawling vs web scraping comparison:

  • In web crawling, the bots usually collect the data from websites indiscriminately. While scraping tools mine targeted sets of data.
  • Web scraping deals with more structured sets of data such as prices, and customer contacts, while crawlers collect as much information as possible thus the data is usually unstructured
  • The Web crawlers are continuously following links leading from one website to another while most times scrapers mine data from one or few targeted websites

Web crawling and web as complementary components

Most web data mining tools have both web crawling and web scraping properties. This combination, together with other software components such as parsers, make sure you mine quality data.

Looking at the web crawling process, for example, it results in only the indexing or listing out of information. You can’t download it into your PC, just like you can’t download and store search results.

To download the data, you will need to extract it using a web scraping tool. If you have information that needs conversion or modification, the parser component will process it ready for extraction by the scrapers.

The data is then extracted and can be presented in various formats, depending on how the tool was programmed. The data at this stage is well structured. Further analysis can be conducted on it to provide insight into the market, business competitors, or customers.


In modern business discussions, you will often hear that you need to collect data for you to gain an edge over competitors. Collecting data aimlessly, however, will leave you with information that you can’t use to direct your business.

The first step in collecting useful information is getting a good understanding of the various data mining processes and tools. This includes learning the different sets of data that each process can extract.

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Web crawling and scraping are some of the most common yet essential practices in data mining. Learning how to practice them efficiently can provide you with all the data you need to understand your business and how it relates to the business environment.

10 Of The Best Discord Bots That Will Improve Your Server

Discord bots are amazing. There are a lot of ways in which you can utilize them. While Discord is an amazing platform you must admit that without the bots the experience won’t be the same. The bots are what make Discord much enjoyable. If you’re someone who owns a discord server then you must have some bots, else it would be boring. Here we will talk about some bots which you can add to your server.

If you are here then I think you know about Discord and also know about Discord Bots. So here I will tell you some best discord bots that will improve your Discord server. Adding bots in your Discord Server is very easy and we have already published an article on this topic.

If you want to know how to add discord bots in your server, how to make a Discord Server and how to make a Discord Bot then check this article – How To Add Bots To Discord Server | Bots On Discord.

how to add bot on discord service

Discord bots help you to manage and run your discord server easily. We assume that you know about Discord, if not then I will explain to you in briefly. Discord is an application specially designed and popular among gamers to communicate with each other. You can also use discord to chat with your friends or a group of people. You can send a text or chat in high voice quality with members of your Discord server. Just because of Discord bots, running and managing Discord Server becomes very easy.

If you don’t know what are bots then in simple words, Bots are computer programs that perform specific functions automatically to interact or help human beings. You get different features by different bots which we will discuss later in this article. A bot can play or stop music, send a notification in your Discord Server whenever you go live or upload a video, welcome or goodbye a member when they join or leave and they also tell the number of members and bots in your discord server. I hope you understand what are bots. So now focus on the main topic of this article i.e, Best Discord Bots (2020).

Best Discord Bots You Shouldn’t Miss

Best Discord Bots

Now its time to tell you the best discord bots of 2020 which make your server more entertaining, funnier and interesting. So here is the list of bots we will talk about below in our article –

  1. MEE6
  2. Dyno
  3. Tatsumaki
  4. Pancake
  5. Dank Memer
  6. Nadeko
  7. Pokecord
  8. Mirai
  9. Rythm
  10. ServerStats

Now let’s discuss these bots and know about their function and features.

#1 MEE6 – Discord Bot

MEE6 best discord bots

MEE6 is one of the best Discord bots ever created. This bot brings new features and entertainment to your discord server. Few features of this bot are listed below:-

  • Create commands that automatically give roles or remove roles.
  • Send a welcome message to inform the new members about your server rules and topics.
  • Protects your server from ads, spam, and excessive emojis.
  • Send alerts to your Discord server when you post a new video or stream live.
  • Automatically give roles when they reach a certain level and you get to know who is the most active member in your Discord Server.
  • You can use the MEE6 leveling system to identify and reward the most active members in your Discord Server.

#2 Dyno – Discord Bot

Dyno best disord bots

The next bot in this list is Dyno which used on more than 1,307,244 servers. Dyno is a fully customizable server moderation Discord bot that offers you various features:-

  • You can easily enable, disable, and configure everything.
  • Dyno is also a Discord music bot. You can play music with this bot on your server.
  • Moderation with mod logs timed mute, ban, anti-spam and many more.
  • Auto-moderation, gives Roles, Custom Commands, Announcements, AFK Status, etc.
  • You get a fully configurable and simple web dashboard so the server management becomes a whole lot easier.

#3 Tatsumaki – Discord Bot

best discord bots

Tatsumaki gives you more modification, utilities(available on the Commands page), and more fun. The special features which we see in this bot are:-

  • You can start voting on a topic and also initiate lotteries to decide winners.
  • Set your custom reminders.
  • You get the top search result from Youtube and google within Discord.
  • Stay up to date with RSS feeds.
  • Get notifications, welcome messages, and much other stuff.
  • Engage your members with XP, Levels, and Reputation.

#4 Pancake – Discord Bot

pancake disord bot

Pancake is a multipurpose bot serving over 400,000+ discord servers. So let’s talk about its features:-

  • It has a music system that allows you to play from multiple sources, including YouTube.
  • You get a simple moderation system (kick, ban, voice kick, and mute).
  • Pancake also has an advanced permissions system to control who can do what.
  • You also get a bunch of commands to make your server more entertaining.
  • Pancake also has image generation and reaction images.

#5 Dank Memer – Discord Bot

Dank Memer

Dank Memer is a unique, sassy and funny bot that is full of memes, fun and gives you different experiences. One of the fastest-growing discord bot and it’s main features are:-

  • You get 250+ commands in this bot.
  • Roast your friends by creating your memes with the help of this bot.
  • This bot is not only a meme bot but also a music bot.
  • also, you get currency bot, moderation bot, image manipulation bot, and so much more.

#6 Nadeko – Discord Bot

nadeko bot for discord server

Nadeko is a general-purpose bot that has a lot of games and fun commands. The following thing the bot offers are:-

  • It offers you to automatic deletion of the user’s successful command message to prevent chat flood.
  • It also gives you games to play, gambling and music for more fun.
  • Easy search, utility, and XP to engage your members.
  • Get notified when a streamer goes live!

#7 Pokécord – Discord Bot

Pokécord discord bot

Catch, train, and battle pokémon while talking to your friends in Discord provided by pokecord bot. This bot work by this process given below and engage members in your discord server:-

  • Pokémon will randomly appear and be the fastest to catch it.
  • Add it to your collection.
  • Level up your pokémon then battle your friends to gain more XP.
  • There’s no limit to how many pokémon you can catch, so catch ’em all!

#8 Mirai – Discord bot

Mirai best discord bots

Mirai is a discord bot that will bring your server into the future. Mirai offers you:-

  • Twitch and Youtube notifications
  • You can play music or set a reminder.
  • Also, get weather details or google maps and periodic messages in channels.
  • Message removal with filters, automated role assignment/removal, event log.
  • Get a lot of commands with customizable giveaways, votes, message of the Day and many more.

#9 Rythm – Discord Bot


Rythm – specially made for music, serving in more than 6 million servers. Many bots offer you to play music but Rythm is one of the best discord bots amongst them for music. The features that make Rythm the best music bot are:-

  • High-quality music from multiple sources.
  • No music lag.
  • You can create your playlist and Rythm will automatically queue songs from the playlist.
  • You also get a special feature that allows you to change the prefix of Rythm from ‘!’ to any character (or characters) you like.
  • Rythm can even get you the lyrics of the song which is currently being played.

#10 ServerStats – Discord Bot


The last bot in our list is ServerStats that tells you the stats of your server. It offers you the following things:-

  • Show you the number of members and bots in your Discord Server.
  • It also has 19 unique counters.
  • Also, get a Welcome message and many more things.

Final Thoughts…

At last, these are the best discord bots that make your discord server more awesome and great. I hope you like this article. I will publish more articles on these topics which will be of help to you. You can also check these articles –

Tumblr Alternatives: 8+ Similar Sites Like Tumblr (With NSFW Content)

Most of the people only know about mainstream social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Everyone knows about them but what about the other ones. There are many other great social media platforms, one of them is Tumblr.

Simply stating, Tumblr is a microblogging site as well as a social media platform. Here people with similar interests post about them in the form of either text, videos or images. It’d be right to say that Tumblr is more of a microblogging site than a social media platform.

If you’re interested in a topic then you can follow blogs in that niche. You can create your own blogs and manage them very easily from the dashboard. One of the many reasons Tumblr was famous for was the NSFW content.

Tumblr was a property of Yahoo! But when Verizon bought Yahoo it got all the rights to Tumblr as well. And on Dec 17 2018, a new policy was applied because of which NSFW content was removed from the platform. Not many were happy by the move. That’s the reason people look for Tumblr alternatives.

So without wasting more of your time, here are the best Tumblr alternatives for joining like-minded communities…

8 Best Tumblr Alternatives (2020)

Tumblr Best Alternatives!


Website: https://www.reddit.com

Reddit is one of the largest forum websites available on the internet. It has a large userbase because of which you can find things related to all kind of topics on Reddit. Such topics are called subreddits where all posts are similar to each other. And the best part about this website is that it is completely free to use. Due to this, anyone can post anything on it without any issues. The posts made by users can either be text-based or even contain media files.

Another great thing about this website is that people can upvote and downvote posts. This works like a point system where upvotes and downvotes affect each other. Because of all these features, Reddit is one of the largest communities on the internet. And all Reddit users are able to interact with each other without any issues. If you are coming from Tumblr, then you will have a great time using Reddit. It’s one of the best Tumblr alternatives. (If not, the best.)


Website: https://www.pillowfort.social/

Pillowfort offers another great alternative to Tumblr because of the multiple offers and options offered by this website. It is quite similar to Tumblr in terms of its design and layout elements. The whole user interface of Pillowfort is quite easy to use. All of the posts on this website are well categorized and divided. Due to this, finding posts as per your interests is quite easy. One of the best features of this website is that it allows NSFW content.

And if you are a Tumblr user then you will appreciate this feature. Talking about the posts themselves, you can post various kinds of things on Pillowfort. You can either make simple text posts or add media files. This website offers a wide range of media files that can be added in posts. It supports various media files photos, videos, audio, GIFs, and much more. Such files can help you in making your posts more interactive for the viewer.


Website: https://www.blogger.com/

Blogger is a highly popular website by Google that allows you to create posts. Unlike other Tumblr alternatives, it allows you to do this on a website. But the best thing about Blogger is that it is extremely easy to use. Even if you do not have any experience in website designing, you can still use Blogger without any issues. Making posts or webpages using Blogger is as easy as using any other word processor.

Not only that but Blogger even offers various customization options to its users. You can easily change the theme and looks of your website made using Blogger. Similarly, making new posts and managing older ones with Blogger is quite easy. Blogger is also completely free to use and does not show any ads. It can be a great option for Tumblr users who want to share a lot of images at once using Blogger.


Website: https://www.wordpress.com/

WordPress is the ultimate tool for website creators. It is a hosting service that also allows you to design your website. While it is not as easy as Blogger, it is still a great option. WordPress offers many powerful option to the user. These can be helpful if you are an advanced web designer who wants to create posts. Even though it has so many features, it is quite simple at the same time.

It is possible due to its modern and sleek user interface. WordPress offers all of the important options and features right on its home page. These can be used to perform various actions on WordPress. As a result, WordPress can be used to create posts on your website quickly. You can then show your images on your own WordPress website. And just like Blogger, WordPress is also completely free to use. Because of this all these features, WordPress is used by a large number of bloggers.


Website: https://www.newgrounds.com/

New Grounds is a very different alternative for Tumblr available on the internet. It is essentially a social media network targeted at gamers. You can find various things on NewGrounds including games, memes, and even movies. As a result, NewGrounds can be a great choice for your entertainment needs. If you want, you can even add your own posts to NewGrounds.

Unlike Tumblr, there are no NSFW restrictions on New Grounds. Due to this, you can post almost anything of your choice on New Grounds. And this what most New Grounds users do on this website. You can find various kinds of posts on this website including games, movies, photos, and audio. In other words, New Grounds offers something for everyone. The whole community of this website is pretty good. You can easily make new friends based on your interests using New Grounds. And just as you would expect, this website is also free to use. Because of all these reasons, it is one of the best alternatives to Tumblr.


Website: https://mastodon.social/

Mastodon is a free and open-source website which is also an alternative to Tumblr. This is a microblogging website that is used by a lot of Tumblr users. It is quite similar to Blogger to WordPress. But unlike WordPress, Mastodon does not have many features. Instead, this website takes a minimalistic approach. The whole user interface of this website is quite simple and easy to use. And new users on this website use its features without any hassle.

Its design and layout are very similar to that of Twitter. So, you feel right at home while using Mastodon. The community of this website is also pretty good. They make the whole blogging experience quite enjoyable. Mastodon offers individual servers to all of its servers that can be helpful for many users. And it results in great reliability offered by this website to the users.


Website: https://ello.co/

If you are a content creator or an artist, then you should try out Ello. Ello is essentially a great community for artists and designers. People can talk to each other and help each one out with things related to art. Not only that but you can even post your art on this website. As a result, it a great alternative to Tumblr in many ways. One of the best things about this website is that it is completely free to use. Not only that but you do not even have to sign up on it.

As a result, users can start using Ello right away for making posts. Since this website offers a great community, you can collaborate with other artists as well. This features can be quite handy for a lot of Tumblr users. Not only that but you can even check posts from other artists. As a result, you can get inspiration for your upcoming artwork. Unfortunately, there are not much social networking features on this website. As a result, it is mainly made for artists and content creators. But since this website is completely free, you should try it out.


Website: https://medium.com/

Medium is a very unique blogging website that is also an alternative to Tumblr. Unlike Tumblr, most of the posts on this website are text only. But all of the posts on the Medium websites are curated. As a result, you will only find quality posts on this website. One of the best things about Medium is its import feature. It allows you to import your existing blog to this website. In other words, you can move all of your posts to Medium.

Another great thing about Medium is that you can even earn money using Medium. It pays its users for making quality posts on this platform. While this website is not a social media platform, it is certainly a great blogging platform. The Medium website is used by a lot of journalists, writers, and creators.

Final Thoughts…

These were the best Tumblr alternatives that we were able to find out. We have used all of the above sites and still use them on a daily basis. Most of these sites also allow you to watch or post NSFW content without any ban. (If you’re into that.)

Personally, Reddit is our top pick. It’s one of the best rabbit hole of the internet that even we can’t resist. If you still don’t know about it or haven’t used it you should check it out.

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We hope that you have found a good site similar to Tumblr. Of course, we know this list isn’t perfect so if we missed any good site or you have any recommendations let us know in the comments box below…