What is Virtual Cloud Network??

Earlier the traditional data centres have the vast use in data hosting and management in which you have to own your particular physical data centres. This waa a very complex and costly solution that everyone cannot afford and the flow of information was in one way with that static infrastructure. This does not suit the advanced technology where the infrastructure must have ability to flow information ubiquitously and have the ability to scale and agile. Traditional data centres can’t compete with the modern business needs. So, here comes a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) with a completely flexible and advanced technology which is perfectly suitable for even post digital transformations. It skips the hardware setup and data centre management by own that is why VCN is becoming a table stake for organizations which are looking to move at speed. The Virtual cloud network is a software layer across the infrastructure, data centres, public cloud, private cloud and edge. This brings a complete transformation in regular business schedules. VCN provides agility, flexibility, scalability, and automation skipping the manuality. This is very easy to use and affordable for all types of businesses.

Key features of a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)

A Virtual cloud network is an on demand data hosting solution with a configurable pool of shared resources within a public cloud environment. It provides a certain level of isolation between its users by encryption chats or by constructing VLAN (virtual local area network) for virtual communication between the organizations. VCN is a wireless server pool which helps you in hosting data and manages the data centres. You don’t have to set up your infrastructure, you just have to file a request to any virtual cloud provider to run your business globally. This is a very cost efficient and user friendly solution with minimized efforts. There are a lot of VCN providers in the market with their cloud networks and each having some unique added features with different pricing structures. You can easily choose one according to your business needs. The VCN enables the business to connect,  better secure and optimize the delivery of applications smoothly in a changing business era and maximed workload. It easily manages the workload, so that your server can easily upgrade the working. VCN is the only computing network which offers a complete computing vision from data centres to the cloud focusing on each detail.

What  are the Benefits of using a Virtual cloud network ?

Virtual cloud network (VCN) is a complete package of benefits for your business. It replaces the traditional computing methodologies of hardware setup which was a very complex and costly solution. Now, you don’t have to set up your own infrastructure by investing a lot of money and time.

  • It increases the security by embedding it into the infrastructure and data encryption. It also includes micro segmentation and automatic error detection which makes it a more reliable business solution with multi layered security.
  • VCN improves the connectivity and increases the performance rate by providing the software layer connectivity. It also gives you the faster restoration in a very few minutes.
  • VCN is a reliable solution for your business with the automation feature and it provides scalability and increases agility by which the server itself shrinks or expands according to the workload of your business. It also increases the deployment of data by providing the real time insights.
  • It ensures the business continuity and equally manages the workload between different servers and failure of a resource will not badly affect the functioning as in traditional computing. It can easily be replaceable and it saves a lot of time and money which helps the companies to invest in maximizing the productivity.
  • It gives a better and faster response to your business related problems and recovers the company in a few time. It is an efficient computing solution with faster and safe deployment.

Components of a Virtual Cloud Network

A virtual cloud network is made up of many components combined together, which makes it a complete and business ready solution. Virtual cloud even works  with zero knowledge of it. As it is very easy to use and made with a complete set of features with auto functioning. The components are:

  • Service Gateways
  • Internet Gateways
  • DHCP options
  • Subnets
  • Route Tables
  • Local peering Gateways
  • Resources
  • Security

These are the key components of any virtual cloud network which makes it a business ready solution with liability.

What is the need to use Virtual Cloud Network in your businesses ?

Virtual cloud network is an updated and modern framework for data hosting and other computing platforms. It is an improved solution which meets the cloud networking offering and a unique business strategy to grow your business rapidly. Application developers need to quickly deploy and test their applications and data hosting globally. Other than this, there is a need to manage, host and store your data securely and if you are choosing  traditional solutions, it will cost you a lot. As traditional methods include the owning of complete infrastructure with personal hardwares and data centres and you have to manage it manually which has a lot of effort, time and money. That is why businesses are running towards the Virtual cloud network which gives you a lot of benefits in affordable price. VCN allows efficient data hosting and you don’t have to manage the personal data centres. As the time is running with a speed and competition is also increasing as per time in the market, so you need an strong, powerful and efficient solution which even fits in your budget. You don’t have to maintain its regularity by yourself. It will be managed, and maintained by the cloud providers which you are using for your business. It is even a very secure platform, which secures your data and reduces public breaching.

Now, you can easily choose any of the virtual cloud Network from the market by requesting a server from any cloud service provider. This is a reliable solution for your business and perfectly fits the needs of fast growing enterprises.

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