What is Cloud Based CRM and how is it beneficial for your business?

CRM (customer relationship management) is a tool that allows your company to build a stronger and better relationship with your current and potential customers. Due to a very few or no knowledge about customer relationship management, businessmen have quite less craze about it but it is a very essential  part for the rapid growth of your business. But, CRM is a beneficial tool for everyone no matter how large or small Enterprise you are running. It is very easy to use and also provides you mobile apps so that you can easily work with it from your mobile too. It includes all the CRM tools, data and software in a cloud and delivers to the end users via Internet connection. It allows you to access easily even through the web browser according to the access level you are choosing for and some people have misconceptions about cloud CRM software that it is too costly and a heavy budget complex setup but, it is not true about it. Being a cloud CRM it is an affordable software rather than on premises software.

Here, we are going to discuss the customer relationship management cloud software and its various benefits in your business with some suggestions taken from users experiences.

What is CRM (customer relationship management)?

CRM is a software designed to provide the best service to your customers by minutely analyzing their needs. It is used to manage, synchronize and automate each aspect of cutomer’s interaction including sales, marketing, analytics and customer support. It helps the businesses to build a strong relationship between the company and the customer in addition to communicate via emails and notes. A powerful CRM software can easily handle the customer interaction without any trouble. It does not have any bounties, it can be beneficial for all the types of businesses no matter if they are small or large enterprises.

Why to use Cloud CRM software in your businesses?

The Cloud CRM software provides an excellent customer experience for any enterprise. Being a cloud software, it skips the personal infrastructure set up and its management. Hence, it is an affordable software as well. It is very easy to install with few clicks and gives you the real time insights and a grasp view of customers interaction, so that you can easily conclude the customer’s requirement. It also has the automation key for quick and accurate access via the Internet. This software is a very flexible and secure platform with easy deployments. Earlier, enterprises used the traditional on premises softwares which were having a very complex set up with the heavy IT budget and you can only work during office hours when you are manually preparing the set up. But nowadays, they are mostly replaced by cloud CRM software due to its low budget, quick accessing, flexibility and easy installation. Now, you don’t have to invest a lot of time and money to have CRM software and it allows you to access from anywhere via Internet connection. It allows you to pay as you go basis with minimum upfront expenditure. So, we can conclude that the cloud CRM software is:

  • Cost effective
  • Reliable Solution
  • Easy Installations
  • Flexibility
  • Compatibility
  • Quick access
  • Secure
  • Automated key
  • Easy deployments
  • Efficient

Some of the best cloud CRM softwares for your business

Now, you have got the knowledge about cloud customer relationship management and you have decided to use them for your business, but you are confused about the best CRM for your business. So, we are here to help you anyways. We have hardly listed some of the best cloud CRM softwares through the user experiences. You can pick any of them as per your business needs.

  • ZenDesk Sell

ZenDesk is one of the most chosen cloud CRM softwares due to its comprehensive and easy to use tools. It allows the tools to address the frequent issues of your customer. It is a very flexible solution which gives you the real time insights and enhances productivity. It also allows the collaboration tools to your sales team for analyzing the company’s progress. It ensures the automation of capturing data, so that you can easily track the new and old information related to your customer. It allows easy access to the users and you can make calls, receive calls, send messages and emails with very few clicks.

  • Hubspot CRM

It is one of the most easiest and leading cloud CRM software which manages customer relationships very effectively. Its pricing is based on the number of customers you are managing at a time. Hubspot CRM provides a very powerful and free tool for managing all your interaction details at a single place and tracking the performance. It also offers you better and advanced tools including the automated key to save your time and increases the productivity. It allows video calling, email templates, live chats, and call functioning for the communication. This allows you to enjoy unlimited data and users including 1 million contacts with no expiration date. It also offers the advanced and time saving tools that you must go for.

  • Freshsales

Freshsales customer relationship management solution helps you to build a relationship between your potential and existing customers from distant geographical locations. It provides a complete view over your customers by capturing and combining customer experiences in one place. It allows targeted emails, and calls with few taps. It helps you to surface your high potential leads and focuses on increasing your customers. It allows faster calling by providing the fresh caller tool, where you can quickly manage the calls and send them personalized email about your services. The main reason for using Freshsales is that it is very easy to use excluding all the complexities. You can easily work on it and it provides a very secure and flexible environment for your sales manager and customers. It provides the detailed and real time insights of your business by which you can capture the company’s growth.

Other than these cloud CRM softwares, there are other powerful solutions such as Keap, Zoho CRM, Salesforce etc. which will give your business a rapid growth curve but this is up to your choice. Choosing the best cloud customer relationship management will increase your customers as well as productivity.

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