What is Google Cloud Platform? Here’s all you need to know…

Google Cloud Platform is a suit of cloud computing services offered by Google. It is a very brief topic to discuss but before we will move to GCP we must know about cloud computing. Cloud computing is the sharing of resources within a cloud pool. It is the accessing, hosting as well as storing data over the Internet. It is the replacement of your personal hardware. Cloud computing has brought an overwhelming change in this modern era of business as it is a cost effective and an innovative solution for any business Purpose. You only have to do is a request to any cloud service provider for using their services without owning your personal infrastructure. Now, there are many cloud service providers in the market with the different cloud computing engines. GCP (google cloud platform) is one such platform offered and released in the market by Google services. Other than GCP, there are AWS, Microsoft Azure, ServerSpace, Adobe creative cloud etc. But we will discuss briefly about the Google cloud platform in this article.

Google Cloud Services

Google Cloud is a provider for various business related services including computing in GCP offered by Google services. It runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its services like Gmail, YouTube. GCP is a part of Google Cloud which offers the enterprise version of Android and chrome OS, and application programming interfaces (APIs) for machine learning. The Google Cloud services include computing, hosting, databases, networking, big data, machine learning, and data analytics. Google cloud is a set of physical assets such as computers, hard drives, virtual resources and machines which are run and managed by google cloud centers. It has zones and regions. A zone is an independent area for the deployment and each region contains several zones in it. At the time, Google cloud platform is present in 24 regions and 73 zones across the globe. It is a Public based cloud model which works as-you-go basis for deployment of data resources.

Why to use GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

There are a lot of computing platforms in the market with their android versions also but why does most of the people switch to Google Cloud rather than others? This is because google cloud platform gives you the lot of benefits and it perfectly fits in your business. The beneficial features that you must know about Google cloud platform can be given as

  • For every business, the first step is to design the infrastructure with its pricing pattern according to the company’s budget and the most prestigious feature of GCP is it’s well designed pricing structure. It is a very cost effective solution for any enterprise. It has a very creative cost control that fits in each IT budget. You will only for what you are using and no upfront costs will be taken from you. It also has a great discounted pattern with well featured cost management tools. GCP is designed to match the competitiveness in terms of pricing and well functioning with comparison to others and it has a better approach to discounted long term usage. It comes out as the cheapest provider for serverless computing.
  • Google Cloud Platform ensures the automatic deployment of modern applications. It is the originator of Kubernetes, which has the orchestration with many application components. It allows the users to deploy their applications with automation which will save your time as well by skipping the manual work.
  • It has very powerful analytics with intelligent services embedded into the tools and processes. You don’t have to install any hardware or software to have data analysis as it is completely cloud based. It allows the real time insights, so you can drive decisions accurately with innovation. It’s smartly designed analytical service can easily strip out the complexities and analyze data seamlessly.
  • If you are the new user in the IT business world, then Google cloud platform may prove to be the excellent startup solution for accessing, storing and managing your data as it is a user friendly platform with least complexities. It is very easy to use and understand as well, it is also a major reason that most of the enterprises including small businesses choose GCP as a computing platform.
  • Google cloud platform has made a wide network all over the world. It has 73 zones and 24 regions across the globe and it gives you the work freedom i.e. with GCP  employees can work from any geographical location without any problem in accessing and hosting data and applications. GCP is getting popular day by day due to its adorable functioning and in future it may increase its network having more zones and regions in the whole world.
  • GCP is a very flexible solution with collaboration tools, so it made more businessmen to attract towards itself. It is having a future proof infrastructure with the serverless environment . It also enables the control over your resources with a granular hierarchy. This includes the permission, access controls and billing limits.
  • Google provides its own network to every customer, so that the users have more control over their network and it also provides scalability to your network, which makes GCP a flexible solution for any business.

Services of Google Cloud Platform

Some of the major services that GCP operates are:

Google Compute Engine

Google compute engine delivers configurable virtual machines that are running in its data centre. It is the Infrastructure as a service component which is designed to run different google search engines.

Google Kubernetes Engine

It is also known as Google container Engine which offers a platform for deployment of more modern containerized applications.

Google App Engine

Google app engine helps in the easy deployment of your apps with GCP managed infrastructure and multi layered security. It is a Platform as a Service component for developing and hosting applications. It is a fully managed and a well developed serverless platform which also provides a proper scaling.

Google Cloud Storage

Google cloud platform provides the storage for your data, application, multimedia with multi layered security and backs up your data in no time. This will help your company to recover from any disaster with complete restoration of original data. You can store any quantity of data securely.

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