Best Windows VPS & Cloud Hosting Platforms

Today, Cloud computing has taken a place in million companies with its changing advancement. People are using cloud services for accessing, storing, and sharing their personal files, folders and database applications without the risk of being corrupted or damaged. This is possible all because of cloud computing that even a small business is growing very fast in the market with the maintained budget. The cloud provides the services for any business to rent the resources and servers instead of buying their own. Isn’t it an innovative technology? You don’t have to manage your own data centres which will save your time as well as money as you can invest this time on your business’s growth.

Microsoft is one of the oldest and the biggest Platform for cloud services which supports the windows versions. It is offered by the SaaS (software as a service), PaaS (platform as a service) and Iaas (infrastructure as a service) components. There are other cloud providers like Amazon web services, cloudflare, VMware etc. which are having a well pricing structure with adorable services but Microsoft offers the competitive services at a very affordable price. Microsoft has updated its offering with Windows 10 with a 30 days trial.Its integration has increased in Windows 8, through OneDrive and now it has added some exciting features with improved functionality and integrated service in Windows 10.

Best Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) and Cloud Hosting Platforms

Here, we are providing you the list of some of the best virtual servers and cloud hosting platforms in Windows for hosting the applications world wide.

Google Cloud Platform

GCP is a suite of cloud computing offered by Google for hosting and managing your data. It is a very cost effective solution which fits in any IT budget. It is supported by Windows 2012, 2016 and 2016. Its pricing is based on the resources you are using and you don’t have to pay additional charges in Google cloud platform. It has nearly 73 zones and 23 regions all over the world with a future proof infrastructure. It is an enterprise-ready solution with cost efficiency and security. It ensures the automatic deployment of any application and is the originator of Kubernetes for data hosting and management.


Kamatera offers Windows as a server and as a desktop both. It includes the advanced VPS hosting with migration services and faster backup. Kamatera offers infinite scalability, flexibility, uptime ratings and affordability. It is a dedicated server where a single user gets 100% of the resources for his business purpose. You can choose between different data centres and host your data in 13 data centres. It offers a high speed functioning with unlimited storage and proper scaling.

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

AWS is a scalable and a magnificent solution for cloud computing offered by Amazon. It provides a very secure environment for computing with work efficiency. AWS is also having a wide network across the globe with 22 regions and each region splits into different AWS availability zones. It is the first and most robust cloud model having the broadest feature set of big three providers. It offers thousands of services with flagship compute services and the AWS simple storage services at its core. It is an ideal solution for computing especially when your project needs high computing power and it is also better in terms of global reach, providing more data centres across the world. AWS also allows cloud access quickly with limitless capacity in your Windows. Microsoft windows applications supported like SQL server, Sharepoint, Exchange etc.


ServerSpace is an innovative computing platform based on open source technologies. It provides a simplified codebase which helps in building new generation virtual machines. It is very easy to sign up with ServerSpace as it includes just an email only to continue and is supported in both Windows as well as LINUX operating system. It is a very flexible solution providing the proper scaling and elasticity. You can easily shrink or expand the resources according to your requirements. It gives the fastest speed with an awesome IOPS rate. So, choosing ServerSpace is actually a good option. It allows pay as you go basis pricing and you can change the configuration anytime.


If you are looking for one of the cheapest options to host your data then here we have found the best platform for you. Vultr is the cheapest to get the windows server. You can easily sign up with vultr on Windows 2012 R2 and 2016. With the control panel you can perform various tasks such as reboot, reinstall and change the properties of the given operating system. It takes no time for the activation process and also has a very powerful infrastructure. It gives you the advanced networking with the fastest deployment. It also provides a high performing SSD (solid state drive), which boasts a global footprint.

Microsoft Azure

It is a very simple and reliable solution by Microsoft for computing. Azure provides the simple, secure and cost effective solution for data storage and backup. It restores the data quickly and recovers your company from any disaster in no time. It automatically sends backups of Windows Server to Azure cloud and skips the manual steps which saves your time and money both. Azure cloud also provides scalability which results in high availability without any need of maintenance or monitoring overhead. It itself expands or shrinks the resources according to the usage and you don’t have to add any extra resources. You can transfer unlimited data without any extra charges and it also ensures the business continuity.

Scala Hosting

Scala hosting provides a fast SSD speed and scalable web hosting, and cloud server hosting. Its services include web hosting,shared hosting, reseller hosting, backup services and virtual server. It provides a secure field for computing and it takes three copies of your data so that it can be easily recovered without any damage or loss. It allows the hosting server cloud to migrate easily and automatically to a secure node. It is completely automated and provides easy management of your hosting server.

These are some of the best Cloud servers for Windows and this may help you to choose a better server among them.

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