Keeper Password Manager : Cloud Security Vault

Nowadays, the time is changing very rapidly. Everything is growing very fast and turning to the digital world. Even the businesses have changed a lot from earlier times. It became easier to run and grow your business rapidly with the digitalisation. Earlier, you had to face a lot in setting your businesses but now you can manage it efficiently on a low budget also. This is all because of the modern computing environments like cloud, which has made your work little bit easy to run. But as the working system changes, it also increases a risk in your businesses. You have to work and handle everything carefully. The cyber crimes are also increasing with this rapid digitalization and there is a need to secure your data against breachers, so get rid of data loss or breaching. Keeper is an ultimate cybersecurity and productivity application that you must include in your business to protect your remote workforce. It protects your each employee and their data from devices against password related loss orĀ  attacks. It is known to be one of the safest password managers available in the market. It has the latest encryption features similar to those methods which are mainly used by higher enterprises like banks or any governmental organization. It uses 256 bit AES encryption, which gives you the assurity to use it for securing your business without any doubt.

Features of Keeper Password Manager

Keeper Password manager is known to be the best cloud security vault with advanced features of added encryption by Keeper Security. It can save all your website passwords and sensitive information using 256 bit AES encryption which is really an advanced and unique feature for any such application. This allows the passwords to sync and backup in the cloud with highly provided encryption and provides the unique encryption for every stored information. This gives you the double security for keeping all your passwords at the same place without any fear of losing them. It also allows the password sharing between the Keeper users by using 2048-bit RSA encryption. It has many added features for making it a more secure platform as it also has multiple factor authentication in which the user can verify his identity by linking any other device with it like any smartwatch so that it will autofill the username and password but only after the verification of its user. Keeper  also has the Keeperchat, which is a newly added feature providing the platform for secure messaging by having encryption, self destructing messaging and two factor authentication. Clearing the myth, Keeper is a free service for storing passwords on a single device reducing the cyber attacks related to passwords. It supports various Windows versions and it is also available for Androids and Microsoft edge.

Why only Keeper?

Now, you may ask that there are multiple password security managers available in the market but we are pointing only at the Keeper security vault. This is because it is the most reviewed cloud security vault for the passwords with highly advanced, completely unique and reliable features which are trusted by millions of businesses. Not only us but each user of Keeper Password Manager will suggest you the same. As it provides the 256 bit AES encryption to securely store your passwords and 2048 bit RSA encryption for sharing passwords between the Keeper employees. It creates a highly secure environment even for storing your sensitive information with the unique encryption for each of your data. Its features include file sharing, auditing, reporting, storing passwords, and user provisioning. It completely reduces the chances of cyber attack or account take over attacks and public breaching. Keeper has more than nine million registered users and it works with more than 3,000 companies. Its application is available for Android, ios, Windows, Linux, Mac, Nook and even for Microsoft edge.

Advantages of using Keeper password manager

  • Keeper’s password manager generates, stores and autofills the strong passwords for your multiple applications with added encryption. It is the safest platform for storing all your passwords and important documents with unique encryption.
  • It allows the secure sharing of passwords among the Keeper users. So, you can safely share your passwords if you want to share them with any of your trusted Person.
  • It reduces the mess by providing a unique encryption for every stored information in Keeper. It will help you even in generating strong passwords for your accounts and allows sync and backup in a cloud which makes it a more reliable password manager.
  • It provides the feature of adding any 5 nominees who can access your account in any emergency if you are unable to do so. But the added persons have to go through some verification steps to avoid the security failures.
  • It allows you to store unlimited passwords in it without any risk and it is free of cost. You just have to install the application in your system and it will work without any efforts.
  • It mitigates the risk of data breaches by creating random and high strength passwords and secure vaults in any user’s device by storing them. Keeper saves a lot of time and skips complications in managing the passwords for multiple websites and you can utilize that time for increasing the productivity of your businesses.
  • It is a very simple and easy to use application with zero knowledge security and provides you the best security platform.
  • It provides the best usage auditing and event reporting compliance with ultimate flexibility. Keeper scales for businesses of all sizes. Even a small business can easily use Keeper for storing and managing its passwords and any confidential information.

Now, we can easily conclude that the Keeper is really beneficial for our business. As, one weak password can ruin your whole carrier. To avoid such business failures you must choose a safe and secure password manager. As this is quite impossible to remember many passwords in your head. So, you can ease your work with Keeper without any risk of cyber attacks and avoid public breaching.

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