Cloud Code enables you to develop for Compute Engine from your IDE

You’ll find yourself switching between your code editor and terminal frequently when you develop services using Compute Engine. This customizable compute service allows you to create and run virtual machines on Google’s infrastructure. Cloud code is a collection of IDE plugins that are compatible with popular IDEs such as IntelliJ and VS Code. It makes it easier … Read more

Google Kubernetes Engine 7 years, 7 incredible benefits

Today marks seven years of availability of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), the most automated and scaleable managed Kubernetes. We present seven ways GKE can help customers achieve amazing results. Developer productivity is increased Developer time is precious. GKE offers a wide range of integrated tools that will help you ship faster and better. Continuous integration (CI) is … Read more

GKE Networking Basics – Understanding the basics of networking

This article will discuss the networking components of Google Kubernetes engine (GKE). We’ll also explore the many options available. Kubernetes, an open-source platform for managing containerized workloads or services, and GKE, a fully managed environment to run Kubernetes on Google Cloud infrastructure. IP address Kubernetes uses IP addresses and ports for communication between various network components. IP addresses are … Read more

3 Best Cloud Computing Companies In The Word

Best Cloud Computing Companies

The cloud computing race has begun. There are tons of companies wanting to capitalize on the power of cloud storage. It’s a battle for the spot of the best cloud computing companies. It’s 2020 and the competition to dominate the Cloud market as fierce as it can be. There are tons of big names fighting … Read more