10 Best Survey Bypass Tools & Extensions (Working In 2020)

Looking for the best Survey Bypass Tools? Then you’re in the right place, in this article I have covered the 10 best survey bypass tools and remover software which will block any kind of survey. (I also feel they are annoying.)

A long time ago if you wanted to download something and clicked on the download button then the thing would start downloading at the exact moment. But now, it’s not the same. Nowadays many sites add surveys right before the download button to make money. That’s irritating because you can’t even download a single thing before waiting 4-5 minutes to complete random surveys.

It’s a hectic process as even for downloading a small file you need to complete these surveys. And most of the times these surveys are bad. There are not even ways by which you just can skip past them and they ask for your personal information which can be misused. It’s common to receive spam messages, calls after filling these surveys. Normal internet users just fall for these surveys.

But not anymore, it might be hard to get rid of these surveys but it’s not impossible. There are many survey bypass tools make your life survey free and we are going to cover the best of them. Once you install or run these survey removers they will bypass every survey on their own. Thus you can use your time on the internet more according to your needs.


Best Survey Bypass Tools

There are thousands of survey bypass tools available on the internet, but only a handful of them are good ones. In such cases, if you want to find a great tool by yourself it will take a lot of time. However, we are there for you to find the best ones you just need to know about them and install them, leave all the testing to us (after all that’s our work).

Removing and bypassing surveys will now be a piece of cake to you. All you gotta do is to follow and implement the instructions given in this article. In case, a tool doesn’t work use a VPN, it will solve the issue easily. So let’s begin the list with the first tool :


The first tool on our list is Survey Bypass, it’s a web-based tool and by far the most popular tool to detect and block surveys. It’s easy to use with a clean user interface. Also, you don’t need to download anything to use this survey remover. Using this tool is a little tricky though. It’s not the same as installing any extension and browsing without any worries.

To use this tool, first, you will need to visit their website. After that, you need to copy the URL of the site from where you want to download or the site where surveys are popping. Paste the URL on the tool and click on GO. It will block any survey on its own you don’t need to do anything. The tool will also Encrypt URL, remove harmful scripts, remove objects, etc.

Website: Survey Bypass


The second tool on our list is the Survey Remover Tool, as the name suggests its job is to remove surveys from any website you visit. There are a lot of surveys bypassing methods but many of them are patched or are being patched every day. This is one of the tools which is being updated frequently and provides complete security against harmful surveys.

The Survey Remover Tool s also the same as the Survey Bypass, they both work in the same way. Which means you will have to copy the link of the site which is asking for survey and visit it by pasting the URL on the tool. With this tool, you can even download the content which s locked by the owners. It has a good interface and is easy to use, it’s a good tool.

Website: Survey Remover Tool


The third tool on our list of best survey bypassing tools is the ShareCash Surveys Killer, it does what it says i.e, killing all the surveys. With this tool, you will be able to bypass any kind of survey on any website. This tool works in the same ways as other tools i.e, by copying the URL of the site which has those irritating surveys and then pasting it on the tool’s box.

After that, you will be sent to the website and all the surveys will be removed. It also has a downloader which can be used to download sharecash files without surveys. To get the software you will have to visit the link below and install the software, after that open the software and put the link of the file you want to download. That’s all you have to do with this software.

Website: Sharecash Surveys Killer


Survey Smasher is another great tool in our list, it’s the hulk of survey smasher tools as it smashes away all the survey. This tool lets you bypass all the surveys easily. It’s almost similar to other tools in the list but the tool which its most close to is ShareCash. Both the tools are software which you will need to download and install.

We have provided the download link below. After installing the program you will have to put the link of the website from which you want to remove the surveys. Put the URL and click on download files. It’s like a download manager from where you can download the locked files into your computer. It is a tool which you must use if you want to get rid of surveys.

Website: Survey Smasher


The next on our list is ScriptSafe tool. It’s a google chrome extension by which you can block a lot of harmful scripts and surveys. This is one of the best tools as it’s a google chrome extension, if you’re a google chrome browser user then just install and activate this. You won’t need anything else to remove surveys from your browser.

This is an extension which makes your browsing more secure. It isn’t limited to blocking survey as it also does other things like protecting against malware, blocking unwanted contents (popups, surveys), blocking unwanted cookies, etc. If you are visiting a site that has surveys they will be disabled and you will not see them again. It’s one of our favorites.

Website: Script Safe


Next up we have the Survey Remover Pro tool which is also one of the most used surveys remover tools. It’s a software which you will have to download and install to get started. Thousands of people use this tool to bypass surveys online. With the help of this tool, you will be able to download full version software, compressed files, movies, etc. from the internet.

This tool supports many sites which include Cleanfiles, Sharecash, and other survey sites. Using this software is the same as using other software like Survey Smasher. You need to install it, run and put the download URL then the surveys will be skipped and you will be able to download your desired files. It’s one of the must-have survey removing tools.

Website: Survey Remover Pro


XJZ Survey Remover is another google chrome extension which means it will disable all the surveys in Google Chrome. However, for other browsers, you will have to look for another tool as it only works on chrome browser. It’s one of the best survey remover tools as it doesn’t require you to have much technical knowledge, it’s great for beginners.

Using this tool is simple as you just need to download it from the chrome web store, we have provided the download link below. After downloading the extension you have to activate it and see the magic. You won’t be able to find any kind of survey after you install this extension. If you work on other browsers like Mozilla Firefox you will need to look for other options.

Website: XJZ Survey Remover

Redirect Bypasser

Redirect Bypasser is the only Mozilla Firefox addon in our list. If you want to remove surveys from the sites you visit and use Firefox then this the best option you have. It’s made for those who hate surveys and other harmful scripts but have no other choices to visit some sites and download the files. This add-on isn’t only limited to stopping web surveys.

With the help of this extension, you can do many things like blocking popups, surveys, unwanted redirects, etc. You can also extract the original download links hidden below popups, surveys, etc. We think that this is one of the most useful Mozzila Firefox extension that people should use more. It’s also one of the best survey bypass tools you can get. It has everything.

Website: Redirect Bypasser


The second last survey bypass tool on our list is the All In One Survey Bypass Tool which does what it says. It removes all the surveys and helps you to download your desired file without much hassle. It’s also one of the most well-known and used survey bypassing tools. It is pretty easy to use and has a clean user interface. Using this tool isn’t hard.

It’s a software which you will need to download first. To use this tool you will need to follow some simple steps. First of all, download the software, we have provided the downloading link below. Then run it, after that copy the URL which includes the downloading link. Paste the link and the download option will appear. That’s all the effort you have to put.

Website: All In One Survey Bypass Tool

Smasher Pro

The last entry to our list of the best survey bypass tools is Smasher Pro. As the name suggests it’s made for removing any kind of survey from your browser. It’s a software which means you will have to download it in order to use it. You can download it from the link below. After you finish the download you will have to install and run it. (No shit Sherlock!)

Smasher Pro is an easy to use software and its use is to get rid of all the annoying surveys which won’t let you download your file. You can use this tool to download any kind of file. All you need to do after running the software is to put the download URL and click on download. This tool is without a doubt one of the top tools to bypass surveys. It’s a multi-purpose tool.

Website: Smasher Pro


There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, these were the best survey bypassing tools and software available on the internet. These all tools are tested by us and they work amazingly, there’s not a tool on this list which is broken or doesn’t work. With their help, you can get rid of all of those annoying surveys. We have put our soul to put the best list on the internet. (Sounds cheesy but we’re telling the truth.)

We hope that you liked this article and found a great survey bypass tool you were looking for. If we missed any of the good ones or you have any doubts feel free to ask them in the comment box. Also share the article if you find it worth your time, it will be useful to your friends, family or co-workers. Thanks…

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