10 Best Tasker Profiles For Automating Your Android!

Tasker Profiles are incredible, with them you can automate almost anything on your android smartphone. Tasker Profiles are actually tasks that are processed (or automated) through the android app Tasker. The app is amazing, here you will learn briefly about the Tasker app and the tasker profiles which are magnificent.

So, What’s Tasker?

Tasker is the most used android automation app. It’s not available for any other platform. The app revolutionizes the way people use android smartphones. It’s possible to automate every process on your android device with these apps. You just need to know which tasker profile is good!

Here are some of the very best tasker profiles that you can use. Don’t miss out on them. Let’s begin…

Best Tasker Profiles For Android [In 2020]

Best Tasker Profiles

Turn-On WiFi

One of the most basic yet highly useful Tasker profiles is to toggle your WiFi. As WiFi gets used quite a lot on your smartphone, it can consume a lot of battery. Due to this, people tend to turn off WiFi when it is not being used. And toggling your WiFi every now and then can be quite frustrating. This is why this Tasker profile can be quite useful for Android users. You can make the WiFi of your smartphone turn on automatically.

And this can be based on various factors including location, time, mobile data, etc. For example, as soon as you reach your home or your office, Tasker can automatically turn on your phone’s WiFi. Similarly, you can turn on your phone’s WiFi at a selected time of the day. Similarly, there are various other things that can be used to trigger this Tasker Profile. And it can be quite useful as you do not have to turn on your phone’s WiFi again and again.

Lock Phone By Shaking

A lot of smartphone manufacturers include multiple gestures on their smartphones. And these can make using your smartphone much easier as well as fun. Different gestures can be used for different things on your smartphone. Such gestures can use things like your phone’s touchscreen, sensors, buttons, and other things to work. But as Tasker has access to all of these, you can easily add new gestures to your smartphone using Tasker.

And one such fun gesture which can be added via Tasker is being able to lock your phone by shaking it. Locking your phone by shaking can be quite useful if you want to quickly lock your device by simply shaking it. This gesture uses your smartphone’s accelerometer to sense your phone’s movement. Due to this, if Tasker detects that you are shaking your device, it can automatically lock your device. You can use this same gesture in Tasker to perform other tasks as well as according to your requirements.

Give Alerts When Your Friends Try To Open Some Personal Apps (or Stuff)

Smartphones are highly personal devices that we use in our day to day lives. As a result, you can have a lot of sensitive data stored on your device. The different apps on your phone can have different things that you might want to protect from others. As a result, a lot of smartphone users use app locks. While these offer decent security to your data and information, it is very basic.

Thankfully, Tasker can help you improve this feature of smartphones by offering notifications. Every time someone tries to access your personal data, Tasker can simply notify you about it. This is possible due to the fact that Tasker can access your device usage and see if someone is forcefully trying to access your locked apps. Due to this, if you are giving your phone to someone and they try to access your locked apps, you can know about it afterward.

Send An Emergency Text

When you are in an emergency, sending a text to your friends and family can be quite important. But taking out your smartphone and manually texting someone is not an option. This where this Tasker profile can be quite handy for Android users. As Tasker users can tell by its name, it automatically sends emergency texts. You can save a message within Tasker that you wish to be sent as an emergency text from your Android device.

And there are various things that Tasker can check on your smartphone before sending this text. It can check your location, detect movements from the gyroscope and accelerometer. And all of these things can be quite useful in case of an emergency like a car accident. As a result, this Tasker profile can even help you in saving your life. And a lot of Android users use this Tasker profile on their smartphone which can be quite useful during an emergency.

Read The Messages When You’re Driving

You should never use your smartphone when you are driving as it can have a lot of bad consequences. A smartphone can distract you from the road which can lead to a road accident. And such accidents usually take place when the driver was reading messages on their phone. Thankfully, Tasker offers a great solution to this issue with the help of this Tasker profile. Whenever you are driving or traveling, Tasker can detect this using your location access.

And once it knows that you are driving or traveling, it can enable the driving mode profile in Tasker. After this, whenever you receive a text message on your phone, Tasker will read it out for you. It is able to do this by having notification access on your smartphone. And once that is done, it simply reads your messages out loud using text to speech. Due to this, you can stay updated with all of your important messages while driving. And you are able to do this without using your phone on the road.

Start Music Player When You Plug-In Headphones

Listening to music on your Android smartphone is one of the most basic things that you can do. And there are a lot of features that Android offers to its user. All of these things make up for a great music listening music experience on your Android device. But most Android devices lack the feature of auto playback for music when you connect your headphones. This feature can be quite handy as it saves a lot of time.

Thankfully, you can add this feature to your smartphone using Tasker. As the name suggests, this task simply starts playing music on your device automatically. It is able to do this by checking if you have plugged in your headphones or not. And as soon as it detects a headset, it sends a signal to your music player. Due to this, music starts playing on your Android device right away. And the best part about this Tasker Profile is that it works with all music players without any issues.

Auto-Rotate Device When You Open Some Apps

Android devices have a lot of supported apps available on the Google Play Store. But all of these offer different uses to the user because of which all of them are different apps. And one big difference between apps is that you want to use auto-rotate with only some of them. For example, having auto rotate in an app like YouTube or VLC can be quite useful.

On the other hand, you will rarely use auto rotate on your smartphone in a messaging app. Due to this, you can end up toggling the auto-rotation option again and again. But as you would expect, this solution can be solved quite easily. You can simply turn on this Tasker profile after which Tasker will always check the apps you are using. As a result, it will automatically toggle the auto-rotation option on your device according to the app that you are using.

Lock Your Apps

As mentioned earlier, protecting your smartphone from your friends is quite important. Without doing that, people can access your personal data and information quite easily. In such a case locking sensitive apps on your smartphone is quite important. But not all devices come with the option of locking your smartphone apps. Thankfully, you can enable this option on your Android device using Tasker.

And once you have done that, Tasker will keep your selected apps locked until your correct password is entered. This security feature offered in Tasker is quite similar to installing third party app lock apps. But since you can do this using Tasker, you do not require any third party apps. Not only that but using this app lock found in Tasker is quite easy. In fact, it is easier to use than most app locks available for Android.

Send Text Message When Battery Is About To End

One of the first things that can ever happen with a smartphone is its battery running out. Since there are a lot of things that are happening in an Android device, there are a lot of things to process in. And almost all of us have been through this issue quite a lot of times. This can be quite frustrating when you are in the middle of something important and your device runs out of battery. And if you are in the middle of a phone call and your battery runs out, it can cause issues. As a result, you can set up a text message in Tasker. And this message gets sent to your selected devices whenever the battery of your device is low. You can do this by tracking the battery percentage of your device using Tasker. And once your device’s battery life goes under the threshold, it will automatically send a text message and turn off your mobile phone. This feature can be quite useful if you are in the middle of a conversation and your battery runs out.

Sleep Timer

There are a lot of Android users out there who put their Android devices to sleep now and then. Not only that but some of them even daily schedule their time for sleeping a device. But doing this manually on any device can be quite time-consuming. Therefore, to overcome this issue you can simply set sleep timers in Tasker. You can do so by creating a new profile that is time-based.

And then this time value can be used to put your phone to sleep your device using Tasker. This Tasker profile can be quite handy for increasing your device’s battery life. Since whenever you are not using your device, it goes to sleep for conversing battery life. The Sleep Timer Tasker profile does not have many major options or requirements for its proper functioning. Instead, it just uses your device’s time for automating the sleep timer.

Final Thoughts…

If you want a whole new experience on your android smartphone then you must Tasker. It’s one hell of an app. It will be like your personal android assistant. If you didn’t knew about this app before then you’re missing out. And yeah, the above-mentioned tasker profiles are the best ones.

You must use these tasker profiles. Installing them isn’t hard and you’ll understand it on your own. We will add steps for adding tasker profiles later.

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