Cloud Backup Services For Small Businesses

The cloud backup services for small businesses have become a more reliable backup solution with wallet-friendly plans and ease to use. If you save your business data on the hard disk, I will like to tell you that every week more than 100,000 hard disks crash in the United States. Data is so valuable that 60% of companies shut down after six months of losing their data.

These two examples are enough to understand the difficulty in storing data and the importance of data. Don’t worry. The best solution to the problem is cloud backup services. In this article, I will discuss everything you should know about cloud backup services for small businesses. Cloud backup services help you to keep data secure by backing up or stored on a remote server.

What Do You Mean By Cloud Backup For Small Businesses?

Let’s start with a simple example to understand cloud backup for small businesses. Google drive or dropbox are used to syncing dedicated folders, but they do not protect all your data, such as your system files. Google drive or dropbox is not the cloud backup service you are searching for your business. You need a service that gives full-scale backup functionality. So in any case, if you lose your data, your business gets back on its feet. 

6 Best Cloud Backup Services For Small Businesses

Cloud Backup Servcies For Small Business

Now, we will talk about the best six cloud backup services for small businesses:-

  1. Acronis
  2. Carbonite
  3. SpiderOak
  4. CrashPlan
  5. IDrive
  6. CloudBerry

#1 Acronis

The first cloud backup service for small businesses on our list is Acronis. Acronis has over 5.5 million users. It is flexible and easy to use. In Acronis, you can back up full system images or individual files to the storage. Acronis is fast, reliable and ensures your data is always safe. Restore your complete system data in just a few clicks on the new or same hardware.
Stay free from malware and virus, on-demand antivirus scan of the full system. To protect your data, they have all-in-one recovery drives, disk cloning, end-to-end encryption, etc. You can also check the status of backups with push notifications. They efficiently manage the fast-draining battery of the laptop during backup. But they don’t have automatic remote management; also, cloud storage is a different product.

#2 Carbonite

Carbonite is easy to install and works automatically. It preserves your business data, such as photos, tax forms, videos, etc. Don’t worry about hardware failure and natural disaster; Carbonite automatically backup all the files and data.You will get unlimited cloud storage service for one computer, and file recovery is also effortless. Restore files from any connected web device.
If we talk about your data’s safety, it has advanced data encryption with great defense against a ransomware attack, laptop loss, or theft. Carbonite has excellent 24/7 support. The plans of the Carbonite are very decent for small businesses and the home office. But you will not get third-party cloud support; cloud restoration is also time-consuming and limited to Windows and Mac.

#3 SpiderOak

SpiderOak is one of the best cloud backup services for small and midsize businesses. It has end-to-end encryption or controllable encryption keys, and only the client knows the encryption key. It has strong privacy and security features, so you can backup your data without any worries. SpiderOak is available on different platforms such as Apple OS X, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. The mobile app of SpiderOak is also simple to use.

They have two basic modes for backing up data as following:-

  • The first one is a scheduled backup in which the user can select one or more folders to back up to the cloud. By default, the schedule is automatic, but you can change it from five minutes to 48 hours.
  • The second is backing up data using sync folders, and the sync folders are more accessible. It syncs when files are changed.

However, It doesn’t offer you unlimited storage. Lacks sharing features and support for SQL Server. Also, it does not integrate with other systems.

#4 CrashPlan

CrashPlan has a simple interface and runs automatically. It continues backup in the background and backup new files continuously. It provides unlimited storage and file server protection, so store your business files without any problem. CrashPlan allows you to control how long you want to keep your deleted files. Get a local copy of your files for fast recovery without additional charges. You can restore files from the desktop app, and your data is always secure with 256-bit AES encryption techniques.

The support is available by chat, email, and phone.Still, there is a lack of support for virtualized environments. Also, direct support for business software is not available.

#5 IDrive

IDrive has a reliable feature, and the price is also very reasonable. It protects your data with excellent security features and a friendly management interface. When you log in for the first time, you have to download a client application of IDrive. After installation and sign in to your account, it just starts running by using its default settings.
You will get a free backup seeding service. IDrive offers a flat rate seeding service, and you can use it for both home and business. It is free to use three times in one year for business users. But you will not get 365 email support.

#6 CloudBerry

CloudBerry has a wide range of backup sources, but you’ll need to provide your storage. It works on different platforms such as Linux, Mac, and Windows. Also, there is no vendor lock-in. You can restore system images to Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Google Storage, IBM, OpenStack, Rackspace, Azure, etc
CloudBerry has excellent security with AES 25-bit encryption. You get complete control as all encryption occurs on the client machine. You can schedule your backup to run in a real-time or specific date. But there is no centralized management; also, other server options are slightly costlier.

The Rule Of Backup Cloud

The rule of the backup cloud is simple – 3-2-1.

It states that you should have at least:

  • Three copies of your data that you keep backed up at all times.
  • Two different types of storage.
  • One copy of the data offsite.

Keeping multiple copies of critical data is a piece of cake. Also, it costs less. Cloud backup service providers or companies give you a separate and offsite target for your company’s essential data at a reasonable price. Some companies let you choose to keep your data on multiple servers in different datacenters. So, you can easily apply a 3-2-1 cloud backup rule using only one vendor.

How To Select The Best Cloud Backup Services For Small Businesses

Now, we will discuss how to select the right backup service for you. There is a lot of cloud backup service provider in the market. Choose the best that fits your small business. The best cloud backup service depends on your business requirements and plans. Check the cloud backup provider plans that are not too much costlier and fulfill your business requirement.
We will be glad to know your experience with cloud backup services, feel free to comment down below.

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