How To Easily Skip or Block Hulu Ads [Ultimate Guide]

The craze for streaming online content is real. There are millions of people who use the internet for streaming movies, tv shows, and other things online. If you know someone who has been using the internet for some time then they too will know about many websites from where they can stream content.

There are many sites which provide online streaming but the top ones are – NetFlix, YouTube & Hulu. While all of these are among the top, today we will be talking (or more like writing) about Hulu. For starters, Hulu is a web/app based online streaming service which you can use to watch your favorite channels, it’s only available in the US.

While there are many other sites which offer online streaming for free, Hulu is one of the premium ones. But there’s a thing with Hulu – there are ads even on the premium plans. Which doesn’t feels right? What’s more, is that those ads are very annoying. Who would like to pay 4$/month for watching ads?

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That’s the reason today, in this article we are going to cover some methods by which you can easily block or skip ads on Hulu. Let’s get started…

6 Best Methods To Block or Skip Hulu Ads

How to block or skip hulu ads

Refresh The Program Page

There are many tricks you can use to skip past or totally block Hulu ads, but the first method that we will be covering is a pretty basic one. While this method won’t block Hulu ads, it will certainly make them very short.

Before getting to the trick you must know that there are two kinds of Hulu ads which are – Short ones and longer ones. The shorter ads play while you’re watching tv shows and are usually 20 to 40 seconds long. These ads aren’t much annoying as the other longer ads. The longer ads are 4 minutes long.

That’s because the longer ads are inserted between movies. The ads depend on the type of content you’re watching. If you watch short episodes you will get small ads if you watch movies then you will get the long irritating ads. This method works as follows –

First, you have to start watching the content of your choice. Whenever an ad comes all you need to do is to refresh the page. By doing so you will see a shorter ad. Easy! Isn’t it?

Use An Ad-Blocker

What’s the best way to block ads? Well, the most common answer to this question is using an ad-blocker. And, if you’re someone who streams content on your PC then this will be more easy for you. If you’re using Chrome, you can just add any Ad-blocking extension and you’re good to go.

However, developers at Hulu aren’t any slouch either. It’s impossible to make use of ad-blockers on Hulu as they are using a secret back-end script to show ads. With the help of ad-blocking extensions like Adblock Plus, you can block Hulu ads till your adblocker doesn’t get detected.

When you’re using Ad-blockers while surfing Hulu sometimes the ads won’t show but at other times the ads will get masked so you can’t see the ads. If the videos don’t play when you’re using this extension just disable it. Hulu is just too good against ad-blockers.

Use Blockada (Or Any Other Ad-Blocking App)

The previous ad blocking method was for when you will be using PC or Laptop to stream Hulu. This method will focus on the mobile version of Hulu. If you’re someone who uses a mobile phone to stream content online then this one is for you.

There are many adblocker available for Android / iOS that you can select. The one we recommend is Blockada which is only available on the Google Play store, for iOS devices you will have to use other ad-blockers.

Here are the steps you need to follow –

  1. Go to Google Play store and download/install Blockada.
  2. Start the app and click on Blacklist option.
  3. Add the Hulu app to Blacklist.
  4. Enjoy streaming content on Hulu without ads.

By doing so, you will block all the ads on Hulu mobile app. This method works most of the times but if you’re not able to stream content because of the ads you will have to remove the ad-blocker.

Skip Ads By Opening Two Tabs

The next method by which you can skip Hulu ads is by opening two same tabs at the same. But note – if you want to use this method you should have unlimited high-speed data. If you have limited data then we don’t recommend this method. If you don’t have any issues with internet connection then it’s one of the best ways to get past those annoying ads.

Here are steps you need to follow to easily skip past Hulu ads by this method –

  1. Visit Hulu. Find the TV series or movie you want to watch. Open it in a new window.
  2. Repeat the first step. Now you will have two tabs running the same video.
  3. On the second tab, mute the audio of the show/movie. Then fast-forward it to the first ad.
  4. Visit the first tab and continue watching your favorite show/movie.
  5. When the first tab shows an advertisement, mute it. Visit the second tab and rewind the opening commercial, then unmute it.
  6. On the second tab, you won’t be shown the advertisement as they have already shown you one ad.
  7. Repeat this process again and again. By doing this you will be easily skipping all the ads. This method while being a bit inefficient is better than watching 4-minute ads.

These were the steps that you needed in order to skip ads by this “switching tabs method”. Now only two methods remain, let’s check them out…

Fast-Forward Hulu Ads

Another easy way to get past ads on Hulu is to fast-forward them. To use this method you will need to use fast-forwarding software and one of the best software to do this is Enounce MySpeed. It is a great tool to use.

However, this software isn’t free. To get the full version you will have to pay 29.99$. But there’s a 7-day free trial available to check out the software.

We used this software for quite a long time and were impressed with it. With it, you can play the ads up to 3x faster. you can use the free trial, again and again, to use this service for a long time, if you don’t have the money.

Upgrade To The Next Premium Plan

While this may not sound like a trick to get past Hulu ads, the most logical way to get rid of ads is to upgrade to a plan which has no commercials. If you’re using Hulu you’re already paying 4$ a month why not pay 11.99$. Sure it’s much costlier than the former plan but you get no ads.

Paying for premium things isn’t always a con. You literally get thousands of movies, tv shows on Hulu without ads. If you have the money you should buy the higher plan it costs almost the same as one month Netflix subscription.

Final Thoughts…

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, these were some of the best methods by which you can easily skip Hulu ads. All of these methods are tried and tested by us, they work 100%. With them, you will be able to block Hulu ads without any hassle. All you need to do is to apply these methods.

You will need to put a little effort but for removing the obstacles you need to do something. Nothing happens without putting some efforts. Right? After all, you will also get rewarded with movies and tv shows which you can watch without interruptions on Hulu after skipping and blocking those annoying ads.

So, did our methods for blocking & skipping Hulu ads worked for you? If not, where are you stuck? Do you know about any other methods for blocking Hulu ads? If yes, feel free to give your suggestions in the comments below. Have a nice day!

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