9 Best Lock Screen Apps For Android You Should Try In 2020

Are you tired of looking at your boring lock screen on android? We know, at the start looking at a smartphone’s lock screen doesn’t affect much but as the time goes we get bored with the stock lock screen. That’s why we look for other lock screen apps by which we can fully customize and make the lock screen much attractive.

Even if Android is continuously evolving and making stock apps better, they are not for everyone. Most of us want to customize our smartphones according to ourself, this is where lock screen apps are very useful. With these apps, you can customize your lock screen in a way which other OS users can’t even think of. (Looking at you, Apple users.)

Now, without wasting more of your time, here are the best lock screen apps for android. Let’s begin…

Best Lock Screen Apps For Android

Best Lock Screen Apps  For Android!


Website: Start

Start is a home launcher application available for Android devices. But it can also be used as a lock screen app for your Android smartphone. You have to simply install Start on your smartphone and enable lock screen in Start settings. Once you have done that, you will get to use all of the features offered by this app right on your smartphone. One of the best features offered by Start is notifications.

It allows you to check and interact with notifications from all of the apps installed on your smartphone. This can help you save a lot of time while using your smartphone. Not only that but you can also use this app to open apps via shortcut right from your lock screen. And when compared to other lock screen apps, Start is quite easy to use for Android users. As a result, Start is the perfect choice if you are trying a lock screen app for the first time.


Website: Floatify Lockscreen

As per its name, Floatify is a lock screen app for Android smartphones that offer floating elements. In other words, it adds a lot of functionality to the lock screen of your Android device. This includes various shortcuts, notifications, widgets, and tools. And since you can access all of them right from your Android device’s lock screen, it means that Floatify can save a lot of time. Apart from that, it can also make your phone’s lock screen quite modern due to all of the options featured.

Even though Floatify is a free app, you have to pay for some extra featured. But even without its pro version, it can make your lock screen quite functional. One of the best things about the Floatify app is that it offers customizability for all of the options that it offers.

Ac Display

Website: Ac Display

Most of the latest flagship Android smartphones come with AMOLED displays. This allows the phones to show ambient notifications to the user. But if you are using an older smartphone, then you might not have this feature. In such a case, you can try using the Ac Display lockscreen app. Active Display or Ac Display is a great way to add ambient notifications to your Android smartphone.

And the ambient notifications act just like any other notification on your smartphone. You can simply tap on them to interact and open the respective app. Not only that but you can even read messages using Ac Display without unlocking your smartphone. Apart from that, you can even tweak the behavior of these ambient notifications offered by the AC Display app. But if your smartphone has an LCD display, ambient notifications might consume a lot of battery. Although, you should definitely try out this app since it is free to download.

CM Locker

Website: CM Locker

CM makes various kind of apps for Android smartphones. And just as you expect from its name, CM Locker is a lockscreen app for smartphones. Just like other CM apps, CM Locker is highly customizable. One of the best features of CM Locker is the themes options. It allows you to change the user interface and colors of your smartphone’s lock screen. And since there are hundreds of themes available on CM Locker, you can find one for you quite easily.

Users that use home launchers will appreciate this feature since they can match the theme of their lock screen with the rest of the device. Apart from this, CM Locker offers multiple security features. As you would expect, it can be used to lock your device using a pattern or a pin. But it also offers anti-theft features to the user. This can be useful if your phone gets stolen or goes missing.


Website: KLCK

KLCK is the perfect lock screen app for advanced Android users. If you cannot find the perfect app for your smartphone’s lock screen, then this can be a great option. Instead of offering you a few layouts, KLCK allows you to design your own lock screen. As a result, you can easily make your lock screen look however you want it. And this includes both the theme as well as the functional parts of your smartphone’s lock screen. Due to this, if you like customizing your smartphone, then you should try out KLCK.

It offers a large number of options when it comes to tweaking your lock screen. As a result, you can have an infinite number of possible lock screen layouts. Even though this app is targeted at advanced Android users, it is quite easy to use. You can easily use KLCK to make your own custom lock screen. And once you have made a design, you can apply it on your lock screen without any hassle.

Hi Locker

Website: Hi Locker

Hi Locker is a very popular lock screen app among XDA members. It offers a large number of customization options to the user. You can use this app to easily make your lock screen look however you want. Not only that but this app offers a very simple and straight forward design. As a result, this app is perfect for minimalistic setup on smartphones. Apart from looking good, you can also add widgets to your lock screen.

These widgets include things like weather, mail, clock, and other frequently accessed apps. Not only that but you can even access notifications right from your lockscreen using this app. As a result, Hi Locker also makes your Android smartphone’s lock screen quite functional. When compared to the stock lock screen, you will save a lot of time by using Hi Locker. And you get all of these features for completely free in this app.


Website: Semper

Semper is a very simple and basic lock screen app for Android smartphones. When compared to similar apps available on the Google Play Store, this one is quite different. It allows the user to improve vocabulary right from your lock screen. This app shows you simple trivia questions right on the lock screen of your smartphone. As a result, you get to learn something new every time you unlock your smartphone. Not only that but these questions are quite easy to interact with.

The whole user interface offered by the Semper is card-based. In simple words, you get multiple question card on your screen when you wake your device. And you can learn various things with the help of these simple questions. You can choose from a number of topics and categories in the settings of the Semper app. Not only that but Semper can also be used to change the look and feel of your lock screen.

Lok Lok

Website: Lok Lok

Lok Lok is very fun to use lock screen app available for Android smartphones. This app allows you to draw and doodle on your phone’s lock screen. As a result, it is a great pick for creative Android users and artists who keep drawing every now and then. Not only that but this can also be useful for quickly noting down things like a phone number. This is possible as you can easily save the doodle and drawings that make on your lock screen.

Once you have saved a doodle, you can then access it later on via the gallery app of your smartphone. Not only that but you can share Lok Lok doodles with your friends over the internet. And if your friends are also using Lok Lok on their devices, sharing doodles becomes even easier. By installing this app on your smartphone, unlocking your device becomes quite fun since you can doodle stuff easily.

Solo Locker

Website: Solo Locker

Solo Locker is a great way to add security to your smartphone’s lock screen while making it look better. It offers a unique locking method to the user. You can lock your smartphone using photos with the help of Solo Locker. This locking method is quite similar to drawing a pattern. But instead of connecting dots, you connect pictures to unlock your smartphone. As a result, this looks much better than the default pattern unlocking.

Apart from all of this, you can also add a custom background in this lock screen app. Not only that but you also get the option to apply themes to the lock screen. This can be used to make your look screen look like the rest of your smartphone. It offers a great balance between looks and security to the user. And since this app is completely free to use, you should try it out on your smartphone right away.

Final Thoughts…

These were the very best lock screen apps for android that you can use to make that lock screen much good-looking. There are thousands of lock screen apps on the android play store but not all of them are 100% secure. These Android lock screen apps are among the best ones, they are used by millions and have high ratings.

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So, which one among these is your favorite Android lock screen app? Did we miss any good lock screen apps for android? Which lock screen apps did you used the first time? Let us know in the comments below…

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