Rainiertamayo Alternatives – 12+ Best Similar Sites To Watch TV Shows & Movies

Rainiertamayo for some time was the best site to watch any tv shows or movies for free. However, the site was taken down in 2016. Due to this, many people are still looking for a Rainiertamayo alternative, after all, it’s difficult to find a site like it. It was a great site to stream online content without paying anything.

You are also looking for a site like Rainiertamayo, aren’t you? We will tell you about more sites but before that, here are some facts and details about the long gone site we all used to love. Rainiertamayo was one of the biggest free content streaming sites covering thousands of movies and tv shows you could watch. All of the movies and tv shows were available in HD, and all of them were of full length.

With Rainiertamayo there was never a need to purchase or rent your favorite movies and tv shows, you could have easily watched them for free. But now, it’s not possible to use Rainiertamayto as it was taken down permanently in 2016, many people still don’t know about this and search for the site. There are also a lot of fake sites which use this domain name for their profit. But they aren’t real.

We know you love watching tv shows and movies, that’s why we have created this list in which we have covered the sites that are just like Rainiertamayo. Most of the sites in this list are free, only some of them are paid ones. So without further ado, let’s begin our list…

12 Best Rainertamayo Alternatives To Binge-Watch TV Shows & Movies Online


Finding sites like Rainiertamayo on your own is a boring task, there will be many sites claiming to be the best but aren’t. We will do the hard work for you, I have spent hours searching for the best Rainiertamayo alternatives and checked out many sites. Each site on this list is an amazing one and works fine.

FM Movies

First up on our list we have FM Movies, it’s the best alternative site to Rainiertamayo. FM Movies consists of thousands of tv shows and movies which you can watch on the go. All the tv shows and movies are available in high-quality, also all of them are in full length. You can watch your favorite shows or movies without paying anything to FM Movies.

Although it’s free you will sometimes have to watch ads, that’s the way they earn money. The numbers of advertisements are very less, so you won’t feel irritated by watching them. It’s also easy to ignore them completely. You can also download movies or tv series with the help of FM Movies. It’s free of cost to watch and download your favorite shows.

Site’s link – FM Movies

XMovies 8

If you’re looking for a site which only provides movies for free then XMovies 8 is one of the best sites. It’s also a great Rainiertamayo alternative to watch movies online. The site is free to use i.e, it won’t cost you anything. XMovies 8 has a pretty big collection of movies, there are thousands of them. It’s hard to think of a movie which isn’t present here.

This site has a user-friendly layout, you can easily find a movie that you’re looking for. Even streaming is smooth, we didn’t find any buffering in the video player. You can find any movie by its genre, director, date, etc. It’s a great site to watch movies. Definitely in our top ten movie streaming sites of all times.

Site’s link – Xmovies 8


Hulu Plus is one of the streaming sites where you can watch tv shows and movies to your heart’s delight. It’s one of the streaming services that are in competition with NetFlix. Hulu has a vast library of tv shows and movies. From here you can watch a full series of exclusive content, tv shows, anime, cartoons, and movies.

It has over 1400+ movies that you can watch. (Yes, we did the counting.) It’s a paid service and the smallest plan costs less than a cup of coffee in Starbucks. If you want to watch movies without any worries or restrictions then Hulu is a good choice As it’s a premium streaming site you won’t see any ads, which is kinda great. Ads are annoying.

Site’s link – Hulu

Hub Movie

Hub Movie is said to be one of the best Rainiertamayo alternatives. There are many shows and movies you can watch on the Hub Movie site. The site is very popular with more than 1 million visits per month. It’s free to watch content streaming site which means you won’t have to pay a single penny. It’s among the best sites, it does have little ads though.

What we really liked about the site was its design. It’s a simple flat design, you can browse and search for movies easily. You’re not only limited to movies, but you can also watch tv shows if you wish. Plus, you can also request for a movie or tv show if you can’t find the one you’re searching and it will be updated in some time.

Site’s link – Hub Movie


Putlocker is another site which you can use as an alternative to Rainiertamayo. It’s a website you can use to watch movies online and download them. Putlocker isn’t limited to movies as you can also do the same for tv shows. It’s a good site and you can try it. However, we won’t say that this site is better than Rainiertamayo.

Although the design of this website is a little outdated, we gotta praise it for the vast collection it has. There are hundreds, if not thousands of tv shows and movies available here for you to watch online. There are some ads which can be a little irritating but you can easily get rid of them with the help of an Ad-blocker.

Site’s link – Putlocker

Movies 4K

Next up on our list, we have Movies 4K. As the name suggests, you can find almost every kind of content on this site in HD. It’s a site dedicated to only movies, you won’t be able to watch any tv shows here. From this site you will be able to watch thousands of movies, it doesn’t matter if the movie is new or old you will find it here.

You can watch the movies in 4K Ultra HD, it’s one of the only sites which provides 4k Ultra settings. It will only work if you have a 4K monitor, or if the movie is new. Cause, old movies are hard to find in 4K. If you’re a movie watcher then this site is for you. This is a pretty clean site with little to no ads. We recommend this site to movie watchers.

Site’s link – Movies 4K

Los Movies

Another great alternative to Rainiertamayo on our list is Los Movies. It’s a sitch which will help you to watch any movie in HD. It’s another movie-only site on this list. There are hundreds of movies on this site, we have even watched some movies on this site and were pleased by the experience. You can also use this site to watch movies.

It’s a free site i.e, you will have to watch some ads but they can be ignored. The advertisements on this website aren’t too aggressive. Los Movies has an organized collection, you can watch movies based on categories, genres, actors, and much more. You can also block the popup ads with the help of an adblocker. You won’t see ads again after using them.

Site’s link – Los Movies

Tubi Film

Tubi Film is another great site to watch movies in high-quality, it’s a pretty good site. You won’t face any errors or issues if you use this site for watching movies. It is also a movie only site which means here you will only be able to watch movies, try another site if you want to watch tv shows. Other than that, it’s an awesome site.

On Tubi Film you will be able to watch movies of any genre be it horror, action, romance, adventure, comedy, etc. On the homepage, you will find an option to register, but that’s optional you can watch movies without registering. For premium features, you will have to register. It’s free to use service though, you don’t need to pay anything.

Site’s link – Tubi Film


Geeker website was started because a bunch of people wanted to store their classic movies, games, and books. They just weren’t able to find a site which provided them, little that they knew that it would become a big thing on the internet. If you share the love that’s the same with them you will like their site they have everything – movies, tv shows, books, games, etc.

However, it’s a paid site but they do offer a 30-day trial. You can check them out if you liked their services you can agree to pay them on a monthly basis. Their pricing is very cheap, just 1.95$ per month and you get access to everything on their site. If you ask me that’s not a big amount to pay. You can check them out.

Site’s link – Geeker


PopcornFlix has more than 800 movies that you can choose from and it’s a good Rainiertamayo alternative. This site is well designed and is well-updated. It’s also one of the most popular sites to watch movies for free and yes, you can only watch movies here. Not every site is as good as Rainiertamayo which has both tv shows and movies in HD.

It’s a solid site but it has a flaw. And that flaw is its video play, we found no buffering or issues while streaming but it’s impossible to change video’s resolution from the player. If a video has a 480P resolution you won’t be able to change it to 720P. Apart from this, we have no complaints. Still, it’s free so you aren’t missing anything.

Site’s link – PopcornFlix


The second last site on our list of Rainiertamayo alternatives is Niter, it’s almost the same as the former one. You may find it similar to Rainiertamayo as the interface is almost the same. You will also feel it easy to navigate and search for tv shows and movies on this site. It has a huge collection of tv shows and movies.

Using this site is pretty simple, there are a lot of updates on the homepage with the latest series. You can also browse tv shows and movies by category or if you want to search just click on the search button, put the name then hit the search button You will get the results. It’s a good site to watch your favorite series or movies.

Site’s link – Niter


Now, at last, we have FlixBreak, with this site you can watch tv shows and movies easily. There’s a huge collection of movies, tv shows, and episodes on this site. It’s one of the best Rainiertamayo alternatives. Here all the movies and tv shows are in Full HD, and if you have a good internet connection you can easily change between video quality.

It has everything you can think of – the new shows, movies, and the old ones. The site’s UI is clean and easy to navigate i.e, you can easily find anything you can look up for. It’s also easy to browse collections if you don’t know what to watch. FlixBreak is one of our favorite sites to chill out on the weekend. You should also check ’em out.

Site’s link – FlixBreak


There you have it, folks, these were the best Rainiertamayo alternatives you can find on the internet. We are sure that this is the best list created on this topic, after all, it took us days to test each site and make sure it doesn’t fail. With the help of these sites, you can binge-watch any tv series you want or any movie you can think of at the moment. Make sure to take care of your eyes. (They’re important.)

Poor jokes aside, If you ask me the best among all of these is FM Movies. All of the sites are good, none is bad but I find FM Movies the best for myself. You may find another site the best, it’s just personal preference. What are your favorite sites on this list? Did you find any Rainiertamayo alternative you were looking for? Let us know in the comments below…

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