The Best RGB Keyboards – Our Top Picks

Looking for the best RGB Keyboards which will level-up your Gaming PC setup? Here’s a guide which will help to select the best one…

There are many things you can use to make your PC look better and one of those things is an RGB Gaming Keyboard. If you’ve decided that you are going to build (or upgrade) a gaming PC then you can’t miss on the RGB keyboards, they are nowadays necessary unless you’re going for a minimal build.

It has been proved that having RGB components make you better at games. (Just kidding.) You need to have skills but having RGB in your setup makes for a good gaming setup. This guide will help you find the best gaming keyboard which comes with RGB lighting.

Best RGB Keyboards

Do You Need RGB Keyboards?

The answer is it depends on what purpose you need it. If you’re a gamer then having RGB lights will make things feel better and will be beneficial. If you’re someone who uses their PC once in a while it won’t make a difference. However, if you want to make your PC look better no matter who you are, then having an RGB keyboard is a must.

The RGB makes everything looks so cool. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so popular among PC builders. Apart from making a PC build look cool, there are other benefits to them.

Here are a few benefits of an RGB keyboard –

#1 RGB Keyboards Backlights

OK, we know that it’s obvious but we had to include it. When you’re gaming in the dark it’s hard to keep track of which key you’re gonna hit even if you have the perfect knowledge of the keys. If you play MOBA or FPS games you need to react quickly, the RGB backlights help in finding the key you’re looking for.

You may be a long time gamer and know about the WSAD keys as something natural. But how many times have it happened that you’ve lost the game because you clicked the wrong key? As a gamer, I have faced this problem a lot and using an RGB keyboard has been of great help.

What helped me the most was assigning different colors to the WSAD keys, this way I know which button I’m goona click if I’m in the dark abyss of my room. It helps a lot if you color the 4 navigational keys a bit different from the other keys. Some of these keyboards also come with different textures for the navigational keys so you can feel them.

#2 Different Color Key For Each Function In RGB Keyboards

Suppose you’re playing a MOBA which requires multiple tasks per second, miss a task and here goes your game. Each task is done by pressing a different key, it’s hard to learn these games. But by assigning each function a different color key you can make the process easier. It’s more helpful at a competitive level.

If you play these multi-tasking games with a normal keyboard it will be hard. Every RGB keyboard is designed for gaming. It’s your choice – you can learn the hard way, by doing many mistakes with a simple keyboard or choose an RGB gaming keyboard which makes learning a bit easy (you won’t make as many mistakes and it will help in gaming in the long run).

These were the top 2 benefits of RGB keyboards. If you want to know about them in detail, we will make a separate article shortly. Else you’ll just keep reading the benefits, it needs a separate article. Let’s go to the next section…

How To Select The Right And Best RGB Keyboards?

Selecting an RGB keyboard isn’t an easy task. There are many RGB keyboards, some are cheap while some are costly. In this guide, we have listed the best ones, if you’re looking for the best ones head into another guide. So what is it that separates the best RGB keyboards from the bad ones? I will publish a separate article on these points for you till then. Here are a few points you have to consider when you want to purchase an RGB Keyboard:-

  1. Great Software
  2. Premium Build
  3. Different Lit Keys
  4. On/Off Toggle Key
  5. Game Profiles

These are some of the things that you should keep in mind when select an RGB keyboard. If your paying a heavy price for it and it doesn’t have the qualities then you’re not paying for a good product. Now let’s head to the top RGB keyboards…

The Best RGB Keyboards | Our Top Recommendations

There are a lot of RGB Keyboards which look great but when you use them they are not up to the mark. Choosing an RGB Keyboard was a very tough task until we make it easy for you by making a list of top of RBG Keyboards or you can say best RBG Keyboards for you. Scroll down and have a look at our top recommended RGB Keyboards.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum – RGB Keyboard

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum - RGB Keyboard

The first RGB Keyboard in our list is none other than Corsair K95 RGB Platinum. CORSAIR K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame) is lightweight with long durability that withstands a lifetime of gaming. 100% CHERRY MX Brown RGB mechanical key switches. Dynamic multicolor per-key backlighting with LightEdge that delivers dynamic and vibrant lighting effects with unlimited customization. 6 programmable G-keys for in-game macros.

8MB profile storage with hardware macro and lighting playback. Detachable, dual-sided, soft-touch wrist rest that provides comfort to enhance your gameplay for long gaming sessions. Choose between two different surfaces according to your comfort.

 Specification Of Keyboard:-

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum - RGB Keyboard
  1. USB Pass-through port provides easy access to an additional USB port for your mouse or headset.
  2. Per-key RGB backlighting and 19-zone LightEdge and backlit logo deliver dynamic and vibrant lighting effects with unlimited customization.
  3. Dedicated easy-access multimedia and volume control to adjust your audio without interrupting your game.
  4. Aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame.
  5. Also, Windows Key Lock mode ensures interruption-free gaming.
  6. You get 8MB profile storage with hardware macro and lighting playback allows access to up to three stored profiles on the go.
  7. Above all, you get 6 programmable contoured G-keys for in-game macros.
  8. 100% CHERRY MX RGB mechanical key switches.
  9. Detachable, dual-sided, soft-touch wrist rest provides two different surfaces so you get optimal comfort.
  10. CUE support macro programming and dynamic multicolor lighting effects.
  11. 100% anti-ghosting ensures your commands and simultaneous keystrokes always register the way you intended.
In short, the merits of this keyboard are it has eye-catching lighting with handy media, shortcut keys, and classy aluminum body. The demerits of this keyboard are that it has an awkward software and the rubber palm rest which gives comfortable gets dirty quickly. But overall it is one of the best RGB Keyboards. The dimensions and weight of this keyboard are 46.48 x 17.02 x 3.56 cm and 1.32 Kg. So what else you want from a keyboard?

Cooler Master MK850 – RGB Keyboard

Cooler Master MK850 - best RGB Keyboards

The next RGB Keyboard in our list is Cooler Master MK859. Cherry MX switches give you the advantage to dominate in rapid-fire situations with genuine German-engineered switches for 50 million clicks. So use as much as you can without any worries. You can adjust everything from volume to RGB effects without any difficulty with media keys and precision wheels.


The keys in this keyboard are not only durable but also easy to press so less fighting with your keyboard, and more focusing on rapid-fire actions to strafe circles around the competition. It’s not quite a performance-enhancing keyboard but it will make your opponents suspicious for sure. 

Cooler Master MK850 - RGB Keyboard

The dimensions and weight of this keyboard are 47.6 x 15.4 x 4.3 cm and 2.05 Kg. A revolutionary aim pad technology that gives you a competitive edge with total analog movement. Almost a game-changer Keyboard.

SteelSeries Apex Pro – RGB Keyboard

SteelSeries Apex Pro

Another keyboard in our list of best RBG Keyboards is SteelSeries Apex Pro. First of all, we will talk about its build which is stunning and solid that gives you a lifetime of durability (100 million keypresses) and a response time of 0.7ms. Premium wrist rest provides full palm support and comfortable. You get quite–magnetic and adjustable switches that allow you for customization of actuation distance from 0.4 millimeters to 3.6 millimeters. RGB illumination unmatched customization with 16.8 million colors per key. They’re audible in a quiet room but they don’t have that harsh and unpleasant noise that a lot of other high-end gaming keyboards have. Play your games late at night without disturbing others.

SteelSeries Apex Pro

Above the number pad, you’re going to find an OLED display, a volume wheel that you can click in to mute, and a media key that will play/pause your music by default. The OLED Smart Display an integrated command center for adjusting settings and tracking info straight from your game, Spotify, Discord, and more.

SteelSeries Apex Pro

The SteelSeries Apex Pro might be among the best because of its beautiful aluminum build, custom actuation settings, and quiet. The dimensions and weight of this keyboard are14 x 43.7 x 4.1 cm and 2 Kg. It is a bit expensive but if you have the cash and you want a premium gaming keyboard then the SteelSeries Apex Pro should be at the top of your list.

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB – RGB Keyboard

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Keyboard is a stunningly stylish, full-featured, multimedia keyboard. It has a solid steel frame which gives both durability and stability. Comfortable, detachable wrist rest with soft-touch coating. You get a unique radiant light bar and dynamic RGB lighting effects with mechanical keys for reliability. The HyperX software provides advanced customization and you can store up to three favorite lighting and macro profile settings with the on-board memory. Titanium-colored keycaps help you find the most important keys faster when every millisecond matters. The dimensions and weight of this keyboard are 44.4 x 16.9 x 3.9 cm and 1.5 Kg.

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB

Special Features:-

  1. Solid steel frame.
  2. Comfortable, detachable wrist rest with soft-touch coating.
  3. CHERRY® MX mechanical key switches.
  4. Unique light bar and dynamic lighting effects.
  5. Dedicated media buttons and large volume wheel.
  6. Conveniently connect devices via USB 2.0 pass-through.
  7. 100% Anti-ghosting and N-Key Rollover functionality.
  8. Additional titanium-colored textured keycaps and HyperX keycap removal tool.
  9. Quick access buttons for brightness, lighting effects, and Game Mode.

Das Keyboard 4Q – RGB Keyboard

Das Keyboard 4Q

The next Keyboard in our list is Das Keyboard 4Q – RGB Keyboard. This keyboard is an ultimate smart RGB Cherry MX version of Das Keyboard 4 that eliminates interruptions and fully programmable for your ease. You get two-port USB 2.0 Hi-Speed hub (for transferring files and connecting devices), soft Tactile Cherry MX RGB Brown switches (50M keystrokes) and controllable bright RGB (16.8M intense RGB colors). The dimensions and weight of this keyboard are 45.7 x 17.3 x 3.3 cm and 1.32 Kg.

Das Keyboard 4Q

The pre-built Q applets make it the world’s first smart RGB Keyboard. Not only for gaming you can customize it for other uses such as if you assigned a new task or if the software build fails then the Das Keyboard 4Q will change color and let you know. The 4Q sports a 2-meter (6.5ft) braided USB cable that keeps your desk clean.

Pre-built Q applets:-

Das Keyboard 4Q

Everything from RAM usage, Weather Forecast, CPU Usage, GMAIL, Workout Reminder and many more.

Logitech G513 Carbon – RGB Keyboard

Logitech G513 Carbon best RGB keyboards

Logitech G513 Carbon is a backlit mechanical gaming Keyboard made of a rigid plastic frame with a sheet of aircraft-grade 5052 aluminum that comes with Romer G Tactile Key Switches. The leatherette palm rest is padded with memory foam and is large enough to support all types of hand sizes. The USB passthrough in this Keyboard is only to be a USB 2.0 port. The dimensions and weight of this keyboard are 13 x 44.4 x 3.6 cm and 503 gm.

logitech keyboard keys

Advanced GX mechanical switches for performance, responsiveness, and durability. It introduces a new customizable, per-key RGB lighting system that gives as bright and vibrant as the illumination that the company has integrated into its higher-end peripherals. The new LightSync tech will help sync lighting effects across your entire gaming setup. The Keys not only feel faster while gaming but you can also enjoy typing with this keyboard. 

best RGB Keyboards

For your ease, this keyboard gives you the use of the FN key to control volume, play, pause, mute, toggle game mode, change lighting effects, etc. You can deactivate additional keys using Logitech G HUB and store per-key RGB lighting profiles in the onboard memory for use on any system. You get superior key switches with great RGB lightning but you can not get separated keys for media control in this keyboard. Overall this is one of the best RGB Keyboards not only for gaming but also for typing and other uses.

Razer Huntsman Elite – RGB Keyboard

razor keyboard

The next best RGB Keyboard is Razer Huntsman Elite. The new razer has an optical light sensor inside the switch with an actuation distance of 1.5 mm (30% shorter than other mechanical switches). Features razer chroma enabled under glow lighting for 20 customization zones. You get Key stabilizer bar that balanced actuation with every keypress. The keyboard also features a programmable digital dial for quick access to functions. Adjust brightness and volume with fully programmable media keys. Magnetic leatherette wrist rest that gives you long-lasting comfort. You get Hybrid onboard memory and also cloud storage. The dimensions and weight of this keyboard are 23.4 x 44.8 x 3.6 cm and 1.71 Kg.

Asus Rog Strix Scope – RGB Keyboard

Asus Rog Strix Scope

Another RGB Keyboard in our list is Asus ROG Strix Scope. It is a wired mechanical gaming RGB keyboard that built with an aluminum frame and has Cherry MX switches (German-made, micro-switches for precision input with tactile feedback). You get Aura Sync lighting for unlimited personalization options with additional silver WASD an extra-wide Ctrl key (2X broader than traditional Ctrl buttons) for FPS games. Quickly shift between function and media key input. A quick tap of ROG Strix Scope’s Stealth key instantly hides all apps and mutes all audio for instant privacy. The dimensions and weight of this keyboard are 49.4 x 20.1 x 4.8 cm and 1.64 Kg.

Roccat Vulcan 120 AIMO – RGB Keyboard

roccat keyboard

The last RGB Keyboard in our list is Roccat Vulcan 120 AIMmO. First of all, we talk about its built. You can sense the excellence of this keyboard from the very first moment when you start using it. An anodized aluminum plate reinforces the Vulcan’s structural integrity and it also protects against wear and tear. So it is all set for hardcore gaming sessions and the detachable palm rest suitable for long periods of game sessions. Keycaps are specially designed for easy maintenance and a shortened height to make cleaning easy. You get mixer-style media keys and wheel gives that gives comfort for performing functions easily.

Roccat Vulcan 120 AIMO best RGB Keyboards

The Vulcan is the first keyboard to feature ROCCAT-developed Titan Switches. These switches are 20% Faster than any other Mechanical Keys in the Market. It has tactile, crisp brown mechanical switches that resist dust build-up. This keyboard has AIMO illumination (RGB backlighting and LED lighting effects). The key caps are 50% lighter than the standard for the rapid response. An advanced anti-ghosting rollover means every keystroke registers. The dimensions and weight of this keyboard are 16 x 46.2 x 3.2 cm and 984 gm.

Wrapping It Up…

We hope this article will solve your doubts related to RGB Keyboards. These Keyboards are our top picks and you will love them when you use them. If you are buying a good RGB Keyboard you have to ignore the price range. We don’t take any criteria for the price of these Keyboards because if you want something better you have to pay for it.

At last, if you have any questions related to these keyboards feel free to write down in comment box. We will reply to you ASAP to solve your queries.

We will bring even more interesting and detailed articles related to tech and PC. Till then you can also check our article on the topics like :

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