Windows Cloud Service – All You Need To Know!

Do you want to learn about windows cloud service? You would have heard about the term lots of time but have you wondered what it means? Don’t worry here’s all you need to learn…

In just a short period of time, cloud computing services have become an essential part of everyone’s lives. No matter who you are, if you use any kind of online service – cloud computing will be affecting you. It’s an inseparable part of the internet now.

We use cloud-based services to store our information and the big companies spend billions of dollars on these services. There was a time when people and organizations were skeptical about even spending small amounts on cloud services.

The most popular cloud computing models are – SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. Others aren’t as popular as these ones.

There are many companies that provide cloud services. The top cloud companies are – Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google. In this article, we will learn about the contributions and effects of Microsoft in the Cloud-space…

What good is Microsoft at Cloud-Computing?

The cloud computing service by Microsoft is called Azure. It’s uses include – testing, building, deploying and the management of apps and services through the Microsoft data centers. It provides SaaS, PaaS and IaaS cloud services and supports tools, frameworks, and programming languages.

Azure started out in 2008, it had the codename “Project Red Dog” and was released on 1st Feb 2010 as Windows Azure. It was later renamed to Microsoft Azure on 25th March, 2014. This was the starting of a new era for Microsoft.

Microsoft Azure offers tons of amazing services which range from computing to data-storage. Now, we will tell you about the best cloud services by Microsoft…

6 Microsoft Cloud Services – Windows Cloud Service

Microsoft Azure

Azure is the cloud giant of Microsoft. It offers many services ranging from computing to IOT services. Enterprise level SaaS and PaaS services are also offered by Azure. It’s one of the most popular choice among developers who use company coding tools to write apps.

What makes Azure so loveable by the devs is because it allows them to save money, integrate data, work fast in a scalable, flexible and powerful way. AS a dev, you can even select the Hybrid cloud solution – not many cloud providers offer this service.

Azure supports Windows as well as Linux. This opens it to more users – you can choose the service that you like. You can deploy an Azure service in less than 5 minutes. 57% of Fortune 500 companies use the services of Microsoft Azure.

MS Windows Intune

Windows Intune is MS cloud mobile management service that allow you and your organization to manage your devices across the cloud. It works when you’re connected to a MS System Center. Windows Intune works on Windows, Android and iOS platforms – you can work on any of these and save it to the cloud. Next time, you would be able to work form any device.

You can configure your devices in such a way that maximizes your efficiency. It doesn’t require addition infrastructure. These apps offer amazing security and the best part – you can work from anywhere and any device.

MS Office 365

One of the best move that Microsoft ever made was moving MS Office services to the cloud. After it became an online service it was renamed as MS Office 365. With its help you can access calendars and emails on the go, you can also work from anywhere, anytime with the Office suite. You also get extra security and conferencing capability.

The Office 365 suite includes services like – PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, InfoPath, etc. It’s one of the most popular Microsoft cloud service used by millions of people around the world.

Users who use Microsoft Office know that 365 makes an amazing addition to the cloud. You can work from any of your devices be it – PC, Macs and mobile devices.

Other notable Microsoft Cloud services include – Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, Enterprise Mobility Suite.

FAQs regarding Microsoft Cloud Services…

These are some of the FAQs about MS Cloud Services…

What exactly is Microsoft Cloud?

Microsoft is commonly known as Microsoft Azure, it includes all the cloud services that the company offers. It offers more than 600 services ranging from computing services to IOT.

Azure VS AWS – Which one is better?

Both the Azure and AWS offer IaaS services which are used for – networking, storage and virtual machines. However, Azure offers hybrid cloud solutions, PaaS and many other services which are better than AWS. So, it’s slightly better.

Which one is safer – OneDrive or Google Drive?

If we are talking about privacy and security – both OneDrive and Google Drive are almost equal. The only difference is Google mines data from Google Drive for its own reasons, OneDrive doesn’t.

Can I get Microsoft 365 for free?

You can get a free-month trial of Microsoft 365. Also, you can download the Microsoft apps to your mobile devices be it iOS or Android. For full access you will need a subscription.

Has Microsoft OneDrive ever been hacked?

No, there has never been an instance of MS OneDrive getting breached. Even Apple’s cloud have been breached a few times. The only instance of OneDrive’s security concerns are due to users’ errors.

Final Thoughts…

Ahoy folks, these were the best Windows cloud services that you should have knowledge about. When it comes to cloud services there’s only Amazon’s AWS that’s slightly better than Microsoft Azure. None other is close to it (except Google).

Microsoft Azure covers 19% of the cloud market and offer 600 services. It offers – computer services, mobile services, identity, storage services, data-management and many other services. It will take a separate article just to list all the services that Microsoft Azure brings to the table. It’s too good! And these are just Cloud ones. No wonder this company is worth a trillion dollars.

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So, which one of the windows cloud service do you think is the best one? Which Microsoft Azure service have you used? If not, what’s stopping you (apart from the money)? What’s your favorite among these? Let us know in the comments below…

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