Best Anime Torrents: 8 Anime Torrents For Downloading Anime

Looking for the best anime torrents sites? Your search ends here, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the best anime torrents from where you can download anime in HD.

Anime series are something which is loved by millions of people around the world. Every week thousands of people wait for watching the new episode of their favorite anime. Watching anime online is easy, but what’s difficult it downloading it. There are many sites you can use to watch anime online.

While most of us have an internet connection, some of us do prefer to watch anime by downloading it. You can also store the downloaded anime series and watch whenever you get the time. To download anime, there is no better option than to use torrent sites.

What is Anime?

For those of you who don’t know about it, Anime is the short form of the word “Animation”. Made in Japan, it’s just like cartoons in the west. Whenever someone says Anime they mean Japanese Animated Series.

Like watching Movies, Tv Shows, Sports, etc. Anime is just another form of entertainment for many. Even I am a big anime fan! I have watched over 20+ anime series, I know it’s not much but they all were my favorites.

How To Download & Watch Anime Series?

Now if you’re an anime fan you would be searching for sites from where you can easily download and watch anime series. If you’re interested in watching anime online then we have created a list of best sites which aren’t shit to watch anime. Here’s the link-

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There are many crappy sites which claim to provide free anime streaming but install malware into your computer. The above list is good. However, for your own safety use a VPN for enjoying the experience. Some of these sites allow you to download anime series.

How To Download Anime From Torrents?

While many sites offer anime downloading, they are very hard to find. And when we talk about downloading stuff from the internet is there anything better than torrents? I guess, NO.

However, Governments around the world are strict on torrenting. You can land into legal issues if you torrent stuff from the internet. But there are ways in which you can avoid getting into troubles and the best way is to use a VPN. This way no one can track you, whether it’s your government or ISP.

Now without wasting more of your time lets begin the list of best torrent sites to download anime…

Best Anime Torrent Sites Of 2019

Best Anime Torrents is one of the biggest anime torrents on the internet. It is also one of the best options for downloading the anime series of your choice. This site has the biggest collection of anime torrents on the internet, you can download your favorite anime in both dubbed & subbed versions.

If you can think of an anime you can find it on as it has a very huge collection. You can easily find popular anime series like Naruto, DBZ, Bleach to anime movies like Your Name, Sword Of the Stranger, etc. here without any hassle. It has a simple UI and all the links are 100% working.

Anime Layer

The second site on this list we have is Anime Layer. While we were impressed by the cute girl at the homepage, it’s all in Russian. First of all, you will need to translate the page into English to understand anything. Anime Layer has a huge collection of anime torrents to download anime online.

For accessing the site you will first need to sign up with your email. Only after you have an account on the site you can download your favorite anime series. If you can’t find your favorite anime series on the homepage, use the search button. It has almost every anime series that you can download.

Shana Project

Are you troubled because some sites don’t allow you to download more than a limited amount of anime series? If yes, the Shana Project is the site for you, on this site, there are no limits you can download as many anime series you like. What else does an anime fan needs? I guess nothing!

The anime shows and movies are available in 480p, 72op and 1080p, after the anime titles you can see the size of the file. You also don’t need to do much cause you just need to click on the title you want to download and the download will begin. Shana Project is one of the top tier anime torrent sites.

Next up on this list, we have Anirena. While it may be not a very popular anime torrent tracker, it is a good one. This site gets most of its traffic from Japan, this site is one of the fastest sites to upload raw and subbed episodes of recent series. You can also download dub animes form Anirena.

What we like about this site is that you don’t need to create an account to download anime series. You can do so without any kind of registration. And also, there isn’t any limit of any kind. You can download as much anime as your heart desires. There are lots of anime here.

The only site which comes close to for finding anime torrents is AnimeTosho. It’s hard to decide which among these two is the number one anime torrent site as both are unbeatable when it comes to downloading anime. AnimeTosho is the biggest anime torrent site with Bakabt. (Tied.)

You can use this platform to download animes instantly. The download will be faster than Goku’s Instant Transmission. Just kidding. While the UI of AnimeTosho isn’t so simple it still feels like a classic site. You can easily find the anime you’re looking for with the search button after that just download it.

If you’re someone who uses torrents on a daily basis then there’s a 100% chance that you would have heard of LimeTorrents before. It’s a torrent site which is used by millions of people to download their tv shows, movies, games, and anime. LimeTorrents is one of the most popular torrent sites.

If you’re searching for anime downloading sites then LimeTorrents is one of the best options you have. You can find almost every anime series and anime movies here. However, you will have to dig deep if you want to find anime torrents as this site isn’t only focused on anime.

Another anime torrent on our list, does what its name says. It provides the best anime torrents that you can use to download anime easily. While it may be not as popular as other sites on this list, it surely gets the job done. You can find any kind of anime on this site.

However, if you want to use this site you will need to sign up. Only people who are existing members can download the anime series. All the animes are in HD and SD quality. The shows are also updated on a regular basis, so you can download your favorite anime episode as soon as it airs.

While may be last on our list, it is certainly one of the best anime torrent sites. This whole site is made for downloading anime and you will find only anime here. It certainly is a very popular site which receives tens of millions of visitors per month. That tells how much popular anime and this site is.

The best part? There isn’t an anime which won’t be available here and you can download the whole series and movies with just a click. When you search for an anime on you also see details like video quality, download size, etc. It is without a doubt, one of the best anime torrent sites.

Final Thoughts…

These were some of the best anime torrent sites, you can visit any of the above sites to download anime for free. But remember, before you visit any of the sites use a VPN. The VPN I use and recommend is TunnelBear, it’s a free & safe VPN by which you can browse the internet without any worries.

So which is your favorite anime torrent in this list? Did I forget to add any good torrent in this list? If you have any suggestion or questions make sure to put them in the comments box.

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