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Do you know about Cloud video editors? If not, then you’re at a great disadvantage. There are many people who use cloud-based video editors, this helps in editing videos without installing any software. Here we will cover all you need to know…

If you want to edit videos without the need for big-video editors, you will have to obviously need the help of cloud-based video editors. For this article, we have tried many cloud video editors that will help you – this way you won’t need to spend your own time.

Benefits Of Cloud Video Editors

If you have come through this article while searching for the top cloud video editors then it’s sure that you have decided to use web based video editors. Instead of the traditional softwares that require installations. Even if you haven’t made your mind – by reading the benefits of web video editors you will want to use them.

In case you are conflicted between using desktop and online video editors you should know that they’re pretty different. For getting the maximum benefit and amazing experience desktop video editors like Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, etc. are still the gold standard. There’s no denying that.

Web based video editors do come with their own perks. Let’s see what cloud video editors have to offer…

Edit Using Any Device

The best thing about using online video editors is that you don’t need to have a powerful PC for getting things done. Your PC doesn’t need to be packed with at least 1050ti, 16GB RAM, and power Processor. You can get the work done with a normal working laptop.

When people think about getting a PC for video editing they think of getting one without powerful components which get pretty expensive. With cloud editors the servers will do all the heavy work. That’s the number one benefit.

Won’t Have To Worry About Storage Space

When you’re editing videos you will often find yourself low on storage. This creates many problems if you have a small size hard disk as you will have to delete old files for making space for the new ones. The only other option you have – buy a new hard drive, that’s a big problem with traditional way of editing videos.

This issue can also be solved with the help of cloud video editors. How? In cloud video editing, you make use of

Mobility & Accessibility

When the majority of us start editing videos – we are stuck to a single machine. If our luck runs out our PC will get into those issues that will take a long time to be fixed. You will lose access to your software and if you don’t have another PC then you will have to wait. You got no other choice.

With cloud video editors you won’t face these problems. All you will need is a working internet connection and you’re good to go. It’s great for those who have less than powerful PC.

What Do You Need To Get Started?

For using a cloud video editor here are the few things that you will need –

  • A computer. It doesn’t need to be over the top.
  • A working, fast internet connection. With a solid internet connection you won’t be able to get the most out of cloud video editors.
  • Basic plan for the video – want you want to do with the video and how to do it.
  • A video that you want to edit. (Ofcourse!)
  • An audio file for background music. (That’s your choice)
  • Some pile of money that you’re willing to invest. (None of the tools are totally free.)

10 Best Cloud Video Editors

best cloud video editors


WeVideo is the first and the best could video editor that you can find. It’s great for you if you’re looking for an online video editor that can help you learn video editing even if you’re a novice. WeVideo has got everything you will need for day-to-day video editing. Without a doubt, it’s great for beginners and semi-professional work.

The cloud web editor comes with many features. Some are – you get many templates to work with, stock videos, stock images, stock audio, etc. You can also add many video graphics in addition to text-based motion graphics. There are many others great features. You should check out this cloud video editor.

Adobe Spark

Next up we have Adobe Spark, it comes from the company that has created powerful products like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, etc. (As the name suggests.) With the help of this tool, you will be able to create general motion graphics. It isn’t as much as the WeVideo tool but if you want to create small graphics then this tool will be excellent for you.

Here are some of the features that Adobe Spark offers – you can easily create landing pages and web graphics with this tool, you get many stock images and icons. It’s pretty great for small graphics work.


The third cloud-based video editor on our list is Clipchamp. It’s one of the semi-proper video editors on this list. Clipchamp is one of those cloud video editors that’s almost close to the traditional video editors. It’s a flexible product which you can use personally and professionally. Their main audience are also those who want to keep their videos private.

Clipchamp is a very advanced cloud based video editor. If you have ever used Adobe Premiere Pro you will find it similar. You will be able to create creative videos once you get to know about the platform.

Final Thoughts…

Ahoy folks, these were the best cloud video editors that you can for editing your videos online without any hassles. According to our research, the best cloud-based video editor is WeVideo, with these you can any video, any way you want. This will meet any of your requirements.

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So, which one of these cloud video editors do you think is the best one? Do you still you offline video editors or are you going to shift to the ones? Let us know in the comments below…

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