6 Best Cloud Data Storage Companies

Want to about the best cloud storage companies? There are tons of these but how does a person separate the best from the rest? It is not an easy task, that’s why we are here to help. In this article, you will learn about the very best cloud data storage companies that will be beneficial to you…

The rise of cloud computing services in the last decade has been phenomenal! Why do you ask? The reasons being – it’s safe i.e, the security is great, affordable – for just a few dollars you get huge storage, and the ease of use – you don’t need to be a tech expert if you want to use these services. Before we get into the top cloud storage companies, we must know about it in brief…

So, what’s Cloud Storage anyway?

To understanding the meaning of cloud storage, you will need to understand what’s the meaning of ‘Cloud’. In simple terms – cloud services mean online services that people can use by paying or for free. The cloud storage works by saving all your files over the internet (or online). 

There are tons of services that come under the term cloud storage – online backup, file storage, cloud backup, online storage, etc. In the simplest terms – Cloud storage means a secure virtual space which you can access with any of your device. The data will be in the data-center somewhere safe.

Now, there are plenty of cloud companies that offer data storage services but you need to filter them. Here are the best cloud cloud storage companies which you can use for storing your data…

The Best Cloud Storage Companies

the best cloud storage companies

Microsoft OneDrive

For windows users, Microsoft OneDrive is one of the best cloud storage tools. It’s an easy-to-use and an affordable tool. There are different plans for different needs – the plans are available for individual, family and business i.e, you can pick whatever suits your requirements. In addition, you can access and manage your data from any device. 

What makes using OneDrive great is, with some plans you can get access to other MS Office apps like Word, Excel, etc. That’s a great bonus if you don’t have those tools already. The features it packs are – easy and secure file sharing, offline access – for viewing for files when you’re not connected to the internet, password protection, online viewing of cloud computing, etc. 

Google Cloud

If you (or your company) make use of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) then Google Drive will be included in your subscription already. The Google Drive comes in-built with most of the Android devices. It packs many powerful features and is great for both professional and personal cloud data storage. 

Google Drive packs the following features – it has Desktop, mobile and web-based applications, cloud based streaming is possible, you can set your own accessibility and sharing settings, etc. The free plan offers 15gb of free cloud storage. You can try it out if you haven’t already. 

Apple’s iCloud

While Apple’s iCloud won’t be a popular choice among people who use cloud data storage, it’s worth checking out. If you use Apple devices then it’s among the top choices, as for people who don’t own them it won’t look so attractive. It’s specifically made for the Apple ecosystem, not all can enjoy it to the fullest. 

You get 5Gb storage for free upfront. Later if you like the service you can upgrade to a bigger plan. It’s pretty easy to setup. A few features include – access from any apple device, encrypted storage, file sharing accessibility, etc. You should try it if you use any Apple product. 


IceDrive is one of the upcoming great cloud storage company. When comparing to others in this list, it’s a new one. It has the power of a hard drive with the probability of cloud servers – that’s how most of the users describe IceDrive. 

When you create an account you get 10GB storage for free, if you like the service you can upgrade it. There are many different storage apps for different kind of devices. Some of the features of IceDrive are – password protection, collaboration tools, Client-side Twofish encryption, etc. We recommend it highly. 


If you’re looking for a cloud storage that can be shared with a large number of people then you should take a look at IDrive. With the help of this cloud storage company you can add many users you want and the plans are pretty flexible too. It also depends on the space you need. 

It also has a personal plan if you want to use it for yourself. But it’s the business plan where it rocks. Here are some features that IDrive provides – unlimited device backups, single user and group management, remote management, 24/7 support, etc. It’s great for business. 


Most of the cloud storage companies charge on a monthly – yearly basis. It also factors in the amount of storage you need for your work. This is where pCloud comes with it’s USP of purchasing a lifetime membership. You won’t have to worry about monthly deductions. 

If you want to use cloud storage for a long period of a time then it’s a great choice. Apart from the USP of pay once – use for a lifetime, you also get a wide range of features – automatic syncing, offline access, TLS and SSL protection, built-in audio and video player, etc. You can pay annually or once. It’s up to you. 

Final Thoughts…

Ahoy folks, these were the top companies that you can make use for storing your data online. These were the top ones, the ones we think the best are – Dropbox and Google Drive for mobile and cloud storage. There are many new upcoming companies that are great.

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So, what are your thoughts about these cloud storage companies? Which one of these do you use for storing your files? Do you trust cloud storage? If not, why? Let us know in the comments below…

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