12 Best Cloud Platform as a Service – PaaS Companies

Want to learn about the best Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) companies? We’re here to help. You will get to know about the best PaaS companies here.

Platform based Cloud software is the future, there’s no denying that. It gives you a platform to run, develop and manage your apps over the internet. With PaaS you don’t need to develop your own Cloud infrastructure and just start focusing on developing and launching the app.

When comparing it with other cloud computing models, PaaS is right between IaaS and SaaS. Here you have to pay for virtual server resources as per your needs. There are many different kinds of PaaS solutions. They all differ in scalability, tools, and integrations.

It’s not been a long time since the PaaS solutions business boomed. Still, there are many big giants that have control over the cloud market. Here are some of the very best Cloud Platforms (PaaS companies) you should use for your business…

12 Best PaaS Companies

Best PaaS companies on the internet

Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

Those of you who are new to PaaS products should checkout Amazon Elastic Beanstalk since it is one of the easiest to use cloud platforms out there. You can use it to easily deploy and manage cloud-based resources which can be combined along with Amazon AWS or Amazon Web Services. To use this PaaS platform, you can simply create and upload any application of your choice. Some of the common applications supported by Amazon Elastic Beanstalk include load balancing, auto-scaling, application health monitoring, provisioning, and various others.

Acquia Cloud

Since Drupal is quite popular among PaaS product users, Acquia Cloud has made the perfect cloud platform for such users. With Acquia Cloud, you can easily create, manage, improve, as well as troubleshoot all of your Drupal applications. When compared with other Paas Companies, Acquia Cloud allows you to create and deploy Drupal applications much faster. And thanks to its wide range of features and tools, Acquia Cloud is one of the best PaaS products for all Drupal developers out there whether they are working at an enterprise level or a small freelancer based level.

App42 PaaS

In comparison with other PaaS companies out there, App42 PaaS is quite recent because of which it offers all of the latest features and options to the user. This is a hosting platform for your cloud applications while supporting most of the popular programming languages. Hence, you can focus on your cloud applications without worrying about any of the server-side issues you would find on other PaaS products. Along with cloud applications, App42 PaaS also supports database services like MySQL, Couch DB, Mongo DB, and others. This means that App42 PaaS offers all of the cloud hosting features that you will need.


Bluemix by IBM is one of the largest PaaS companies out there since it is powered by the vast IBM infrastructure of services and apps. With these things at your disposal, you can easily execute your cloud business. Whether you are a small scale business or a large one, scaling your PaaS products with Bluemix becomes quite easy. Bluemix offers various services to its users including but not limited to creating new applications, modifying existing applications, expanding your application databases, and much more.

Amazon AWS

If you know anything about PaaS companies and PaaS products, then it is highly likely that you have heard about Amazon AWS in the past. It is one of the most popular cloud platforms that exist out there. Amazon AWS is considered as an all in one PaaS product because it offers so many services. Some of its common services include computing power, database storage, and management, content delivery, etc. Because it is a product made by Amazon, it keeps adding more features over time making it a highly versatile PaaS product.


BitNami is a cloud platform that works quite well with other PaaS products out there making it highly versatile. With BitNami, you get the support for cloud platforms like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and more. Not only that but you can also easily host and run your applications on the cloud thanks to Bitnami.


Those of you who are looking for PaaS products related to .NET applications should check out AppHarbor. It is the perfect choice for hosting .NET applications on the cloud for both developers and businesses. This is due to the reason that AppHarbor can properly and easily scale all of your cloud applications. You can either do this by using your own tools or the inbuilt tools offered by AppHarbor. If the included features are not enough for you, you can even add more using add-ons.

Cloud 66

As you can tell by its name, Cloud 66 is another great option if you are looking for PaaS companies. With this PaaS product, you get all of the tools that you will need to host your applications on the cloud. Whether it’s creating, developing, deploying, maintaining, expanding, or anything else, Cloud 66 allows you to do it all with its features and options. 


In comparison with other PaaS companies, AppAgile is highly versatile. It is ideal for both cloud-based development as well as business applications. This simply means that AppAgile is highly scalable and once your applications have been developed, they can be scaled into a large-scale business. Another great thing about AppAgile is that you can easily test your applications on the fly making it ideal for new PaaS users. It offers both open sources and pays per use pricing options to the user.


If you are a PHP developer or just want your business to work with PHP, then you should go with Cloudways. It is one of the best PaaS companies made for PHP developers. This is due to the reason that it supports more than 10 PHP based frameworks along with basic PHP support. Once you have created your desired PHP applications, it can be deployed in a short period of time. Cloudways also offers all of the CPU, RAM, and storage resources that your applications will need.


AppFog is one of the fastest PaaS products out there which means that it can help you to save a lot of time. Its cloud platform is one of the fastest despite offering various handy features and options. Speaking of its features, you can easily manage your application code and data whenever you need it. As for other things related to a cloud platform like OS, virtualization, runtime processing, servers, resources, networking, and other things are handled by AppFog resulting in a hassle-free experience. In other words, AppFog allows you to fully focus on your applications without any technical issues.


If you are already managing and running an application but want to move it to the cloud, then Apprenda can be a great option. Apprenda supports most of the popular programming languages and platforms. As a result, you can easily migrate your existing applications to Apprenda. Once your application is up and running on the cloud, you can expect high performance from its services. In comparison with other cloud platforms, Apprenda also has low costs without any IT difficulties.

Final Thoughts…

Ahoy folks, these were the best PaaS companies that you should work with on your next big cloud project. PaaS providers help to monitor, run, and scale your online business to the next level.

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So, did you find the best Cloud Platform service to work with? Which one of these PaaS companies do you like the most? Which one you don’t like? Let us know in the comments below…

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