10 Best Game Torrent Sites – Download PC & Console Games

Are you looking for the best game torrenting sites for downloading and playing your favorite games? Here we have listed the best game torrent sites that will solve your problems…

There are a lot of torrent sites which provide you different games. Why do people still torrent video games? The issue is that the most popular and trending games aren’t cheap. They cost a lot of money. Worst case, for downloading simple story games, you need to check many different game stores. Even then, finding your favorite old game isn’t easy. So for this, the best solution is to download the game from torrent sites.

Finding a good torrent site will be very easy for you because, in this article, we have listed the Best Game Torrent Sites for you. Choose any one of them to download the game you want and play your favorite PC games without spending a high amount of money. Some even provide console games. So scroll down…

Note – If you can’t access some sites, then it may be blocked in your country. You can use a VPN, which hides your IP address and allow you to access all torrent sites safely. The VPN we recommend is NordVPN (it’s the best one). It’s on a sale right now so don’t miss the chance!

Best Game Torrent Sites – Download PC & Console Games

best game torrent sites

“Most of the torrent sites provide pirated copyright content. We discourage the use of pirated content, and this article is for informational purposes only. Make sure the content you are downloading is legal in your country. You’re downloading pirated content at your own risk.”

  1. Fitgirl Repacks
  2. Zooqle.
  3. Skidrow & Reloaded.
  4. 1337X.
  5. Download Game Torrent.
  6. Torrentz2.
  7. GameTrex.
  8. Kickass Torrents.
  9. RARBG.
  10. The Pirate Bay

Now, let’s discuss these sites –

1. Fitgirl Repacks – Best Game Torrent Site

Visit Website

The first site in our list of best game torrent sites is Fitgirl Repacks (Alexa Global Rank – 26009). This site is quite popular among gamers. Fitgirl Repacks is only available to download game torrents. You can easily find games according to the month or by alphabetical order.

Here, you can download a lot of games and enjoy high-quality game torrent. So simply find the game on this torrent site and start downloading the game. We think that this is the best site for downloading games as the repacks are reliable and always working.

2. Zooqle

The next best game torrenting website on our list is Zooqle. Zooqle is a small game torrent site or a new torrent site but still the best for what you want. Sometimes you can find the game which you can’t find on other torrent sites. This site gives you tons of games to download as well as it also allows you to download movies and TV Shows.

You can either search the game you want or by the “Game” category. A site where you find games, as well as TV shows and movies, gives you fun and enjoyment.

3. Skidrow & Reloaded

If you are looking for a newly released game, then you will find the game on this site as soon it is available. Skidrow & Reloaded is a site where you find a direct download link as well as a torrent download link. It is one of the best game torrent download sites, which also share direct download links. The look of this site is also very great, where you find games for PC, Xbox, Mac, and many other devices.

You will also see an upcoming game section on this site that tells about the game you can download from the site in the coming days. In a case, if you can’t find the game you are looking for or the game is not available on the website, then you can also request that particular game. You get a request button feature for your game request. The content on this is site is quite impressive.

4. 1337x.to

In this site, you will find a lot more then what you want. Here, you can find games, movies, music, documentaries and many more easily and quickly. With a well-organized and straightforward layout, it becomes easy for the user to find the content and download it. With an excellent website interface, you find a category for each type of content that makes everything easy for you.

1337X is not only helped you to download the game but also helps if you face any issue regarded as downloading or running a game. Many PC games are very hard to find, but if you search a little bit more, you will find it on this site.

5. Download Game Torrent

This site mainly focuses on the games, so you will find the game you are looking for easily. It updates on daily bases by admins with new torrent links and newly released games. You have to watch ads before torrenting a game because this site relies on advertisements.

Chances of downloading a virus are meager because all the torrent links are approved by the site owners. The owners remove dead links when informed by the user so that you will find most of the links working fine. All the links are approved by the admins or owners, which sometimes make delay in the link of the newly released games.

6. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is another popular torrent website with a simple layout and free to use in which you find a vast amount of content for fun and enjoy such as movies, games, TV shows, and many more.

This site indexes over 60 million torrent links, and you can easily download the game from this site. This torrent site has millions of users, so it is hard to contact admin.

7. GameTrex

GameTrex is the next game torrent download website. This site provides users to download games without any problem, and the category makes it easier for users to find and download games. Download old and latest games on your PC and enjoy it.

If you are a game lover, then you will love this site. In sporadic cases, you do not find your game, but you can put a request for the game. The administrator will upload it ASAP.

8. Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents Alternatives [Similar Sites]

This site offers you a lot of content for entertainment such as games, movies, ebooks, TV shows, and many more. If we talk about its gaming section, it provides thousands of newly released and classic games. If you are looking for a good game torrenting site, then Kickass Torrents is one of them.

This site is popular for providing free PC games to its millions of users. You not only find a game for PC but also for other devices such as Mac, PS, Xbox, etc.


RARBG Proxy / Mirror Sites

The next popular and best game torrent site on our list is RARBG. You will find all types of files such as movies, TV Shows, games, and many more. RARBG is a site where you can share, search, and download torrent files easily. You will also get the information about the date when the torrent link was added and the file size you are downloading.

The website is user-generated, so you will get a lot of links to your content, and the community on this site makes sure to flag any dead links. You can easily download a lot of free PC games with this torrent site. Not only PC games but you can also find games for Mac, Linux, PS, and Xbox.

10. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay Alternatives [Similar Sites]

Whenever we talk about the best game torrent site then The Pirate Bay is always on the list. This site is one of the best and oldest torrenting sites for downloading files. With PC and Console games you also get movies and TV shows. You can find a lot of games for various platforms.

This torrent site is one of the most significant websites and has a vast number of torrent links hosted, which gives you a lot of choices. You may also find some dead links which are not working but they are still present in the site. The site is user-granted so its not sure that you are not downloading any virus or malware. Use this site at your own risk.

The best part is you do not have to view any ads. The Pirate Bay’s domain changes quite often and the website occasionally goes offline.

How to Download PC Games From Torrent Sites

So we discuss best game torrent sites above now we talk about how to download PC games from torrent sites. Sometimes downloading games from the torrent can be tricky. While it isn’t hard, it’s undoubtedly a bit tricky for those who have never done it.

Don’t worry for you we make it easy just follow the steps given below –

1. You need a torrent client application on your device. There are many different torrent applications available for different platforms. I will recommend you to use qBittorrent because it is overall the best torrent client.

2. Now click one of the torrent sites mentioned above.

After your torrent site page is loaded, search for the game you want to download.

3. Once you find the game, you can copy the magnet link or download .torrent files. It will be easy with the magnet link.

4. Now open your Torrent client app and paste the magnet link or upload the .torrent file. Torrent client will now fetch all the necessary details it needs to download the file.

5. In case, you selected the magnet link, it will start automatically. You don’t need to do anything.

6. Wait for a few seconds, your game will start downloading.

After your torrent file is download, you can install the game in the same way you install other games.

Downloading speed depends on the health of your torrent file as well as on your internet speed.

Final Thoughts…

These were the best gaming torrent sites that you could use if you’re a gamer. In case you have the money, it’s always good if you pay for the game if it’s worth the investment. Also, use a VPN while torrenting. It’s important.

So, which of these gaming torrents have you used? What do you prefer – game download sites or gaming torrents? And what’s your favorite game? Let us know in the comments below…

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