RARBG Unblock – Blazing Fast Mirror Sites & Proxy List 2020 (Updated)

If you’re someone who loves watching tv shows and movies you would have certainly heard of the term “RARBG”. It doesn’t mean anything, it’s just the name of a site which is very popular for watching and downloading movies in high quality. RARBG is a fantastic site for movies lovers, it is also a quite old site as it was started way back in 2008. The site still works fine.

The site works like a BitTorrent Tracker, which simply means a server which connects two peers for file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. There are a lot of sites still RARGB is the first choice among users to download movies, there are lots of reasons for this. The main reason that this site is no. 1 is because of the huge collection of torrents and they all provide downloads in full speed.

The main strength of this site is its loyal userbase. Their traffic source mainly consists of returning visitor, they receive more than 1 Billion visitors. That’s an insane amount of number which tells their popularity. More than thousands of torrents are also made daily there. RARBG have a pretty solid community, users can also create threads if they wish. This feature is unheard of on other torrent sites.

There are threads created by users just after the release of any movie, tv shows or software. If you’re into pirating then it’s a heaven, the threads provide the download links of tv shows or movies instantly. In this article we will know more about this site and why is it banned. We will also tell you how you can access this site safely.

RARBG’s History & What’s The Reason For Its Ban?

RARBG Unblock-Proxy-Sites-And-Mirror-Sites

Ok, we are talking about RARBG so it’s a must that we do a brief summary about what the site does if you know about all about the site you can skip to the mirror sites section. RARBG was started in 2008, it’s a site for downloading tv shows, software and movies for free. However, the site doesn’t provide downloads on its own. It just provides magnetic links which host the downloads. Think of it like this – here you will find links from where you can download whatever you wish.

It is blocked┬áin more than 14 countries. The countries from where you can’t visit this site directly are India, United Kindom, Ireland, Australia, UAE, and more. These countries have blocked the website due to copyright rules. It’s not right to pirate stuff on the internet (although we all have done it). Even if these countries block the sites they will always come back stronger.

Most of the times these bans are on ISP level i.e. you won’t be able to visit your site from your internet connection. Your internet service provider will deny access to this site. In Australia, the ban is on an ISP level it started in 2017. These ISPs were supposed to ban RARBG for good, but internet users always find a way. Right?

It’s the same with RARBG, even after the ban users have found loopholes to visit the site and download what they want. There are loopholes in everything. So you might be thinking what are mirror sites? If yes, read below or skip to the mirror site list…

What Are Mirror Sites & How Do They Work?

We get it, we are using the word mirror sites right from the start but what does that even means? You would also be wondering about it so without wasting more of your time here’s its explanation. Mirror sites simply mean an exact replica of one site. These are duplicate sites right from the menu panel to the footer section, everything is the same.

Developers develop these replica sites by copying the files of one website and pasting them into other domains. Everything which one site has the other will also have. The reason behind doing this is simple – they want to provide other sources to download files in case one site goes down.

Some other reasons Developers create mirror sites..

  • The different sites make it easier to handle all the traffic. More sites mean more servers, if a site with this much traffic is on a single server its cost will skyrocket and it will also make the site slow.
  • If the site is banned by the Government, then the users can visit the replica on the mirror site. As the mirror site will be on other domain it will work without any issues.
  • If there are different sites the sites will be faster. It’s because of geographical servers, a mirror site hosted in America will load faster in America than site hosted in Asia.

These were the other three reasons developers create mirror sites. You may be thinking there are only benefits of creating mirror sites but this isn’t the case, there are some cons too. The main issue these sites face is duplication or plagiarism which simply means the same content on many websites. Search engines hate plagiarism, so they won’t get many visitors from Google, Yahoo, Bing! etc.

However, the RARBG site isn’t much affected by it. Like we said they combined get more than a billion visits a month. Sites like these have high user retention and they keep coming back. In addition to that this site has a great community so it isn’t much dependent on search traffic.

Below, we have listed 30 RARBG mirror sites which you can use to download movies. You should check them out after all you came for this…

RARBG UnBlock – The best Mirror Sites For RARBG

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These are 30 RARBG mirror sites which are 100% working, we tested each one and found no broken link. These sites can be accessed from anywhere around the world expect those countries which have blocked the site on ISP level. Don’t worry though, there are many ways to still visit the site and we are going to cover them next.

How To Bypass ISP Level Of RARBG Restriction?

The above list we provided is 100% working, the sites weren’t even blocked for us. So if the sites are blocked for you that may be because of a block on ISP level. This block can be easily bypassed with the help of a VPN. You can use a VPN anywhere you like be it Mobile, PC, Tablet, etc.

You can use any one of these two VPN services to get access to RARBG without getting tracked –


TunnelBear is our go-to VPN service, we use and recommend it our users. It’s a VPN with a great user interface, the design is great. With the help of TunnelBear, no one will be ever able to track you be it the Government, your ISP or anyone else. There are a lost of things we about it, some are – servers across 20 countries, encrypted browsing, etc.


The next VPN we recommend is IPVanish, it’s a great VPN service. What we love most about IPVanish are their amazing features, they have got lots of them. Some of the features are – 60 servers throughout the world, encrypted browsing, no speed issues, etc. They tie with TunnelBear, we love both of them and can’t decide which one is better.

Final Thoughts…

There you have it folks, as promised we told you about the RARBG mirror sites and way to access them without messing up. We also think the RARBG is without a doubt, one of the best torrent sites. The only thing you need to remember is to use a good VPN before accessing a torrent site, the VPN we highly recommend is TunnelBear.

That marks the end of this blog post if you liked our post make sure to share it. Sharing is Caring, right? And, if you’re are facing any problems or are stuck somewhere feel free to ask about them in the comments box. We will try to solve your issue ASAP. Thanks…

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