8 Best VIPLeague Alternatives For Watching Sports Online In HD

VIPLeague AlternativesWhen it comes to online sports streaming there are only a few sites which stand out, one of those sites is VIPLeague. Most of us love watching sports, no matter where we belong to there’s one sport which is loved by all it doesn’t matter if it’s football, cricket, tennis, etc.

With the internet, we can watch sports live from our smartphones, PC or Smart TVs but still the most common platform is watching sports online (maybe after TV). There are many sports streaming sites, we have covered the best ones here. But today we will be talking about VIPLeague and its best alternatives.

It’s a free sports streaming website i.e, you can watch any sport here without paying money to anyone. Here’s what the site looks like –

VIPLeague site

As you can see, the site looks nice and is very clean. Anyone can use it as the sport you want to watch has its category listed out on the homepage. Suppose you want to watch UFC all you gotta do is click on UFC button and you will be sent to UFC Live streaming page. From there you can watch it. Like we said it’s very easy to use.

While the site is great and deserves more, it has its own share of problems. It has lots of ads which can be annoying sometimes, the site streams content which is copyrighted so it can be taken down anytime, etc. Some people look for VIPLeague alternatives because of these reasons.

Many also look for similar sites to know about the alternatives in case something happens to the site. There’s no bad thing in trying to know. Right? So without wasting more of your time, here are some of the best sites similar to VIPLeague. Let’s begin…

8 Best VIPLeague Alternatives In 2019

VIP League Alternatives


Website: http://acestream.org/

AceStreams is a great alternative to VIPLeague which also allows you to watch live sports. But one of the best things about this streaming service is that it is available for both Windows and Android. Because of this, you can easily enjoy your favorite sports matches either on your computer or on the go using your Android device. You can easily go to the AceStreams website and download either the Windows client or the Android one.

But no matter what device you use for using AceStreams to watch live matches, you will have a great experience at the end of the day. It offers high-quality live sports streams which will be appreciated by all AceStream users. Apart from that, the user interface of this service is also quite good and easy to navigate. You will get the same user interface on both Windows and Android.


Website: http://xn--firstrowspors-7vc.eu/

First Row Sports is one of the simplest sports streaming websites available on the internet. It has a user interface which is quite easy to use and very simple in terms of the design. Not only that but you will find all of the important options and menus right on the home page of this website. This allows the user to quickly start watching live sports matches for free.

While this website is mainly popular among football fans, you can also use it for streaming other sports matches. It offers various sports including basketball, rugby, boxing, tennis, baseball, and much more. Due to this, this is the only website that you will ever need for watching live streams of all kinds. The best part about this website is that you can use it on either your computer or your mobile device for streaming sports matches. Not only that but you will also get the same user interface across all of your devices.


Website: http://newsoccer.org/

As the name suggests, NewSoccer is a streaming website which allows you to watch soccer matches. You can use this service to stream any live soccer match of your choice easily. Not only that but this website is quite similar to VIP League in terms of the user interface as well as the features. Due to this, if you have ever used the VIP league streaming service, you will feel right at home. Apart from that, the quality of the stream is also quite good which results in a great match streaming experience.

While this website is mainly aimed at football and soccer viewers, you can also find other sports on this website. This feature will be quite useful for those who watch soccer as well as other sports. One of the most unique features of this website is that it allows you to check the live score. Because of this, you can stay updated with ongoing football matches without actually watching them.

12th Player

Website: http://12thplayer.com/

12th Player is quite a popular football streaming service available for free on the internet. It offers a very simple and straight forward user interface to the user. Because of this, it is quite easy to navigate around this website. Not only that but you can find all of the main options of this website right on the home screen.

You can find a lot of sports live streams on 12th Player ranging between different sports. Not only that but you will also find different sorting and filtering options on this website. Such options can be useful to a lot of users in various ways. These options will help you save a lot of time as well as help you in discovering newer sports streams. But the best part about this website is that no matter which device you are using, you will have the same user interface.


Website: http://stream2watch.co/

Stream2Watch is known for its amazing user interface which makes this sports streaming website stand out. This website looks very nice and much better as compared to all other football streaming services available out there. The user interface of this website will save a lot of time for the user. Apart from that, this website also features various discovery options which will help you further in finding your desired live sports stream.

You can use this single website for watching multiple things like match streams, events, tournaments, and much more. Due to this, Stream2Watch will be liked by hardcore sports fans who want to know everything related to a sport. You will also find a huge list of ongoing sports matches along with their score. In order to watch them, you can simply open any of them and streaming right away. You can easily use this website on any of your devices without any issues.

Tennis TV

Website: https://www.tennistv.com/

VIPLeague is a streaming website which is mainly focused on football viewers. On the other hand, Tennis TV is made for Tennis lovers just as the name suggests. You can easily find all Tennis live streams on this website. And not only that but you can watch these matches on your devices for completely free. Unfortunately, you have to sign up on this website before you can start streaming Tennis matches using your internet connection.

But once you have done that, you will have a great experience watching tennis matches on Tennis TV. It even offers a great user interface to its users which allows you to easily navigate around the website. Not only that but it can even save you a lot of time when finding tennis matches. One of the most unique features of this website is that even allows you to watch past recorded matches. This feature will be appreciated by a lot of users.


Website: http://sportp2p.com/

SportsP2P is the only website that you will ever need for streaming sports using your internet connection. It offers live sports matches streams for almost all of the popular sports out there. Not only that but you can even find sports matches of various languages on this website. Because of this, even non-English speakers can use this website to watching sports without any issues. Another great thing about this website is that it allows you to stream live sports matches in high quality.

Because of this, a lot of people prefer this instead of other ones available out there. Not only that but it even supports various streaming resolutions to the user. As a result, no matter which device you are using, you can easily watch live sports match without any hassles. Not only that but the user interface of this streaming website is also the same across various devices. Due to this, even if you change your devices while streaming, you will not have any issues while watching live sports matches.


Website: https://yololivefootball.com

Coming to the final football streaming website in this article, we have YoloLive Football. This website offers various useful features and options which makes it one of the best alternatives to VIPLeague. YoloLiveFootball has a very easy to user interface and design which will be appreciated by all users. Due to its user interface, even new users can get used to this football streaming service right away. Not only that but the whole design of this website even helps while watching your favorite football matches.

The stream quality of Yolo Live Football is also one of the best out there as it supports HD resolutions. Because of this, you can use this website for watching football matches on any of your devices. Another great thing about this website is that it allows you to watch past recorded matches. Such a feature can come in quite handy to users who have missed a football match but want to watch it afterward.

Final Thoughts…

These were some of the very best VIPLeague alternatives which you can use to watch your favorite sports. However, as good as the site is itself we don’t think you will ever get away from it. If you do, you can visit any of the above websites for watching sports to your heart’s delight.

S0, what are your thoughts about this list? Did you find a good VIPLeague alternative or not? What’s your favorite site on this list? Which site do you often use? Let us know in the comments below…

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