11+ Best Free Sports Streaming Sites [Updated List]

There’s a sports lover in all of us. No matter where we live, what race or religion we belong to, sports is something which brings people around the world together. I also love many sports like Cricket, Football, Professional wrestling, etc. You would also love many sports and can’t afford to miss them at any cost. Right?

We love entertainment. Although, there are many ways to get entertained like watching movies, watching anime, tv series, etc. It doesn’t compare to the fulfillment we achieve by watching sports or watching our favorite team win at the last moment. Like I said earlier, it doesn’t matter what your race, religion or generation is you can enjoy watching sports with anyone.

The craze of watching sports is much with our generation. We have access to the internet which our parents lacked. We can travel around the world and still can’t miss any sport. There are many live sports streaming sites you can use to watch your favorite sport online. Watching any live sports event live is just a click away.

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Today, in this article I will cover some of the best sports streaming sites which are free. There are many sites which work only when you pay a monthly fee. But we will keep those sites to a minimum. Over 80% of sites on this list are free ones. If you don’t want to pay for streaming sports online then free sites are the best choice.

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites – Watch Live Sports Online Free

best Sports STREAMING Websites

Note – Some of the sites present here may be blocked by your ISP or Government. If you’re unable to access any site or want to stream live sports securely you must use a VPN. You can also use free VPN’s if you can’t afford premium ones.

Also, some of the sites may be illegal in your country. You can still watch them with a VPN but do it at your own risk. We won’t be responsible if it’s illegal to stream in your region. So, without further ado, let’s begin…


First up on our list of best sports streaming websites we have SportLemon. It’s a very huge site and has live streaming links of almost every major sport, it’s also one of the most dependable sports streaming websites on this list. While it doesn’t have the best design, the site’s layout is simple and anyone can easily use this site.

What makes this site so amazing is that it contains multiple streaming links i.e, if somehow one streaming link doesn’t work you can try out the other one instantly. The live links can be easily visited through the homepage or there are options in the navigation menu to quickly just to live stream of your favorite sport.

Site URL – SportLemon


LiveTV is one of the only multi-lingual sites on this list i.e, this site is available in more than 4 languages. This site’s user interface is a good one, it’s clean and very easy to navigate. With this site you can easily watch your favorite sports, it covers all of the major sports like football, golf, hockey, swimming, etc.

This site is very popular because it’s available in many languages, the more languages a site has, the more demographics it can reach. I feel it is a good site to watch sports cause everything was easy. You can also watch streaming in various languages. There are some sites which are hard to navigate but LiveTV isn’t one of them.

Site URL – LiveTV


Next up we have one of the most popular sports streaming sites and that site’s name is AceListing. However, there’s a little trick if you want to use this site properly. First of all, you will need to download the AceStream app for Windows. The download link is available in the site. After you download and install AceStream then this site will be useful.

Basically, AceListing is a site used for searching working AceStream links. You will find the working links in this site and when you click on one of them it will open in the AceStream app. If you’re a Mac OS user you will need to copy and paste the link manually. AceStream is one of my favorite apps to watch sports online.

Site URL – AceListing


If you’re living in Asia then you would have certainly heard on Sony Liv. With the help of this website, you can stream any sport of your liking without any hassle as it’s 100% legal unlike other free sites on this list. Sony Liv covers Cricket, Football, Hockey, WWE, Tennis, NBA, etc. There’s something for every sports fan here.

However, it’s not a free site which means you will have to buy a monthly subscription to stream sports online. It’s very cheap and hardly costs 1.5$/month. So if you want to stream content in a legal way then I’d say Sony Liv is one of the best choices. After all, paying 1.5$/month isn’t hard. Right?

Site URL – Sony Live Sports


ESPN is one of the biggest sports news providers in the world. If you’re familiar with any sport and know about ESPN you’d be living under a rock to do so.  Everyone knows ESPN as a sports news provider but only some people know that they can also watch live sports streaming with the help of their website.

With ESPN Watch you can see the live telecast of every major sport throughout the US. However, one thing you should note is this site can only be accessed by the people of the US. If you’re from some other country you should try other sites on this list. If you’re from the US then it’s one of the best choices as it’s 100% legal.

Site URL – ESPN Watch


When it comes to the homepage design, Batman Stream has the best design when compared to other free sites. If you’re a geek like me you will also love the site design. This site not only has the design but it also consists of lots of other premium features. It’s also a free site for which you won’t have to pay anything.

With this site you can stream all of your favorite sports, it covers all the sports around the world. It also has many servers which means you will always get the best experience. There’s also no country restrictions till now so it can be accessed from anywhere around the world. So, go to Batman Stream and enjoy your favorite sport.

Site URL – Batman Stream


CricFree is without a doubt, one of the most successful sites on this list. This site lets you watch high-quality content for free. What I like about this site is that it’s packed with features, there’s no free site on this list which comes close to it. All the sites on this list are good but if I had to rate one as the best then it will be CricFree.

You can stream all major sports like cricket, football, golf, hockey, etc. from this site. Some features I like on this site are – live schedule, chat box, etc. However, there will be some popups on this site which you may find annoying. To get rid of popups from any site on this list you can use Adblockers.

Site URL – CricFree


Unlike other sites on this list which boasts of many heavy features, StreamWoop is a simple site which just gets the work done. This site likes to do the job without being flashy. It has a clean and simple UI which makes it very easy to navigate the site. The site also doesn’t have that many ads. (From what I experienced.)

The sports you can watch from this site are – Golf, Cricket, Football, Rugby, Pro Wrestling, etc. This site is fairly known and popular among streamers who love to watch sports online. If you’re someone who just wants to watch sports without getting distracted by other features then this is the site you should check out.

Site URL – StreamWhoop


Another popular sports streaming website on our list, FromHot is one of the best ones. There are many things I like about the site like it works flawlessly but the best thing about it is the user interface. The UI of this site is clean and simple, it looks good to the eye and is easy to navigate through the site.

The sports you can stream from this site are – Moto GP, Football, Golf and pretty much every sport which is played around the world. This is a completely free website i.e, you don’t need to spend your hard earned money just to watch sports and get entertained. You can access any stream quickly because it has clear navigation.

Site URL – FromHot


HotStar is the ESPN Watch of India, here you can watch any sports you want. It’s owned by the Star Network. I personally use HotStar on a daily basisi to watch IPL matches and cricket series, but it isn’t limited to cricket only. With HotStar you can watch Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, and a lot of many other sports.

Again this isn’t a free site to watch sports. It’s a premium one i.e, you will have to buy monthly or yearly subscription. If you have the money then I recommend it fully. It only costs 15$/year which comes to 1.5$/month. It costs the same as Sony Liv and is 100% legal. I use this site and can’t leave it ever.

Site URL – HotStar Sports


This is the last site on this list and it’s quite a recent one when comparing to other sites. Boss Cast has made a name for itself in the last 3-4 years. Even though it’s more than 6 years old not many people know about this site which isn’t justified as it’s one of the best live sports streaming sites on the internet.

With the help of this site, you can watch more than 10+ sports channel and it covers almost every major sport that’s popular in the US. Streaming on this site is very easy, on the left side you will see a list of channels you can watch & on the right side there’s a chat box to discuss sports. In the middle, you will find the preview of the channel.

Site URL – BossCast

Final Thoughts…

There you have it, my friends, these were some of the best sports streaming sites that you can use. With these sites you will always be able to watch any sports you wish to all you need is a high-speed internet connection else the steam will buffer a lot. I have tested and used all of the sites in this list and can say each works fine.

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You can also comment down your favorite site on this list. If you have any suggestion or queries put them in the comments box. I will try to reply back ASAP. Thanks Again!

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