9 Best Torrent Sites For Downloading Any Torrent [Updated List]

Are you searching for torrent sites for downloading stuff like movies, music, games and much more? This article is for you, here we will cover the best torrent sites which are free and safe to use. You can download anything you want with these sites…

Even if online streaming is one a rise these days, there’s no denying that torrents are still the same as ever. Streaming has slowed down it a bit but hasn’t made any big change as pirates will always pirate stuff.

(We don’t support downloading copyrighted stuff, this article is for informational purposes only.)

Here are some tips for new torrent users – 

  • Stay aware of fake torrent sites. You don’t want a virus or malware on your PC. Right?
  • You will have to use torrent clients to download torrent files.
  • Use a good anti-virus software for better protection.
  • Use a VPN, this way you will remain safe and you won’t be sharing your browsing history with anyone else.

Now, without wasting more of your time here are the best torrent sites that you can use for downloading any kind of files. Let’s begin…

9 Best Torrent Sites [2020 Edition]

Best Torrent Sites


Website: YTS.AM

YTS.AM or Yify is one of the most popular torrent websites out there when it comes to downloading movies. This website has been out there for a long time now. As a result, it offers the largest movie library when compared to other torrent websites. You can find both old as well as new movies on the YTS.AM website. Not only that but the quality of the movies is extremely good. And even if you are downloading an old movie from this website, it offers similar quality.

Apart from having a great collection of movies, the website itself is also quite good. YTS.AM offers a highly interactive user interface to its users. It makes using this website quite easy and fast. YTS.AM is able to do this due to the various browsing options and features it provides to the user. Not only that but the whole design and layout of the YTS.AM website also looks pretty good. The theme and colors of this website are as good as the quality of the movies itself. And the best part about the YTS.AM website is that there it does not even have any ads.


Website: Toorgle

Toorgle is a little different from most torrent websites available on the internet. Instead of offering torrent files, it allows the user to search for torrents on the internet. In other words, it acts as a search engine dedicated to finding torrents to download. And you can use this website to find torrents of all kinds. This website scans for the requested torrents on a large number of websites out there. As a result, Toorqle can be used to easily find torrents that you desire.

Toorgle goes through more than 450 torrent websites to show you search results. Not only that but you can even add filters in your search queries. As a result, finding a torrent file becomes quite quick and easy. Not only that but the search process is further made faster due to the optimized algorithm used by Toorgle. Unfortunately, this website does show a lot of ads to the user which can be quite frustrating. In order to get rid of these ads, you need to install an ad blocker on your device.


Website: EZ TV

As the name suggests, EZ TV is a torrent website made for downloading TV shows. Apart from that, EZ TV can also be used to download movies. But it is mainly targeted at users who want to watch TV shows. This is due to the reason that has a very big media library of TV shows. Not only that but the quality of all the TV shows is quite good. Most of these TV shows are available in high definition resolutions. And this is true for older TV shows available on EZ TV as well.

One of the best things about this website is that it offers a lot of details to the user. On EZ TV, you can find a lot of information about the TV show that you are downloading. This includes various things like IMDB rating, cast, episode list, runtime, and much more. As a result, this feature can save a lot of time of the user while downloading TV shows. Not only that but this also means that you do not have to go to other websites while downloading anything from EZ TV.


Website: Rarbg

Rarbg is perfect for those users who want the best possible quality when downloading movies and TV shows. This website offers uncompressed blurays for almost all of the movies ever released. And since this website uses some private trackers, users also get high download speeds. Even if the torrent that you are downloading only has a few seeders, it can be downloaded from Rarbg without any issues. You can either download the torrent file itself or get a magnet link for the torrent that you want to download from Rarbg.

While the user interface of this website is not anything good to look, it is certainly quite easy to use. You can find all of the navigation and browsing options on the Rarbg website. Not only that but it even offers a search option to the user. It can be used to easily find the torrent that you want to download. Even though this website is primarily made for downloading movies and TV shows, you can also other things on this website. It includes things like games, music, software, books, and much more.

Torrent Seeker

Website: Torrent Seeker

Torrent Seeker is another great option if you are looking for a torrent search engine out there. But when compared to other torrent search engine, this one is a little different. Torrent Seeker some of the best algorithms out there to find the torrent that you are looking for. Apart from directly searching for your query on torrent websites, it also searches for them on Google. As a result, it is able to find many more related results for the torrent that you are looking for.

Torrent Seeker is a recently launched torrent search engine on the internet. As a result, it has a very modern user interface when it comes to the design and layout of this website. Not only that but it also makes this website quite responsive and easy to use. Even if you are new to torrent search engines, you will get used to Torrent Seeker right away. As a result, finding torrent files is a very easy task even for new users on the Torrent Seeker website. Not only that but since there are no ads on this website, the whole user experience is completely distraction-free.

Lime Torrents

Website: Lime Torrents

Lime Torrents is a highly popular and very old torrent website available out there. This torrent website can be used to download all kind of things on your devices. As a result, you can use Lime Torrents for more than just watching movies and TV shows. Lime Torrents has one of the most unique features which is that apart from offering its own torrents, it also acts as a search engine. But you can download any torrent from the search results directly from the Lime Torrents website. As a result, it offers a great balance between torrent search engines and torrent download websites.

Lime Torrents has a very clean and modern user interface. As a result, even though this website is quite old it looks quite good. In fact, it is quite comparable to other torrent websites available out there. But unlike most torrent websites, Lime Torrents does not have any ads while being completely free. This means that you do not have to install an ad blocker on your system before using Lime Torrents.


Website: Torrents.me

Torrents.me is another great option out there for downloading high-speed torrents. This website allows the user to easily find as well as download different kind of torrent files. It is not restricted to just movies or music. Instead, it is a variety torrent website that offers a large number of torrent files to the user. You can find all kind of torrents on Torrents.me including movies, tv shows, games, software, books, documents, NSFW content, and much more. And each of these categories has thousands of torrents to download for completely free.

But the best part about the Torrents.me website has to be its user interface. This website offers a material design theme which makes it look quite good. When compared to most torrent websites out there, it looks way better. Not only that but browsing through the thousands of torrents available on this website is also quite easy.  This is possible thanks to the great user interface of this website. It offers multiple navigations and browsing options to its users. Not only that but you can access these right on the home page which saves a lot of time for the user.


Website: Torrentz2

If you have ever used any torrent website or torrent search engine in the past, then you must have heard about Torrentz2. This website has been around for a very long time. Not only that but it is one of the first torrent search engines ever launched. It is used by almost everyone who uses torrents for downloading different kinds of files for free. Not only that but since this website is quite old, it has a large database of search results. And whenever you search for a torrent, it shows you the results from more than 60 million torrents available on the internet.

Even though Torrentz2 has such a large database of indexed search results, it shows you search results quite quickly. Torrentz2 is able to do this due to the fact that it uses one of the best search algorithms. And it works without any issues for any torrent that you want to download from Torrentz2. Another great thing about the Torrentz2 website is that it offers a great user interface. You will find various filters and sort options in the search results while using this website. These can help you in getting more precise search results while looking for a torrent on Torrentz2.


Website: Zooqle

Zooqle is a recently launched website that allows you to download torrent files of different kinds. Since this website was recently launched, you can find all of the latest features and options that you can expect from a torrent website. Not only that but the user interface of the Zooqle website is also very modern. It makes this website look quite good in terms of its design and layout. All of the buttons and menus on the Zooqle website are easily accessible. Similarly, the color scheme of the whole website also looks very clean and sleek.

But the best part about this user interface face is that makes the website quite easy to use. You can easily find any torrent file that you are looking to download. Another great thing about the Zooqle website is that offers high download speeds to the user. As a result, you can quickly download even large files from the Zooqle website. This is possible due to a large number of seeders available on all the torrents on this website. They offer very good speeds to the user irrespective of the region.

Final Thoughts…

These were the best torrent sites that you can use. If you ask us, the best one of these currently is YTS.AM after that, The Pirate Bay is good. TBP would have been at the top of best torrent sites but from some times it’s facing issues. If you can access The Pirate Bay it’s the best one.

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