Best Roku Private Channels [Updated List With Codes]

Roku Private ChannelsRoku is a great streaming device. There’s no denying in that but most of the people still don’t know about it. In short – as I said, Roku is a streaming device which can be connected to any TV to stream unlimited online content. There are more than 5000 channels in Roku so if you’re a streamer you must check it out.

Now here comes the tricky part, there are many channels on the official Roku store. It consists of both free and premium Roku channels. But there are some channels which are not available on the official store yet allow you to get the most out of this device.

Yes, it’s possible to integrate Roku with third-party channels and this article will cover the best private channels on Roku. In case you don’t know. So without wasting more of your time here are the best Roku Private channels…

Best Roku Private Channels To Install Right Now

Roku Private Channels

Nowhere TV (H9DWC)

Nowhere TV is a very old and quite popular private channel available for Roku out there. Since this private channel is quite old, its media library is quite large. You can find a large collection of audio and video podcasts on the Nowhere TV channel. Its users can find a wide range of media of different categories on this channel for Roku. As a result, As a result, Nowhere TV offers something for everyone and you will have a great time using this private channel on Roku.

Various media names like ABC, CBS, PBS, BBC, NBC, HBO, etc have their media available on the Nowhere TV channel. Apart from news, you can even find sports-related content on this Roku private channel. It offers content related to things like MLB, NHL, and motorsports to the user. And you will get all of this for completely free on your Roku using Nowhere TV.

Roku Movies (zb34ac)

As per the name, Roku Movies is a great private channel for Roku if you want to watch movies. This private channel offers a large library of movies. Not only that but you can even find some of the most popular TV shows on this website. But the best part about this private channel is that it offers both old as well as new movies. There are a lot of vintages and classic movies available on the Roku Movies channel.

You can find movies of all genres on this website including action, horror, comedy, thriller, romance, drama, and much more. Roku Movies can be a great pick for Roku users no matter what kind of movies they watch. All of the movies available on Roku Movies are uploaded in high definition resolution. Due to this, you can use it on any of your devices without worrying about the quality.

Wilderness Channel (FL821095)

Wilderness Channel can be a great pick for those users who like to watch wildlife shows. It is the perfect Roku private channel for those who watch Animal Planet and National Geographic. Apart from having some of the best wildlife and nature shows, this channel even has live broadcasts. Not only that but it even features content on demand. Due to this, Wilderness Channel is the only Roku private channel that you need for watching wildlife.

Wilderness Channel also gets updated every now and then. As a result, you can always find more and more shows on this website to watch. And the streaming quality of Wilderness Channel is also quite good. Some of the shows are even uploaded in high definition and can be streamed on Roku without any buffering issues.

Relax Time (VRQHQ)

If you have a large-sized TV placed in your living room, then Relax Time can be a great Roku channel. This Roku private channel offers a wide range of backgrounds for your TV. It essentially plays video and audio loops on your TV which can serve as a backdrop in your living room. And as the name suggests, these backgrounds can offer a relaxing ambiance in your living room. There are a lot of such background videos available on YouTube for TVs. But going through these can be quite a time consuming and frustrating process.

Thankfully, that is not the case with Relax Time private channel for Roku. You can just open this channel via Roku on your TV in the background. And it can show various backgrounds on your TV that look in any living room. The videos offered on Relax Time are of different lengths some of which are even few hours long. As a result, you can leave this private channel running on your TV without worrying about it.

Bloomberg TV+ (BTVPLUS)

Bloomberg is one of the largest names when it comes to the news channel on TVs. And Bloomberg TV+ allows you to watch all Bloomberg news shows on your Roku. This private channel for Roku can be used for watching both live as well as past news. Not only that but you can even find videos on demand on Bloomberg TV+. The Bloomberg TV+ private channel for Roku covers news shows of all categories.

You can easily find business news, finance news, daily reports, documentaries, and much more on it. In other words, Bloomberg TV+ offers news streams for all kind of viewers out there. And since Bloomberg TV+ is completely free to use, it can be a great pick if you want to watch news using Roku.

The Silent Movie Channel (ROLLEM)

The Silent Movie Channel offers one of the largest libraries of old and classic movies. Since vintage movies did not have any audio, this private channel for Roku is called The Silent Movie Channel. Even though a lot of movies offered by this channel are quite old, they offer a very respectable quality. While it is not as good as the latest movies out there, it is still good enough for streaming on Roku.

The Silent Movie Channel offers most of the popular vintage movies of various genres. Due to this, there is something for everyone on this private channel for Roku. It features action, comedy, thriller, romance, drama, horror, sci-fi, and various other kinds of movies to the user. But the best part about The Silent Movie Channel is that is completely free to use. Therefore, if you use Roku and love to watch vintage movies, then you should definitely try out this private channel.

MultiLive (DNLMPK)

MultiLive is another popular private channel for Roku available out there. It is also known as among Roku users around the world. Unlike other Roku private channels mentioned in this article, MultiLive offers various kinds of content. As per the name, you can find multiple live TV channels on this private channel for Roku. Most of the TV channels offered on MultiLive are of European origin. Therefore, if you watch European TV Channels, then you should definitely try out MultiLive.

Another great thing about this private channel is that it can be accessed from anywhere. This means that even if you are not European, you can still watch TV shows using this. It covers TV channels from many countries like England, France, Germany. Netherlands, and much more. But the best part about all of this is that the TV channels are live. So, you can watch TV shows without missing any episodes.


Redbull does not need any introduction for those of you who are into adventure sports. And Redbull TV is a private channel for Roku that allows you to watch various sports. But it does not show any of the mainstream sports like cricket and football. Instead, you can find other adrenaline-filled sports on Redbull TV. It offers things like motorsports, stunt plane racing, F1 races, skiing, rally, MTB, and even epsports matches. And you can use Redbull TV to watch all of these sports right on your Roku.

Apart from showing you live sports matches, you can even use Redbull TV for enjoying past record matches. As a result, it is a great pick for adventure sports enthusiasts out there. Any of the sports out there which are sponsored by Redbull are available to watch on Redbull TV. Not only that but using this private channel on Roku is completely free of charge.

iTunes Podcasts (ITPC)

iTunes Podcasts can be a great option for Roku users who do not want to install iTunes. This private channel for Roku offers one of the best ways to listen to podcasts using Roku. It essentially offers you all of the podcasts available on iTunes. But you do not have to pay for any subscriptions while using iTunes Podcasts on your Roku.

It even provides the user with various browsing options to easily find all podcasts available on this channel. You can browse through podcasts by using options like top podcasts, the latest podcasts, trending podcasts, and much more. In other words, this free to use podcast channel for Roku offers a great user interface. And any user can start using this on Roku without any issues.

SpaceTime Free (CN6MRTG)

SpaceTime Free is a private channel for Roku that offers astronomy content. You can find a large library of documentaries and TV shows related to space in this channel. All of the media available on this private channel for Roku is offered by various space agencies. NASA is one of the major space agencies supporting this private channel. Due to this, SpaceTime Free does not require any subscription for using on Roku. Not only that but the streaming quality offered by this channel is also pretty good.

Most of the media uploaded on this channel is available in high definition. It works on various devices and platforms without any issues. You can watch it on your computer as well as your mobile devices. SpaceTime Free offers various categories related to space and astronomy. You can learn everything about the space using this private channel on Roku.

Update My Channels (UpdateMyChannels)

Update My Channels is one of the most unique private channels mentioned in this article. Instead of offering media to stream on Roku, Update My Channels is used to update your other channels on Roku. Manually updating all of the private channels on your Roku can be quite time-consuming. Not only that but you might not even find updates for all of your channels. And this is where the Update My Channels private channel comes into play.

It automatically updates all of the channels added on your Roku without any hassle. Not only that but it supports all of the major Roku channels out there. As a result, it is highly compatible and works flawlessly on all Roku setups. Since this tool is quite easy to use for updating private channels on Roku, you should definitely try it out. And this tool is also free to use if you are wondering.

Nowhere Coin (nowherecoin)

Nowhere Coin is a great private channel cryptocurrency investors. Prices of most cryptocurrencies out there like bitcoin and litecoin keep fluctuating. when it comes. As a result, keeping an eye on its price is quite important. And this is where Nowhere Coin comes into play.  It allows you to monitor all data related to cryptocurrencies using Roku. Nowhere Coin allows you to monitor cryptocurrency prices on your TV easily.

Nowhere Coin offers a great user interface to the user that offers all details regarding the major cryptocurrencies out there. Due to this, Nowhere Coin is quite easy to use. All Roku users can use this tool without any issues. You can open this on your TV as a screensaver using Roku. Once you have done that, it displays prices at all times. There is additional info related to cryptocurrencies in Nowhere Coin as well.

Final Thoughts…

This marks the end of this article. We hope that you found a channel of your liking. These were the very best private Roku channels that you can use for watching the content of your heart’s delight. After all, platforms like Roku must be used to their full potential.

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There’s one thing to note – streaming through these private channels is quite risky. You should use a VPN when you’re streaming these private channels. The VPNs we recommend are – Tunnelbear, NordVPN, etc.

So, which is your favorite private Roku channel among these? Did you know about them before? Did we miss any of them? Let us know in the comments box. Cheers!

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