15 Best Cartoon Camera Apps (Android & iPhone)

Looking for the best cartoon camera apps for transforming your pictures into cartoons? If yes, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will cover the best apps by which you can cartoon yourself!

Cartoons are a part of everyone’s childhood. They remind us of the times we would be happy by just watching the shows. Not only that, just by looking at them we would happy. Those were the good old days.

Some of us like to transform our photos into cartoons. There are apps that give you the power to exactly do so in just a few seconds. Here we have listed the best cartoon camera apps that you’ll love. Let’s begin…

15 Best Cartoon Camera Apps [2020]

Sketch Me!

Website: Sketch Me!

Sketch Me is one of the easiest to use apps available for smartphones for creating cartoon photos. As the name suggests, this photo simply turns your photos into a sketch. But it allows the user to change various settings and add various effects. As a result, you can easily create cartoon photos using this app. You can either choose a photo from your gallery or take a new one. This app can be a great option who want to quickly make a cartoon photo without much hassle.


Website: Meing

Most of the cartoon camera apps out there create a 2D cartoon image. While this is quite cool, some users want more from their smartphones. And this is where the Meing app differs from other cartoon apps. It allows the user to easily create a 3D avatar of themselves. This app is quite similar to Apple’s Animoji but much easier to use. Once you have created your own 3D avatar using this app, you can easily play around with it. Not only that but Meing users can even record videos and share them on social media using the Meing app.

Moment Cam

Website: Moment Cam

Moment Cam is a great app for creating cartoons and stickers on your phone quite easily. This means that once Moment Cam users have created a cartoon, sharing it with their friends is quite easy. The stickers made using this app can be easily shared with others. As these stickers are supported in various messaging apps, a lot of users will appreciate them. And you can use this app to convert an existing image or take a new one for making cartoon stickers. Apart from this, it even allows the user to customize the sticker due to the various available options.


Website: Prisma

Prisma is one of the most popular image effects available for smartphones. And if you also edit photos on your smartphone, then the chances are that you have heard about Prisma in the past. While it offers various effects and filters, the primary one gives your images a cartoonish look. As a result, you can create artistic looking cartoon images of yourself quite easily. This app offers more than 300 filters to the user which can be quite handy. Due to all of these filters, you can use Prisma for more than just creating cartoon images on your smartphone. Although, if you create a cartoon image, Prisma allows you to share it on social media quite easily.


Website: iCartoonizer

As the name suggests, iCartoonizer simply converts your images into a cartoon. And this app can be a great option for those who do not want any advanced features. Instead of offering obsolete options to the user, iCartoonizer is a straight forward app. You can find more than 100 filters in this app all of which convert your image into a cartoon. Due to these filters, you can create cartoon art right on your smartphone without any issues. Apart from converting your images into a cartoon, you can also find basic editing options and tools in this app. As a result, iCartoonizer is a great overall editing app for your smartphone.

Bobble GIF

Website: Bobble GIF

While most of the cartoon apps out there make an image, that is not the case with Bobble GIF. As you can expect from its given name, Bobble GIF creates GIFs. And these GIFs are simply cartoon versions of any video that you give to this app. Due to this, you can also create a cartoon GIF of your self by picking a video from the gallery or making a new one. Not only that but the whole GIF creation process of this website is quite easy. Once you have made a cartoon GIF of yourself, you can then share it with others using the Bobble GIF keyboard.

ArtistA Cartoon

Website: ArtistA Cartoon

ArtistA Cartoon is an app for smartphones that can be used to create artistic images. And as you would expect, these artistic images have a cartoonish look to them. You can either take an image of yourself from the image or pick one from the gallery. And once you have selected an image, the ArtistA Cartoon app offers various filters and editing options. As a result, you can easily create unique looking images using this app. One of the best things about the ArtistA Cartoon app is that you can easily share the created cartoon images with your friends.

Cartoon Yourself

Website: Cartoon Yourself

This smartphone app is quite self-explanatory as you can understand by its name. You can use this app to easily make a cartoon image of yourself. And doing this on your smartphone is quite easy to do using this app. It allows the user to pick an image from the gallery or take a new one. Once you have done that, you can choose a cartoon effect of your choice. Since this app offers a large number of filters, you can easily create unique looking cartoon photos. Once you have selected a Cartoon Yourself filter, this app will automatically save the artistic cartoon image to your gallery.

Cartoon Photo Editor

Website: Cartoon Photo Editor

The Cartoon Photo Editor app offers a great balance between a cartoon maker app and a photo editor app for your smartphone. You can find a lot of cartoon filters in this app along with multiple editing options. As a result, the Cartoon Photo Editor is the only app that you will have to use on your smartphone for making cartoon photos. Another great thing about this app is that you can even customize the cartoon filters as per your requirements. Once you have selected and applied a Cartoon Photo Editor filter, it creates a great looking cartoon image in the end. And you can also easily share cartoon images with others that have been created using this app.

Photo To Cartoon Yourself Edit

Website: Photo To Cartoon Yourself Edit

Photo To Cartoon Yourself Edit is one the easiest to use and straight forward cartoon apps out there. As its name suggests, this app allows the user to easily create a cartoon image of yourself. You can either take a new selfie within this app or choose an image from your smartphone’s gallery. Once Photo to Cartoon users have done that, they can then select a cartoon filter from the various options offered by this app. It also allows you to change the contrast as well as the contrast of your image before saving it. At last, you can easily generate a cartoon image of yourself using this app.

Painnt – Art & Cartoon Filters

Website: Painnt – Art & Cartoon Filters

Painnt – Art & Cartoon Filters is a great artistic photo editing app available for smartphones. As you would expect, you can use this app to easily create cartoon images. But unlike traditional cartoon camera apps, this one gives an artistic touch to your photos. One of the best things about the Painnt app is that it is quite easy to use. Even if you are new to such editing apps, you can use all of the advanced features of the Painnt app without any issues. As a result, you can create great-looking cartoon photos without any issues.

Cartoon Selfie Camera

Website: Cartoon Selfie Camera

Most other cartoon camera apps mentioned in this article edit your photos after you have taken them. Due to this, you might not be able to compose your photo properly. And this is where the Cartoon Selfie Camera app comes into play. As you can expect from the Cartoon Selfie Camera name, it is a selfie camera app with cartoon filters. But these cartoon filters are shown in real-time. Due to this, taking a cartoon photo of yourself becomes quite easy. You can also adjust the cartoon filter that you are using with your image. And sharing your photo with your friends after taking a selfie is quite easy as well.

Cartoon Photo Filters – Coolart

Website: Cartoon Photo Filters – Coolart

Cartoon Photo Filters – Coolart offers a wide range of cartoon filters to its users. As a result, you can easily create a unique looking cartoon image in this app. You can also find a lot of artistic filters in this app which will be appreciated by a lot of users. But unlike other cartoon filter apps out there, this one is quite easy to use. Even if you are new to such apps, you can start using it right away without any issues. This is all possible due to the great user interface of this app which is quite simple and easy to use.

Cartoon Face Animation Creator

Website: Cartoon Face Animation Creator

As you can imagine by its name, Cartoon Face Animation Creator is a smartphone app that can be used to create cartoon animations. You can have a lot of time while playing around with this app on your smartphone. This app allows you to create various kinds of animations right on your smartphone without any issues. And even if you do not know how to make animations, using this app is quite easy. You can easily create cartoon animations of yourself by recording a video of yourself. And once that is done, you can share the animation with others as a GIF file.


Website: Clip2Comic

Clip2Comic can be used to create cartoon versions of both images as well as videos. And it offers the same effects and filters for both of these. As a result, you can use this single app for creating cartoon videos and images on your smartphone. It even includes video editing features that can be used to create a cartoon movie out of images and videos stored on your smartphone. And doing all of this is quite easy if you are using the Clip2Comic app on your smartphone. After creating an animated video or image, you can easily share it on social media using the Clip2Comic app.

Final Thoughts…

We hope that you found a good cartoon camera app that suits your needs. These apps work on both Android and iPhones. Let your imagination turn into a reality with the help of these apps.

These apps will produce so good cartoon pictures of yourself that you will be able to make your friends laugh on social media. After all, what’s the fun of keeping funny pics to yourself.

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