GogoAnime Alternatives: Similar Sites To Watch Anime Online In 1080P

GogoAnime is one of the well-known anime streaming websites. If you’re someone who loves watching Japanese anime then I’m 100% you would know about the site. Of course, you know about it that’s why you have come here to look for its alternatives. And, today we will be covering the best GogoAnime alternatives you can use for watch Anime in 1080p.

But before we start to talk about the alternatives we should tell you about the site (it’s for those who don’t know about the site, those of you who know about it can skip to the alternatives if you want).

So what’s so special about the site – GoGoAnime?

What makes GogoAnime unique from other anime sites is that it’s one of the best looking and user-friendly sites around. There’s not much to differentiate between these sites as the content which is videos will always be the same so only the design and UI can separate them from each other.

On GogoAnime you will find any anime you want to watch whether it’s subbed or dubbed it doesn’t matter as they have a huge catalog. the content is nicely organized in the site and yellow and a bit of green color makes the site a joy to the eye. You also get the latest anime episodes and movies on a timely basis.

Here’s what the site looks like –


No matter how good the site is, everything has flaws. GogoAnime is no exception! The site goes down on a regular basis whenever there’s a copyright strike, there are a few annoying popup ads, some people just don’t like it.

Therefore, here are some of the best GogoAnime alternatives if you too want to try out another anime watching site –

Best GogoAnime Alternatives

GogoAnime Best Alternatives


Website: http://kissanime.ru/

KissAnime is one of the most popular streaming websites out there if you want to watch anime. It offers various useful features as well as a great user interface which makes it a great alternative to GogoAnime. Not only that but the streaming quality of this website is also pretty good. The streaming quality is almost as good as some paid options like Crunchyroll. It offers high definition resolutions for many Anime series present on this website.

Talking about Anime series, KissAnime has one of the biggest anime libraries on the internet. As a result, you can easily find all of your favorite Anime series on this website. Apart from that this website also offers a mobile version which can be quite useful for many version. This mobile version offers a user interface that is quite easy to use on mobile devices. Not only that but this website can also run on your mobile data even if the bandwidth is slow.


Website: https://www.kuraoani.me

KuroAni is a GogoAnime alternative that features both anime series as well as anime movies. Most of the anime streaming website on the internet only have anime series. Not only that but this website can also be used for watching cartoon shows as well. As a result, this website is preferred by a lot of users because of its media library. But the best part about this website is that it is completely free to use.

Not only that but users do not need to register on this website for enjoying anime series. Instead, you can start watching your favorite anime series right away without any issues. Apart from this, the user interface of this website is also quite good. It allows you to filter the anime series present on this website according to the various available options. As a result, you can quickly find your favorite anime as well as discover new content on the KuroAni website.


Website: https://www.masterani.me

Masterani is another great option available on the internet if you want to stream anime movies and series in high resolution. It supports various high definition quality settings that can work on various devices ranging from mobile devices to TVs. Not only that but another great feature of this video is that you can switch your stream provider. This means that if you are facing any issues with the anime stream, you can switch the server.

In other words, Masterani will start streaming from other servers that are working without any issues. It offers various streaming providers like mp4upload, open load, stream mode, stream mango, and much more. And users get the option to use either of these. Not only that but this website also offers both subbed and dubbed anime. And if you want to add subtitles of any other language, then you can also do that using Masterani.


Website: http://www1.chia-anime.com/

Chia-Anime is another great alternative to GogoAnime as it offers a very similar anime streaming experience. Even though the user interface of this website is a little outdated, it is still used by a lot of users. This is due to the large media library of Chia-Anime. It features both old as well as some of the latest Anime shows. Apart from that, you can either download or stream any Anime series of your choice from this website.

The downloaded anime episodes from this website get stored as an MP4 file on your computer. As a result, you can easily watch them without an internet connection on any device of your choice. One of the best things about Chia-Anime is that it has an active Facebook page. You can use this page for requesting any new features or for reporting bugs and issues. Overall, ChiaAnime offers a great anime watching experience on any of your devices.

Gaze Anime

Website: http://www.gaze-anime.com/

If you are looking for a website that allows you to easily stream anime series, then Gaze Anime can be a great option. You can use this website for watching your favorite anime series for completely free. Not only that but you do not even have to register or sign in on this website for watching anime. Instead, you can use this website for quickly starting any anime stream of your choice. One of the most unique features of this website is that offers official merch.

In other words, you can buy Gaze Anime branded clothing and apparel items from its store. Unfortunately, this website does not work properly for all regions around the work. In such a case, you can try using a VPN website that allows you to access this website without any issues. Another great thing about Gaze Anime has to be its user interface that is quite easy to use. You can save a lot of time by using Gaze Anime due to its highly responsive user interface.


Website: http://www2.animeheaven.xyz/

Anime Heaven offers a lot of useful features and options that are quite useful and make it one of the best GogoStream alternatives. You can use this website for watching anime streams in high quality. Not only that but this website is also completely free to use for watching around. Apart from that, you can als0 find one of the best user interfaces in this website which is quite useful. It allows the user for finding new content on this website from its vast media library. Not only that but all of the anime series and shows in this article are of high quality. And if you have ever used GoGo alternatives, then you should definitely try this one. All of the old, as well as new anime series on this website, are well organized.


Website: http://www.otakustream.tv/

OtakuStream is one of the most popular websites on the internet for watching anime movies as well as anime shows. It even offers content under various genres like comedy, drama, romance, action, thriller, etc. Not only that but OtakuStream even offers a streaming website called HitAnime. This app can be used for watching or downloading anime shows on your mobile devices. But the best part about this app is that it has a very similar user interface to the computer version. As a result, even if you keep switching them, you will not face any issues regarding the user interface.


Website: http://www2.animestreams.net/

AnimeStreams is quite simple and easy to use which makes it a great streaming website. While the user interface of this website is quite simple, it offers a great streaming experience. It is one of the best alternatives to GogoAnime due to its vast media library. You can find both dubbed as well subbed anime shows on this website. A lot of users appreciate this feature who might watch only either of these. Apart from that, you can also find both old as well as new Anime shows on this website.

One of the best features of AnimeStreams is that it offers multiple links for a single anime episode. Due to this, even if one of the streaming links is not working, you can use the others for enjoying anime shows. Such a feature can be quite useful if some of the streaming links are not accessible in your region. Because of all these features, AnimeStreams is preferred by a lot of users as an alternative to GogoAnime.

Anime Stuck

Website: http://animestuck.me

Anime Stuck is one of the oldest anime streaming websites available on the internet. If you have ever used GogoAnime, you feel right at home while using this website. This is possible due to all of the features and options this website offers you. Not only that but it even has a very similar user interface to GogoAnime. Apart from that, this website offers a lot of Anime shows and series. You can watch any of these using Anime Stuck for absolutely free.

Even though this website is free to use, the streaming quality is quite good. You can use this website even on a 4K UHD TV without any quality issues. Another great thing about this website is that you can even download anime episodes on your computer using this website. And once you have done that, you can watch them even without an internet connection.

Final Thoughts…

These were some of the best GogoAnime alternatives that you can use currently for watching anime online. While the GogoAnime site’s enough on its sometimes it gets bad (although it’s rare). Watching Anime isn’t as hard as it was a few years back and with these sites, it’s now way easier

Most of these GogoAnime alternatives allow you to watch anime without registering an account. You can just go to the site and start watching. So, which your favorite site on this list? Do you use GogoAnime for watching anime? If not, which site do you use? Let us know in the comments box.

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