How To Do A Stolen Car Registration and Insurance

Are your car registration and insurance stolen? Don’t you know what to do? If you’re concerned about these then we are here to help. Here you will know what to do if some thief broke into your car…

Car theft can happen to the best of us. There are many bulgers always looking for looting someone’s car. Sometimes they steal many important documents too, and then it becomes way too serious. Let’s see what you can do of a stolen car registration and insurance.

Stolen Car Registration and Insurance – What you should know!

Stolen Car Registration and Insurance

If somehow you get your car registration and insurance card stolen – the first thing to do is to to file a report in the police office. The police repost should have all the necessary details like time, date, location and the list of documents stolen. If someone tries to make use of your stolen documents then you should also let the police know.

We advise you to make a copy of your car registration and insurance as these are important documents. In case they get stolen you will be able to make a copy of these right away. When your insurance gets stolen – report it to your insurance provider, tell them what happened and get a new insurance card. Stolen car registration and insurance is a grave issue.

What to do if your registration card gets stolen?

In case your car registration gets stolen – you will have to inform your state’s DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) regarding the theft and then get a replacement document. How long the replacement of document will take depends upon – if it’s a license plate or sticker on the plate then it will take a very long time however, it it’s a small document you have have any issues with the law enforcement.

What you should remember is – that state guidelines vary on how you should report and getting the required document replacement. Example – In NY you must go to a police station, then fill the MV-78B form (Report of Lost or Stolen Motor Vehicle Items). You can get this form only from the NY police, you can’t get it from DMV. When the authorities report the stolen documents you won’t be charged a fee for replacing the said documents. After that, you bring the MV-78B form to the DMV office, follow the required instructions that they have listed online. That’s all you need to do in New York.

If you compare this to other states, say California. What you need to do here is to just apply with CA DMV for a copy of your registration being stolen. It’s very important that you contact your local DMV and follow their guidelines as it’s different for every state. When you do all these things getting duplicates of your car registration and insurance won’t be a pain.

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How Do Thieves Target Your Vehicles…

Most of the time people think that having a car lock, car-alarm or anti-theft device will save the car. But that isn’t true, a good thief will always find a way. These things still help tho. Here are other ways Vehicle thieves would use to steal your car –

Steal Your Car Keys

The number one target for any car thief is your car keys. If someone gets your car keys then that person will have full access over your car. It’s the most important thing you should try to keep safe. Suppose a thief gets your car keys – he can easily undo the alarm, disable the anti-theft system and run away with your car.

How to keep your car keys safe…

In order to keep your car keys there are a few things that you will have to do. Always keep track of your car keys, do not leave them on any counter, don’t leave them with your children, etc. Also when you are at home – don’t keep those keys near the front door. Thieves these days are pretty good with the high tech, they use tech for stealing so don’t underestimate them.

Copy Your VIN Number

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) can be seen from the front of your car’s windshield. Most of the thieves when walking down the street just write it down when you’re not around. After that, they forge it or apply for a duplicate for using on a stolen vehicle.

How to prevent this from happening…

The easiest way to be safe from this is to place a paper over your VIN from the inside. The thief won’t be able to see it and you can easy show it to authorities when needed.

Steal Your Purse, Briefcase or Wallet

The classic thieves look for you wallet or purses. Most of us store our important things in the wallet, that makes it a prime target. Some people even store their car keys in wallets. You must take care of your purse all the time, with your wallet you can even get your car stolen (which isn’t good).

These are the top things thieves look for in your wallet –

  • Cash, ATM, credit cards, etc.
  • Driving license and passports.
  • Banking details and other important stuff.

How to prevent this…

Don’t ever leave your wallet anywhere, even in a locked vehicle. Whenever you leave your car, make sure all of your valuables are with you. Don’t be reckless, most people think that it can’t happen to them. Stolen car registration and insurance are some of the most commonly reported crimes in the USA.

Take Your Car Plates

Some of the bizarre-minded thieves will try to steal your aluminum license plates. To be honest – all they need to do is to unscrew them and put it on a stolen vehicle.

How to prevent this…

You should purchase plate lockers – these come with tamper-proof bolts. Special kind of tools are needed to unscrew them and it takes a bit of time. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Final Thoughts…

Driving permit and auto insurance are the most important of your documents and you should preserve them at any cost. There are 2 things that can happen if a thief gets them.

  1. If they steal the insurance they can make a fake insurance claim.
  2. If they get the driving permit they can ship a stolen vehicle out of the country.

You won’t want any of these to happen as it will land you in legal trouble. Prevention is better than cure. You should be safe from your side.

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