25+ Best Minecraft Mods That You Must Use [Updated List]

Are you looking for the Best Minecraft Mods? If yes, then you’re not the only one searching for this. There are lots of people like you who want to get their hands on some Minecraft mods for tweaking the game to their heart’s delight.

There’s no denying in that Minecraft is one of the best games of all times. FYI, it’s the best selling video game of all time. Millions of players tune in to the game on a daily basis. If you’re into gaming and haven’t heard of Minecraft then you don’t know much about gaming. It’s a game where you can build anything with blocks. (That’s the simplest explanation we have for this game!)

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While the game is great in itself, using Mods allow the players to have no limitations. It’s all about your creativity! So, without wasting more of your time here are the best Minecraft Mods that you must try out…

25 Best Minecraft Mods To Use [ Latest ]

Best Minecraft Mods

Journey Map

Website: Journey Map

One of the first things that can happen in Minecraft is getting lost. This survival game does not have any map. As a result, many players have issues getting back to their home. Thankfully, you can install the Journey Map mod in Minecraft on your computer. Once you have installed Journey Map, you will be able to see all the places where you have been. Not only that but you can even mark places on the map. This can be helpful for marking and finding several mines.

Fastcraft / Optifine

Website: Fastcraft / Optifine

Even though Minecraft is not a resource-heavy game, some users can have issues playing it. This can be faced by users with older computers. In such a case, you can try installing the Fastcraft mod. Also known as Optifine, it makes Minecraft even on older systems. It is able to do so by reducing the graphics of the game by a large margin. Not only that but it even replaces the textures of the game. As a result, Minecraft will run smoothly on your computer.

Twilight Forest

Website: Twilight Forest

Twilight Forest offers a great adventure experience within the Minecraft forests. It modifies various aspects of the Minecraft map. As a result, you get to roam around dark forests just like Twilight. Not only that but you also get to fight monsters in the forests. This Minecraft mod also includes other places like glaciers, groves, mazes, and much more. Overall, it offers a great adventure experience in Minecraft to the user.

Dungeon Pack

Website: Dungeon Pack

If you like to play games dungeons and dragons, then this Minecraft mod is just for you. It adds a lot of cool dungeons to the Minecraft map. And you can go into all of these dungeons and have a great time roaming them. Not only that but it offers a very different gaming experience within Minecraft. As a result, it is a great pick if you want to try out something different within Minecraft. The Dungeon Pack mod is quite similar to various other dungeon games out there.


Website: Botania

As the name suggests, Botania is a Minecraft mod related to plants and trees. It adds extra flowers and plants in your game. And you can then grow all of these new plants and trees in Minecraft. Not only that but some of these plants even offer extra functionality in the game. Some of these plants can be used for healing while some can be used for eating. But the best part about these plants is that they come in shapes and sizes. As a result, they look quite good making them perfect for roleplayers.

The Lost Cities

Website: The Lost Cities

The Lost Cities is another adventure mod available for Minecraft. This mod will add a largely abandoned city to your Minecraft server. You can them roam around in different buildings in the post-apocalyptic city. It adds a large number of buildings including skyscrapers, factories, roads, and much more. Not only that but you also get to fight characters in this mod for Minecraft. As a result, you will have a great time playing around with this mod.


Website: Millenaire

Millenaire is a Minecraft which makes you a millionaire in the game. It replaces a large part of your server’s map with a whole new location. All of the resources get changed to wealthy counterparts which can be collected by the player. Not only that but the villagers are turned into children in the Millenaire mod for Minecraft. The whole theme of this mod is based on ancient Rome. All of the characters also have similar skins that match that period of time.

Carpenter’s Blocks

Website: Carpenter’s Blocks

Carpenter’s Blocks is the perfect mod for Minecraft players that are builders. It allows you to design and build various kinds of building. As a result, it is perfect for roleplayers that want to have a fun time making buildings in Minecraft. This mod for Minecraft can be great for creative Minecraft players. When compared to default building blocks of Minecraft, it offers a lot of building blocks to the player.

Inventory Tweaks

Website: Inventory Tweaks

Managing your inventory in Minecraft can be quite hectic. There are a lot of Minecraft items that you can carry in your inventory. But you only have a few inventory slots. As a result, mods like Inventory Tweaks can be quite useful. This mod will automatically manage all of your inventory space. It will also manage your tools and clothing items by automatically moving them in the correct slot. Due to this, Inventory Tweaks can be a great time-saver while playing Minecraft.

Hyper HD Realism

Website: Hyper HD Realism

If you have a powerful gaming PC for playing Minecraft, then you should definitely get this mod. The graphics of Minecraft are a bit outdated when compared to the latest AAA games. As a result, it might leave many gamers wanting better graphics from Minecraft. And this is where Hyper HD Realism comes into play. This mod will add HD textures to Minecraft as well as crank up the graphics settings. Due to this, Minecraft will look much better than before on your gaming PC.


Website: Walia

Walia is a Minecraft mod that modifies the user interface of this game. It allows you to know more about the various blocks in Minecraft without opening your inventory. In order to use Walia, you have to simply aim at any block in the game. Once you do that, it will show you various information regarding the block. As a result, you can save a lot of time by installing this mod in Minecraft.

Still Hungry

Website: Still Hungry

Since Minecraft is a survival game, eating food every now and then is quite important. Without eating food on time, you can starve and die in this game. But finding food in all biomes is not easy in a game like Minecraft. If this is also an issue for you while playing Minecraft, then you should try out Still Hungry. This mod provides the players with an unlimited amount of food. Due to this, you do not have to look for food around the map. And you will not starve to death due to lack of food anymore.

Applied Energistics 2

Website: Applied Energistics 2

Minecraft has a lot of advanced things when it comes to making machines. But all of these machines require energy in order to run. And Applied Energistics 2 is a Minecraft mod which converts matter into energy. Not only that but it will also add new blocks to the game. These blocks offer you extra functionality which can be useful while making machines in Minecraft.

Advanced Rocketry

Website: Advanced Rocketry

As told earlier, you can make different kinds of machines in Minecraft. And the Advanced Rocketry mod for Minecraft takes this game to the next level. As the name says, this mod adds rockets to this game. You can then create various things like rockets, satellites, space stations, and much more in Minecraft. Not only that but Advanced Rocketry also adds space exploration in Minecraft. As a result, it adds various things to the game which offer a highly unique gaming experience.


Website: Decocraft

Deco Craft is a great Minecraft mod for roleplayers that love making beautiful homes. As per the name, this mod will offer you various decorations options. You can then decorate your house in Minecraft and make it look quite good. It makes this possible by adding a lot of decoration items to the game. As a result, you get a large number of options when it comes to making a roleplayer home in Minecraft. Not only that but placing these decoration items is also quite easy using the Deco Craft mod for Minecraft.

Pam’s Harvest Craft

Website: Pam’s Harvest Craft

Pam’s Harvest Craft offers various farming related mods and addition to the players of Minecraft. As mentioned earlier, having food in Minecraft is quite important. Due to this, a lot of players tend to farm plants and food crops in Minecraft. And the Pam’s Harvest Craft Minecraft mod takes farming to a whole new level. It adds multiple new plants and trees that you can grow on your farm in Minecraft. This mod can be a great option for both surviving as well as for roleplayers.


Website: Quark

Quark is one of the simplest mods for Minecraft available out there. Unlike most Minecraft mods, Quark does not add any extra functionality to the game. Quark does not make any changes to the map either. Instead, it makes several small changes to your game which make the whole gaming experience quite smooth.

Candy Craft

Website: Candy Craft

For those of you who have ever thought of living in a house made of candy, then Candy Craft is the perfect Minecraft mod for you. This mod essentially replaces all building blocks in the game with candies. You can then use these for creating your home completely out of candy. Not only that but Candy Craft also replaces all food items with candy. Apart from that, all of the monsters also turn into sugar-coated enemies when you are using this mod.

Chisel 2

Website: Chisel 2

Chisel 2 is another great option for Minecraft players that love to make buildings. It adds a large number of static building blocks to Minecraft. You can then use these blocks to create various kinds of buildings. And you can easily create various creative structures using the Chisel 2 mod. Apart from that, this Minecraft mod also adds some special blocks into the game. These blocks add further functionality to the game that can make building even more fun and creative.

Rope Bridge

Website: Rope Bridge

Getting from one point to another in Minecraft can be quite a time-consuming process. Not only that but if there is a mountain in your way, it can make things even worse for you. Thankfully, you will not face any of these issues if you have the Rope Bridge mod. This mod allows you to construct rope bridges between mountains. It is possible by using the Rope constructor tool offered by this mod in Minecraft.


Website: LotsOMobs

Even though there are animals in Minecraft, there are only a few animal types in this game. This results in a less immersive experience for Minecraft players. Thankfully, this issue can be fixed quite easily using the LotsOMobs mod. This mod adds more than 25 mobs, that is animals to Minecraft. It includes various animals like lions, fish, giraffes, elephants, and dinosaurs too. As a result, this mod can make roaming around the map much more fun. You should definitely try out this Minecraft mod if you like casual gameplay.

Bacteria Mod

Website: Bacteria Mod

Bacteria Mod is a very unique mod for Minecraft as it adds bacteria to the game. You can then grow bacteria in Minecraft in the ground just as you would grow plants. Once you have generated bacteria in this game, you can then extract it from the ground. This mod adds different kinds of bacteria to Minecraft when installed. And different bacterias have different functionalities offered to the player in Minecraft. As a result, you can have a great time experiencing different bacterias in Minecraft using this mod.

Instant Lake Block

Website: Instant Lake Block

Making a lake in Minecraft can take a lot of time since you have to use your water block again and again. And if your hole is quite large, then filling up takes even longer. Instant Lake Block fixes this issue by allowing you to make lakes quite easily. This mod allows the player to fill empty spaces with water in a single click. Not only that but you can even make a lake out of lava. This mod can help you to save a lot of time while making lakes in Minecraft.

Smart Moving

Website: Smart Moving

Smart Moving improves your player movement while playing Minecraft. It allows you to go to places which are not easy to get to. For example, you can use this mod for climbing trees in Minecraft. Not only that but you can also crawl into corners, jump over fences, and swim quite easily. In simpler words, this mod makes your player movement smarter.

Animal Bikes

Website: Animal Bikes

Minecraft allows you to mount on certain animals like horses, pig, and donkey for traveling around the map. But finding these animals can be quite time-consuming. Not only that but you will also need specific items before you can mount such animals. Animal Bikes is a Minecraft mod which fixes this issue in the game. This mod allows you to mount any animal in the game for traveling around the map. It even adds additional animals in the game which you can ride around the map.

Final Thoughts…

These were some of the best Minecraft Mods that you can find on the internet. Installing these mods is easy, we’ll create a guide about it soon (if you don’t know how to install them). Using these mods will surely improve your Minecraft experience.

So, what are your favorite Minecraft Mods? Did we miss any of the best ones? How much time do you spend playing Minecraft? Let us know in the comments below…

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