Enterprise Cloud Storage – All You Should Know!

Enterprise Cloud Storage is the type of public cloud storage solution for any large organization, purchased from the cloud server providers. It provides a data storage solution in which the digital data is stored in the complex pool. This pool is formed by the network of different servers at a point and is known as cloud. This performs various functions in the system like accessing and managing data, storage of data, applications, files and folders, disaster recovery and data backup.

Enterprise cloud is the innovative and a unique IT operating environment which includes public, private and other distributed clouds. These all managed together forming a complex infrastructure. This system is capable of solving many problems including complex management, upgrading on-site infrastructure and high on-premises costs as it reduces the costs and provides more efficiency to your system. This also provides consistency with the high performance and accurate restoration of data.

Why to use an Enterprise Cloud?

Enterprise cloud storage is a reliable and appropriate solution for all your business related problems. The key thing on which any business depends is its data which is a very valuable component in the IT sector. Keeping the data safe and stored for a longer time is quite risky. So, enterprises choose a very reliable, secure and easy to use path to keep all its data safe and secure in a cloud. It reduces the costs as it fits in your IT budget and its pricing depends upon the storage you are using for your data. It gives scalability to your business which makes your system more flexible and usable. Nowadays, most of the enterprises including healthcares, federal agencies, financial services are switching to enterprise cloud platforms because of their accurate performance and highly rated features. It provides a secure environment for your data and reduces the risk of cyber attacks. Most of the businesses are turning to Cloud Platform to bring their products in the market’s race without any delay and want to spread their products globally.

How does cloud storage work?

There are many options for data storage in  the market. Some are based on storing web images, mails while others store digital data. Earlier disk drives were widely used for small business data storage and many physical Equipments were used in a warehouse for large enterprises but after the arrival of cloud platform, most of the traditional options have been replaced and other options faded away due to the amazing features of cloud storage with well labelled security. Cloud based storage  works with various data servers which ensures the data loss from one particular computer or a server and you can access your data at any time. The data will run through various paths in the cloud storage so that the failure in any server can recover the data from another one. This allows you to recover your information when your on premises storage faces any failure or destruction. Your data is encrypted and you can also use passwords for access into the kstorage pool. Some enterprise cloud solutions also provide cache options in which your data will remain safe for some extra days in a bin so you can restore the usable data anytime with few clicks . This reduces the cost by avoiding the use of extra resources for your data storage. You can store all your files, folders, mails, applications, pictures etc. in the cloud storage and it also allows you to share them via a special link.

Different types of enterprise cloud storage

There are various types of cloud storages which include:

  • Public Cloud

 The public cloud service Access data in a shared infrastructure. It is accessible to the general public through the internet connection and is operated by any enterprise, business or a university. This allows the same storage usable for multiple users at a time. It gives many benefits to the user as it is an affordable low cost solution with greater scalability and it saves your time also. You can access data from any geographical location as it is location independent service. It provides the ability to elastically resize the computer resources.

  • Private Cloud

Private cloud solutions store and access information of any particular company or a personal business. It is controlled and managed by any user having its personal business or an organization alone. These are highly secure and encrypted so that your data will run only inside your company’s server. This provides a greater control over your data with increased efficiency. The private cloud model is quite costly than the public cloud as it is designed to manage your data centre and IT team.

  • Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is the combination of both public and private cloud with the third party alliance. It forms a linkage between both the clouds with hybrid features. Hybrid cloud increases the flexibility in which you can easily switch to data you want to access in public or private cloud. This is a very efficient solution which grows your business rapidly with accuracy. These are highly customizable and allow a greater control over your data.

  • Community Cloud

As per name, community cloud allows data access from different organizations. This forms a collaboration between several entities from a specific community. This can mostly be used between the enterprises which have several branches at different geographical regions.

Disadvantages of an Enterprise Cloud Storage

We have discussed many beneficial features of the enterprise cloud storage but where there is good there also presents bad at the same time. There are several disadvantages of using cloud storage too as it needs the internet connection for functioning and interruption or failure in your connection will affect the working of cloud storage. You cannot access your data without having an accurate network connection. Sometimes, it takes too much time for restoration which may slow down your whole system and you may have to face slow backup problems. The private solutions are quite costly for the small businesses. Sometimes, you also have to face security issues while login and to avoid such issues you have to use strong passwords which cannot be easily cracked.

This is all about the enterprise cloud services and its key features.

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