10 Best JustDubs Alternatives: Watch Your Favorite Anime Online

JustDubs has been one of the most popular anime streaming services available out there. It has a great user interface which allows you to browse through a large media library. Not only that but as the name suggests, it offers both subbed as well dubbed Anime in high quality. But, some users want more features and options from their anime streaming service. Therefore, today we are here with the 10 Best JustDubs Alternatives to Watch Dubbed Anime.

We will be taking a look at various such services available out there. You will find all of the major features and options offered by these JustDubs alternatives. This will help you in differentiating between these websites. As a result, you will be able to choose the best alternative to JustDubs easily. Not only that, but if you know various anime streaming services, you will be able to find your favorite anime series on at least one of them. And the reason behind this is that not all anime series are available on all the anime streaming websites out there. So, if you want the best anime watching experience on your devices, make sure to go through the following JustDubs alternatives one by one:

Some Of The Best JustDubs Alternative – 2019

JustDubs Alternatives


Website: https://kissanime.ru/

KissAnime is one of the most popular anime streaming services out there. A large number of internet users use KissAnime on a regular basis. Due to this, it is one of the best alternatives to JustDubs on the internet. And just like JustDubs, you will find both subbed as well as dubbed anime series on this website. Even though it offers both subbed and dubbed anime, it offers its users with one of the largest anime libraries available out there. As a result, if you are not able to find your favorite anime series, you should consider checking them out on KissAnime.

Apart from all of this, it even offers various useful features to its users. Such features offer you a much better viewing experience while enjoying anime series on KissAnime. Not only that, but it even offers other anime related content like images, music, books, and much more which will be appreciated by hardcore anime fans. But the best part about this website is its great user interface. It allows you to easily browse through all the different anime sections present on KissAnime.

Anime Streams

Website: http://watchanimeonline.me/

Anime Streams is a website which offers a great user interface. Just because of its design, many anime viewers prefer this website over any other JustDabs alternative available out there. Not only that but its graphical user interface will also allow you to quickly find your favorite as well as new anime streaming services. All of the sections and menus of this website use this user interface for proper organization.  Overall, using this website for watching your favorite anime series is a great experience just because of the user interface.

Apart from that, all of the anime series present on Anime Streams are available in high definition. As a result, the quality of the stream matches the quality and design of the website. Unfortunately, some of the older anime series present on Anime Series are not in high definition since they were not released in high definition. But if you are alright with that, Anime Streams can be a great alternative to JustDabs as everything else on this website is just perfect.


Website: http://www.watchdub.co

WatchDub is another great alternative to JustDubs as both of them offer dubbed as well as subbed anime series to their users. Not only that, but finding your favorite anime series is quite fast due to the simple design of this website. Not only that but it even has various navigation features which allow you to discover new anime series which you might like. And all of the anime series are present in high quality on the WatchDub website. Due to this, you will have a great experience watching anime no matter which device you are using.

Not only that but unlike some other websites available out there, WatchDub comes with an inbuilt media player. Due to this, you will be able to watch any anime series right on this website. On the other, other anime streaming services simply offer you a streaming URL. And you have to use this URL in apps like VLC on your devices. This can be a little frustrating for some users who do not know how to stream using VLC. Thankfully, that is not the case with WatchDub due to its inbuilt media player.


Website: https://youtube.com

Even though YouTube is not strictly an anime streaming service, it is still the biggest video streaming platform on the internet. Due to this, you will be able to find almost all anime series on YouTube. And the best part about YouTube is that it is completely free to use. Not only that but since anyone can upload any videos on YouTube, you will be able to find your favorite anime series. They might be uploaded on YouTube by some small channel out there.

Since Google developed this website, it offers a great user interface. This user interface is much better than any other website mentioned in this article. Apart from that, if you are using YouTube while signed in with your Google Account, it will even show you recommendations of anime series according to your watch history. Not only that but YouTube also offers mobile apps for both Android as well as iOS. These are quite helpful so that you can enjoy your favorite anime series on the go.

Anime Story

Website: https://animestory.online

Anime Story offers one of the best collections of Anime series available on the internet. You will find both subbed as well dubbed episodes of your favorite anime on Anime Story. Not only that but when you consider the fact that this website is completely free to use, it even offers a lot of features as compared to its competition. While you might see some ads here and there, they do not get in your way while enjoying Anime shows on Anime Story.

Apart from that, discovering new Anime shows on Anime Story is quite easy and straight forward. You will find a search option on Anime Story which even provided you with filtering options. And you will also get various sections on this website like categories which can be useful for many users. Overall, the user interface and design of Anime Story is quite good. This website looks quite good and modern which makes it easy to use. But the best part about Anime Story is that apart from streaming Anime Series in your browser, you can even use this service for downloading Anime episodes.


Website: https://www.crunchyroll.com/

Crunchy Roll is one of the best anime streaming websites available out there. Even though it is not free to use Crunchy Roll, the paid subscription is completely worth it when you consider the large media library of this website. It can be considered as the Netflix of the anime world as it is mainly used by hardcore anime fans who can afford a monthly subscription. Not only it offers you a large media library, but you will also find one of the best user interfaces available out there.

And just like YouTube, Crunchyroll also offers you mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Due to this, people who prefer mobile devices for media consumption will prefer CrunchyRoll over any other websites. Not only that but it even offers anime series in UHD 4k. This feature will be appreciated by a lot of users who are using 4K TVs for enjoying their favorite anime series. And you can find more than 25000 anime episodes on CrunchyRoll all of which are in high definition.

Anime Land

Website: http://animeland.tv/

Anime Land is one of the best options available out there if you want to enjoy Anime episodes in HD. Not only that but some of the Anime series present on Anime Land are even available in UHD 4k. This means that Anime Land is perfect for watching Anime shows on a high-resolution TV. Not only that but you are able to watch all these high-quality episodes directly in the Anime Land website. This means that you will not have to install any third-party video player applications on your TV.

Anime Land offers a user interface which is quite similar to that of JustDubs. This means that if you have ever used JustDabs in the past, you will feel right at home while using Anime Land for watching your favorite Anime series. All of the options and menus present on this website are easily accessible. Not only that but you can even filter your search results. And you will find various filtering options like time, name, uploader, quality, season number, and much more. All of these options will allow you to easily find any anime series on Anime Land.

Anime Heaven

Website: http://animeheaven.es/

Anime Heaven is one of the most popular anime streaming services available on the internet. As a result, it can be considered as one of the best alternatives to JustDubs on the internet. It offers a great balance between content quality and quantity even though the whole service is completely free. You can easily find any anime series or show on Anime Heaven in high quality. Not only that but the user can either download or stream Anime series on Anime Heaven. And you can do all of this directly from the Anime Heaven website without the need of any third party application installed on your computer.

You will find a huge list of HD anime shows on Anime Heaven which includes both subbed as well dubbed versions. Due to this, Anime Heaven will be appreciated by all kind of Anime viewers even if they do not watch dubbed anime. Apart from having a great and easy to use website, Anime Heaven even offers its users with mobile apps. This means that you can easily enjoy anime via Anime Heaven while laying in your bed.

GoGo Anime

Website: https://www3.gogoanime.in/

GoGo Anime is an Indian based anime streaming website which is another great JustDubs Alternatives. It is one of the latest anime streaming services launched on the internet. You can use it to watch a large library of both subbed and dubbed anime series in high definition. Not only that but you can even do so right on your smartphone due to its adaptive user interface. The whole GoGo Anime website adapts perfectly even with mobile devices. As a result, you will have the same viewing experience no matter what device you are using for enjoying your favorite anime series.

Not only this anime streaming service is completely free to use, but you do not even have to signup on this website. This means that you can start enjoying some of the best anime shows right away using GoGo Anime. Apart from that if you are a basic user, then you do not have to go through the hassle of making an account on GoGo Anime just to try it out. One of the best things about GoGo Anime is that it has a large media library which is updated quite frequently. As a result, you can find both old as well as the latest Anime shows on GoGo Anime.


Website: https://www.netflix.com/

If you know anything about streaming services available on the internet, chances are that you have heard about Netflix. While Netflix is not a dedicated anime streaming service, just like YouTube, you can find some Anime series on NetFlix. Not only that but Netflix is also known for its exclusives. This means that you will find some anime series on Netflix which are not available on any other streaming service on the internet. Unfortunately, just like Crunchyroll, Netflix is not free to use. Instead, it requires a monthly paid subscription. But this subscription is justified by all of the features and options it offers. Not only that but you will also find one of the best user interfaces in this website. And just like YouTube, even Netflix offers mobile apps to its users. This means that you can watch Netflix on any of your devices even on the go.

Final Words…

We hope that you have found the perfect alternative to JustDubs in this article. If not, then make sure to go through the 10 Best JustDubs Alternatives To Watch Dubbed Anime mentioned in this article. Not only that but we have also provided the major differences between these websites. This means that you can easily choose the best alternative to JustDabs using these differences. As a result, you can easily choose the best streaming service according to your needs and requirements.

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