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Masterani is one of the most popular anime watching sites. While it’s similar like other sites it’s still a bit different. Other anime sites allow you to watch anime series without letting you know your progress, But on you can see it and know how many episodes you still have to watch.

It’s also a free site i.e, you don’t need to pay anything for watching anime but you do need to register for an account. It’s not possible to watch anime without creating an account. Masterani is an amazing website! As an anime lover, I have to say there are only a handful of websites on the same level as this one.


Masterni isn’t limited to just watching anime movies and series, here you can also find a community of anime lovers just like you. You can talk to them through the comments and even message them. It’s one of the best anime sites.

While there no denying Masterani is a great anime site, it got its own problems. Due to providing copyrighted animes the site is frequently taken down, even if it comes back soon it’s a problem for the users.

10 Best Alternatives For Watching Free Anime




Chia Anime is a highly popular website which allows you to watch anime streams online using your internet connection. It is one of the best alternatives to Masterani due to its great streaming experience. You can find various useful features and options on this website which can come in handy while watching anime. Talking about its user interface, Chia Anime is quite interactive. You can easily find your favorite anime shows and episodes on this website without any issues. This is possible due to the various navigation features present on Chia Anime.

Apart from that, the streaming quality of this website is also pretty good. Most of the anime series available in the media library of this website are uploaded in HD resolution. Not only that but some of them are even available in 4K UHD. Due to this, you can easily watch anime using this website across all of your devices. The highly reliable servers of this website allow you to use this website on mobile phones, computer, TV, etc. Not only that but you can easily find all of the popular anime series on this website.


GogoAnime is another great alternative to Masterani as it is quite similar in many ways. The user interface of this website is quite similar to many other websites out there. But this website excels in terms of the looks and design when compared to other anime streaming services. GoGoAnime is one of the best looking streaming websites available on the internet which allow you to watch anime without any issues. Apart from that, the website is also quite easy to use.

You can find multiple options and menus that can be useful if you are finding new anime to watch. Not only that but this website even shows the currently trending anime shows on the internet. As a result, this website is great for both watching your favorite anime as well as discovering new ones. Once you have started watching anime using this website, you will have a great experience due to the HD resolution. The anime episodes will look great irrespective of the device that you are using to use GogoAnime.

Anime Freak


If you want an anime streaming website which offers both old as well as new anime series, then Anime Freak can be a great option for you. This website has one of the largest media libraries on any anime streaming service available out there. As a result, this is the only website that you will have to ever use for watching anime online. But the best part about this website is that you do not have to sign up on it for watching anime. Instead, you can start enjoying your favorite anime series as this website is completely free to use.

Not only that but all of the anime shows and their episodes are well categorized on this website. Due to this, you can easily find any specific episode of your favorite series on this website. And once you have done that, you can either stream or download it according to your preference. Whether you stream or download anime shows using this website, their quality will be equally good. One of the most unique features of this website is that it also offers an Android app which can be used for enjoying Anime on the go.



KissAnime is one of the oldest and most popular anime streaming website available out there. And since this website is quite old, it has improved a lot over time. Due to this, it is one of the best alternatives to Masterani as it is better in many ways. A great thing about KissAnime is that it offers both dubbed as well as subbed Anime episodes. As a result, no matter which kind of anime episodes you watch, you can do so using KissAnime.

Apart from that, the user interface of this website is also quite good in many ways. Not only this website looks good in terms of the design and layout, but it is also highly interactive. It allows you to easily browse through the website so that you can find any anime show of your choice. Apart from that, the media library of this anime streaming service is also quite big. You can find most of the anime shows ever released on this website which you can stream for free.


NetFlix is one of the largest streaming service available on the internet and it does not need any introduction. Even though this is not a free streaming website, the whole streaming experience makes it a great alternative to Masterani. While Netflix is not a dedicated anime streaming website, you can still find multiple anime shows in here. And since Netflix also has mobile apps across multiple platforms, you can use this website for streaming anime anywhere at any given time.

If you have ever used Netflix for streaming, then you will know that it offers a great stream quality. It even allows you to playback your favorite anime episodes in 4K UHD which is a great feature for those who like to watch anime on a TV. Not only that but you will get a similar streaming quality even on your mobile devices.



9Anime is another great option for watching anime online for free. And the best part about this website is that you do not even have to register on it. As a result, users can start watching their favorite Anime series using this website right away. And since it has a great user interface, it is also quite easy to use this website. All of the options and menus present on this website are well organized. As a result, finding your favorite anime shows and its episodes is a very easy task.

9Anime is also known for featuring old anime shows for its users. This feature can be useful for those who like watching older classic anime series. And the best part about this feature is that all of the anime shows, old or new, are available in high quality. You can easily stream any anime episodes in HD resolution using the 9Anime website. Users can use this website on any of their devices without any platform compatibility issues.



Anilinkz is one of the only anime streaming website based out of India. As a result, this website is perfect for Indian users who are experiencing region restrictions on other websites. Not only that but you will not even face any lag or stutters while streaming anime episodes using this website as the streaming servers are based out of India. Another great feature of this website is that it offers multiple streaming links for a single anime episode.

As a result, even if one of the streaming links is not working for you, you can choose another streaming link. Due to this, all of the episodes present on this website are always available for streaming using your internet connection. The user interface of this website is also quite simple and easy to use. You will find all of the navigation options and features of this website right on its home screen.



Crunchyroll is a highly popular subscription-based anime streaming website. It can be considered as the Netflix of the anime world. While this website is not free to use, its features and options are highly useful while streaming anime on any of your devices. Not only that but it even has mobile apps available for both iOS as well as Android. Due to this, you can use this website on the go right on your smartphone.

But no matter which device you are using for streaming anime, you will have an equally great streaming experience. You can watch anime series in up to 4K UHD resolution which is always nice to have. And this good streaming quality is further complemented by its great user interface.



AnimeLab is another great alternative to Masterani as it is quite similar in multiple ways. It offers various useful features that make this website highly versatile. Users are greeted with a good looking user interface right on its home page. This user interface also saves a lot of your time when searching for your desired anime shows. And you can use this website for both streaming as well as downloading anime episodes. But no matter which option you go for, the video quality of the episodes is pretty good to be watched on any of your devices.



Last but not least, we have AnimeStreams which is an anime streaming website that is worth mentioning. You will find various useful features and options on this website that make it one of a kind. Unlike many other websites, this anime streaming service work without any issues around the world. This means that you will not have any region restrictions while using this website for watching anime episodes. Not only that but the design and layout of this website is also quite user-friendly. And the streaming quality of AnimeStreams is also equally good.

Final Thoughts…

We hope that you like our list of the best alternatives. We had to put lots of efforts into making this list as finding free anime sites which don’t compromise on quality is pretty hard. But we understand that it’s our duty to solve your issues. You wanted Masterani alternatives and you got them!

So which one of these Masterani alternatives is your favorite? Which one of the sites do you use regularly? Is there any other amazing anime site like Masterani which we forgot? Let us know in the comments below…

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