Reddit NBA Streams Is Gone! Here Are The Best Alternatives

If you’re an NBA fan we have bad news for you. On 17th June 2019, the popular NBA Streams subreddit has been shut down due to copyright strikes. This is sad for people who love this sport as this subreddit was a very popular one with more than 400k followers.

This is not the first time a subreddit has gone down due to copyright notices. The other popular subreddits which are no longer accessible include – r/soccerstreams, r/cricketstreams, r/mmastreams, etc.

Just a few months back the popular football subreddit r/soccerstreams was shut down. Now again another subreddit is gone and this time it is r/NBAstreams which was loved by millions of NBA fans around the world.

Before we talk about the best Reddit NBA Streams alternatives, let’s learn about the history and working of the subreddit. You can skip to best alternatives to r/NBAstreams if you want…

Reddit NBA Stream – What made it so special?

First of all, for those who are NBA fans and want to watch all the matches in a legal way, it’s way too costly. Even if you purchase the league pass you still won’t be able to watch full matches without any blackout. This made it much difficult for people to view the sport legally.

We don’t support streaming copyright content on the internet without permission but if NBA broadcasters provided the matches at a reasonable price without blackouts the number of people visiting the NBA Stream subreddit would be way too less.

And, for NBA fans out there the subreddit NBAstreams was the best place to find working live links of NBA matches. r/NBAstream had 400,000 subscribers when it was shut down on 17th June 2019.

About r/NBAstreams – Everything you need to know

For those who have never heard of this subreddit before, this is for you. The subreddit r/NBAstreams had 400,000 f0llowers who loved talking about basketball especially about the NBA league. The reason for this subreddit getting banned was because people used to share live AceStream links where others can stream NBA matches without paying anything.

Reddit NBA Streams Is Banned

That’s where the problem begins. It’s impossible to ban live streaming services like AceStream because they work on a peer-to-peer basis. So, they are now banning the popular subreddits where live streaming links are shared.

It’s reported that Reddit NBA Streams alone generates hundreds of millions of visits to live streaming sites each season. In popularity, it was the same as the long gone subreddit SoccerStreams.

If anyone from NBA broadcasting team is reading this article please figure your sh*t out. As an NBA Fan myself, your official broadcasting is just plain sh*t. The quality of streams on r/NBAstreams was a thousand times better than what you provide with the league pass. [Rant over…]

Will the subreddit NBA Streams come back?

It’s unlikely that the subreddit will be ever back but we’re sure the team behind the subreddit will launch another place where you can get all the links of NBA matches live. Some Reddit users claim that the mods have already made a backup site 3 months prior to this incident.

Even if it’s the case we will have to wait till the next season comes. If it’s a new site or group it will be very secret and under the radar. Another reason for the subreddit going down was it couldn’t maintain the secrecy.

Reddit is on the cleanup so expect a few more subs going down this year and in the future. So, now you’d be thinking about what are the best alternatives to Reddit NBA Streams? Where to watch the NBA?

Don’t worry we have a few alternatives you can use in place of the former subreddit. Let’s begin…

Best Alternatives To r/NBA Streams – NBA Live Streaming

If you’re into sports streaming then one of the sites that you can’t ignore is as it’s one of the best ones. You can stream any kind of sport with the help of this site without paying a single penny to anyone. The sports which you can watch here are – cricket, basketball, football, hockey, tennis, etc.

The site also covers all of the major sports tournaments around the worlds. Some of the notable tournaments which you can watch from this site are the Cricket World cup, Football world cup, and other major tournaments, etc. You can also use to get NBA live streaming links. It’s a very popular site.

It uses peer-to-peer technology so no one will be able to track you. The quality is also very high as they provide AceStream working links and you can watch any sport in 480, 720 or 1080p. If you are an NBA fan you can use this site in place of Reddit NBA Streams. You can also watch highlights of your favorite game on this site.

Reddit NBA Streams Discord Channel

As we said, the team behind r/NBAstreams knew that the subreddit was in danger so they created a backup site. But that’s not the only thing they did, they also created a discord server to maintain the group together in case something happened. Which, well just happened on June 19th so it was a good move.

You would already know what Discord is. Right? If you don’t here’s a brief explanation – it’s a free chat app for mobile and apps which is often used by gamers or group admins to chat with other members in real time.

The discord channel was also started a few months back before the subreddit went down. Discord channels are amazing and the r/NBAstreams team have done a good work creating the Discord channel.

You will see this message on the Discord channel regarding how to view live streams –

Every game has its very own text and voice channel! These open 30 minutes before game start and close 30 minutes after game finish. They’re public rooms for you to discuss the game with others in real-time! With live score updates and more, this is where you should head while multi-screening basketball.

Here’s the Discord Channel link –


If you’re sad that your favorite NBA subreddit is gone you don’t need to be now. We have listed some ways you can still watch NBA matches live without the help of the gone subreddit. (Of course.)

While the above-mentioned ways are not the only ways to watch NBA online. You can watch them on many websites. We have covered some sites where you can watch sports online for free. We will create a separate post for NBA live streaming sites in the future.

Another thing you should remember while surfing live-streaming sites is to use a VPN. It helps to keep your identity safe and secure. You can also access most of the blocked sites.

We hope you found what you were looking for. Keep visiting our blog and share the article if you found it helpful. Cheers!

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