Best SockShare Alternatives : 10+ Similar Sites Like SockShare

SockShare was one of the popular tv shows and movies streaming website. But, the site was shut down some time ago. There are are many people who are starting to miss the site already. That’s why they are looking for the best SockShare alternatives, you’re one of them. Right?

SockShare was a very good site which was used by hundreds of thousands of people to stream content online. You could just visit the site and start streaming without the need for any registrations. It had a huge catalog, that was one of the reasons for its success.

If you’d ever visited the SockShare website you’d agree with me that finding sites like this is very hard. There are only a few sites which can match this one. SockShare’s site had a clean design and the number of ads was also limited. There’s weren’t many popup ads which are rare to find in these sites.

But we are sure that the site is down for good and won’t come back. We gotta move on and focus on the better things. Am I wrong? There are many fake SockShare sites on the internet which you should avoid. Those are fake sites profiting on SockShare’s name.

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While the site is down there are chances that you can still find the torrents links of SockShare net but the chances are very low. That’s why here we have listed some of the best SockShare alternatives. Let’s begin…

Best ShockShare Alternatives In 2019

SockShare Best Alternatives


The first SockShare alternative on our list is BMovies. There are lots of movies and tv shows available on BMovies and it isn’t limited to Hollywood or English content. What you should notice is that this site is way too similar to 123movies. If you have used 123Movies then you will find this site very familiar.

However, there’s one thing which I didn’t like about the site. Like every other movie sites, there are those damn annoying popup ads which make the experience a bit irritating. That’s the only flaw present in these sites. If you can ignore the popups then this is one of the best sites for movie streaming.


When we talk about movie streaming there are some sites which just can’t be missed and Putlockers9 is one of those amazing sites. On a personal note – Putlocker is one of my favorite site which I use on a regular basis for movie streaming. It’s considered the best site for movie streaming.

It’s a site which requires no introduction, Putlocker has been in the market for a long – long time. What’s the best site thing about this site? Everything. It’s totally free, there are little to no ads, the UI, very easy to navigate and design is amazing. This is the best SockShare alternative you can find.

5 Movies

Another good site which you can use for streaming content online is 5 Movies. What I like about this site the most is that it has a clean interface which makes it very easier to navigate around the site. This site also has a premium feel to it. There are a few popup ads though which can be annoying.

On 5Movies you can watch movies (as the name suggests), tv shows and anime. You can watch movies from all over the world, it doesn’t matter if it is a Hollywood or Bollywood one, even Japanese movies are present. 5Movies is a good site for anyone who enjoys streaming tv shows and movies online.

Vex Movies

Next up on our list, we have Vex Movies, it’s a great site which you can use to satisfy the geek in you. Overall it’s a great site which is not known by many movie watchers. It’s a free site which doesn’t any kind for registration so you can start watching your favorite movie just after visiting the site.

Vex Movies provides you with many movies and tv shows to choose from and you can sort out them on the basis of genre, date released, etc. The genres you can select from are horror, comedy, drama, action, adventure, etc. If you’re a movie lover then this is one of the sites which you can’t miss.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is another site you can use for free movies and tv shows streaming. It’s right at the top with sites like Putlocker and other best-streaming sites. Popcorn Time is an extremely popular site and there are high chances that you would know about it as we have covered it many times.

It’s a site with almost no flaws, if you want to find flaws about this site then you will have to be highly critical. The design is nice but it really shines in the huge catalog department. It has got thousands of tv shows, movies, etc. that you can select from. You should check this site out.


Flixtor is a great site which allows you to watch movies without any delay in high-quality. It’s great for movie lovers out there as it is constantly updated. Don’t worry if you are a tv show fan it also covers them and they are also in the highest quality possible. You will love this site.

While this site is free there are two types of membership here, the first one is the free membership which is (well) free. The second membership is VIP Membership which you can get by donating or signing up. There are special bonuses for VIP users like video downloads, 1080p quality, etc.

It was shut down a few months back but is now online. Now, there aren’t any issues with the sites and you can use it to stream movies online without worry.

Go Stream

It’s hard to not include Go Stream in our list of the best SockShare alternatives as it’s one of the top streaming sites available on the internet. There are many benefits of using this site for streaming movies and tv shows as it’s totally free and requires no registration. Yes, you can watch anything you want without signing up.

What makes Go Stream a bit unique from other sites in this list is that you can see information about everything available on the site. Suppose you want to see movies but want a brief summary of them, it will be available when you click on the info tab. Also, it doesn’t come with annoying popup ads.


Since its inception, Rainiertamayo took the world by storm all the online streamers now had a platform to watch movies and tv shows without any ads in high-quality. All the movies and tv shows present on this site are of full length, it’s so good that it feels like an impossible thing on the internet.

However, for some time people seem to have a problem accessing the site. The reason is unknown right now. Rainiertamayo is one of the best sites for watching any kind of movie or tv shows. You will get all the videos in HD and navigating the site is very easy. You should check this site out.

Update – The site is now shut down & won’t be coming back. You can find the best Rainiertamayo alternatives in this article.

Coke & Popcorn

Coke & Popcorn is an excellent SockShare alternative for watching movies. There are not many free streaming sites which are good and totally free but don’t fear, Coke & Popcorn is both excellent and free to use. If we start counting the good things about his site it will take a damn long time.

Some of the things which we consider good about Coke & Popcorn are – clean design, good user interface, fewer ads, the content available in higher quality and much more…With the help of this site, you can binge-watch all of your favorite movies and tv shows without any issues. Check it out!


At the last of this list, we have CouchTuner which is by no means a slouch when it comes to providing high-quality movies and tv shows to its users. It’s one of the top streaming sites which is used by millions of people on a monthly basis. Their popularity speaks about their quality, it’s too good.

As a former CouchTuner user myself I can say that if you’re a movie buff then you can’t miss out on using this site. There’s everything for movie lovers on this site. All the content is in HD, there’s a huge catalog, there are little to no ads, etc. What else do you need from a streaming site?

Final Thoughts…

These were some of the best SockShare alternatives that you can use to stream content online. We hope that you like this list and find a site which you can use on a regular basis. These sites are the very best if you want something similar to the SockShare site, they are pretty similar.

So, which site on this list is your favorite SockShare alternative? Which site are you going to use first? Which streaming site is your favorite and you know about from before? Let us know in the comments below…

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