Best TVMuse Alternatives – Working Mirror Sites For TVMuse 2020

2019 has been a bad year for streaming websites, many have fallen and one of them is TVMuse which was one of the most popular tv show and movie streaming sites. What’s more saddening is that it was taken down in the first week of the year due to copyright issues. Now many people are still searching for a good TVMuse alternative. If you’re one of them then this article is for you…

At first, there was no clear explanation as to why the site was not being accessible. This went on for days and there were many rumors saying that this or that can be the reason for the ban. Some said: The server was shut down of TVMuse, while others suggested that this was a temp. shutdown for maintenance.

Only after a few days, it was clear the site was hacked. The silence was broken on Reddit, since then many have been looking for similar sites. Little do people know there’s a proxy/mirror site of TVMuse still working…

TVMuse Working Proxy Link/Mirror Sites

Streaming sites getting banned isn’t a new thing. This year alone hundreds of sites have gone, not only that popular subreddits where people shared streaming links like – NBA Streams and SoccerStreams were also banned. Usually, when streaming sites are banned they come back with proxy or mirror sites.

These proxy sites have the same content but they’re just hosted on another domain. Many popular streaming sites use this formula and are still going strong. Even though TVMuse was gone because it was hacked the admins had the backup and were able to set up proxy sites in less time.

Here are the three proxy link (or mirror sites) of TVMuse –


8 Best TVMuse Alternatives To Watch Full HD Movies & TV Shows

TVMUSE Best Altrenatives



Sony’s Crackle is a free to use website which allows you to watch movies as well as TV shows for completely free. Even though it is a service by Sony, it is completely free unlike services like Netflix and Prime Vidoe. Unfortunately, this website is not available in all countries and you might have to use a US VPN in order to access it.

But once you get this website working, you can then start enjoying your favorite movies and TV shows. This website offers one of the largest libraries out there when it comes to streaming content for free. Not only that but since it is a Sony product, it even has a great user interface. Its user interface allows the user to easily navigate through the whole website without any issues. And you will be able to find all of your desired movies as well as TV shows without any issues.

Pluto TV


Pluto TV is another great alternative to TVMuse which also happens to be completely free to use. Not only that but in order to watch movies or TV shows on this website, you do not even have to register an account. Instead, you can start enjoying any movie or shows of your choice right away. Unlike most streaming services available on the internet, Pluto TV offers various channels to its users. You can then choose one of them and start streaming to your preferred device right away.

One of the best things about the Pluto TV app has to be its user interface. Not only that but it has a dynamic design and layout which works across various devices. In other words, even if you switch from your computer to your mobile device, you will feel right at home due to the very similar user interface. This feature will be appreciated by those who have multiple devices.

Snag Films


Most of the movie and TV show streaming services available on the internet only have recent content. This means that if you want to watch old movies on your devices, it can be a little difficult. Thankfully, that is not the case with the Snag Films streaming service. It is a streaming service which offers various older movie titles as well as TV shows. And the best part is that you can stream any of them for completely free.

Not only that but the user interface of this website is also quite user-friendly. You will get used to the design of this website almost right away without having any issues. Apart from streaming movies and TV shows, you can also download them using this website. Due to such reasons, Snag Films will offer you a great movie watching experience. And if you want to enjoy older movie titles and TV shows, then Snag Films can be a great pick.

The Watch Series


As you can tell by its name, The Watch Series is a streaming website which is made for watching TV series. While it cannot be used for streaming movies, you will get a huge library of TV shows and episodes on this website. Not only that but all of the TV shows found on this website are well organized. You can easily find any of them by simply going to the corresponding category and looking there.

While the user interface is not anything amazing, it is quite fast to use. The straight forward design of this website allows the user to quickly find their desired TV series. One of the most unique features of this website is the TV Schedule feature. It allows you to easily check the timings of your favorite TV show. And once the desired TV show is available on this website, you can either stream it or download it for watching it offline.



Series-Top is another great website for streaming your favorite TV shows without any issues. Just like Snag Films, Series-Top can be a great website if you want to watch older TV shows. Not only that but it offers its users best of both worlds. Apart from featuring older TV shows, recent TV shows get added to this website almost right away. Due to this, Series-Top has one of the best media libraries out there if you just want to watch TV series.

The user interface of this website is also quite appreciatable. Not only does it look good, but it can also save a lot of your time while you are navigating it find your desired TV show. It even offers various features and options that can be helpful while streaming TV series. One of the most unique features of this website is that it offers direct streaming links. You can use such links in media players like VLC on any of your devices.

123Movies Time


If you have ever used TVMuse, then you are going to find 123Movies Time, both are quite similar in terms of the user interface. Not only it has a very similar color scheme, but all of the menus and buttons are also the same. Due to this, you will feel right at home while using this TVMuse alternative for streaming. Not only that but the streaming quality of this website also matches the great user interface.

Users will find various quality options like HD, SD, CAM, etc for watching movies and TV shows. These different streaming quality options can be useful for users with slower internet connections. Apart from movies and TV shows, 123Movies Time even offers Anime episodes to its users. Due to this, this is the last streaming website that you will ever need for your entertainment needs. But if any of your favorite content from this website, you can request it on this website.



Sidereel is another great alternative to TVMuse if you want to stream movies and TV shows on your devices for free. While this website is free to use, you do need to create a user account on it before you can start using Sidereel. Thankfully, creating an account on Sidereel is extremely easy and completely free. As a result, anyone can start using this website for streaming movies and TV shows without any issues.

Due to all of the features offered by this website, there are more than 10 million registered users on Sidereel. Not only that but this website gets more than 20 million unique visits every month. As a result, its media library is quite large in size. And you can easily find your favorite movies, TV shows, and anime on this website without any issues. One of the most unique features of this website is that it allows you to rate your stream.



Yidio is one of the easiest to use streaming website available on the internet that is also free. This is possible due to the great user interface offered by Yidio. Due to this, not only Yidio looks sleek and modern but navigating through it also quite easy. You can easily find any TV show on this website without much hassle because of the various categories present on this website. Users can either sort TV shows by name or choose one of the many genres available on the Yidio website.

But the best part about this website is that it is completely free to use. You do not even have to sign up on this website to watch your favorite TV shows. Unfortunately, this website does not offer any movies which might be an issue for some users. That being said, if you just want to watch TV series, then it can be a great option due to the superb streaming quality and various useful features.

Final Thoughts…

These were the best alternatives to TVMuse, in case, you don’t want to use the proxy site. But still, knowing about the alternatives is good. All the other sites mentioned in the article are also worth a look.  You should always know the alternatives as there’s no one knows when the site may get copyright notice.

So, which are your favorite TVMuse alternatives on this list? Which site do you often use for watching your favorite tv shows and movies? Did we miss any site? Let us know in the comments below…

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